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Samsung Moment charging issues?

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I've had my Moment since launch day, back in November, and I'm starting to have charging issues. First, it never seems to fully charge anymore, and second (and likely related) it does funky things while its charging. For example, while it's charging, the screen doesn't respond correctly. If its charging and I try to do anything, the lock pattern screen doesn't recognize my pattern. It will blink on the dots erratically as I'm trying to draw my pattern. If I unplug it from the charger it works just fine. It does this regardless of which charger I'm using, AC, car, or USB to PC. Once its unlocked, if I plug it back into the charger, the screen starts not working again, as in shortcuts don't work, long press on the home screen does nothing, or if it does bring up the menu, it's erratic and you can't reliably click on anything with any accuracy. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what did you do? If the micro USB port on the phone is worn out or otherwise defective, is this covered?


Thanks in advance,








It turns out that the usb port on my Moment is the problem. I guess charging it multiple times a day for 6 months has worn it out. I've got a new (refurb I'm sure) phone coming.


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    Same problem! I've had 2 Moment's since Dec. 09, and have replaced both 3 times due to them not charging on home or car chargers any longer. Spring merely says it "needs an update," then keeps the phone for 4 hrs, gives it back & SOMETIMES it works for another couple weeks.


    Other times, it's weeks on end that my phone(s) are unusable as they won't charge long enough to text, call or otherwise.


    These phones suck.


    I hate my Moment(s).


    Sprint needs to fix the USB problem, and I want a phone that works AT LEAST 90% of the time!


    I'm only able to use my phone(s) about 40% of the time.


    I MUST CHARGE THEM when not in use, or the battery depletes 100% within an hour or so.


    I've replaced batteries & phones; doesn't matter.

    Same problem happens again & again.

    I hate this phone!

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    I am now on my third Moment with the same issue. It appears to be the micro usb charging port and other posts on the web verify this. I have been with Sprint for five months , and while I love the service and plan, I hate the phone. Of the three handsets I have had, one refurb and two new, all three have had the same issue. Charge well for a month, then start the obnoxious "connect your charger" message whether plugged into the usb, car charger, or wall charger, all purchased from Sprint. I have submitted an executive escalation as I simply will not be saddled with a device I cannot use. I hope someone makes this right or sadly I will have made the wrong choice on my cell provider yet again.

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    My phone is going through the same exact issue. Apparently it has something to do with the micro USB architecture that not only samsung uses, but other companies such as HTC. So far i've looked up this issue not only with my phone (Samsung Moment) but i also out of curiosity, looked up other phones with the micro USB to see if this is a known issue. If you google HTC EVO charging problems, the same issue comes up with them as well. If sprint is going to continue to keep customer satisfaction high, they need to have some qualified techs trained on this issue to deal with the Micro USB port. That or Samsung and all other companies need to rethink their usage of the Micro USB in their phones, otherwise this is going to get way out of hand with repairs.

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    Its not just Samusung & HTC, but Sanyo also, I've had the Icognito since Jan, and already my port is bad, won't charge or states the charge is complete but the battery only shows 2 or 3 bars, Sprint needs to have technicians that can repair phones instead of just replacing it with another phone that will eventually have the same problem, the usb port on these phones need to be better installed.

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    momaanakin Newbie
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    i hate hate hate this phone . Now reading everyones problems the same as mine i dont know what to do. Do i even spend my time taking it to the shop or should i look for a new phone. im so disapointed.

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    I am having the same issue with my Samsung Moment. I am on my second one in a year and now having charging issues. I have tried several different Sprint chargers and they all do the same thing. Often my phone will 'charge' all night only to say it is dead when I unplug it the next morning. I have also tried different batteries with the same result.

    When I went to a local Sprint repair center last week, they hooked it to a charger, saw the 'charging' indicator and told me it was my fault cause the phone was working correctly. I tried a new charger here at work this morning. The phone has been on the charger for almost nine hours now and it still is not 'fully charged'.

    Does anyone from Sprint monitor these discussions? What can we do? Are you so bent on not honoring the commitment you say you have when you are trying to get customers to sign up? If this keeps up I will pay my early disconnect and go with someone else. This is ridiculous...


    DO NOT BUY THE SAMSUNG MOMENT! It has issues that no one, Sprint or Samsung, will attempt to fix.

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    i am also on my third phone, it came in today and GUESS WHAT. it charges then stops while it's sitting there. not being touched. just sitting on my night stand. the last phones did the same thing. it doesn't charge then it just dies and i can no longer turn the phone back on and i'm out of a phone. i have been to sprint 6 times wasting my time and have been told many lies from the battery not working to getting a replacement and them claiming the phone is fine.  i need to expose the poor service. i refuse to pay extra for a different phone. i feel that sprint show allowme to select a comparable phone. i know they can do this, because if i forked over a fee they would do wo whay can' they waive the fees? it's obvious the phone doesn't work and are they just going to keep replacing it? do i have to be with out a phone constantly and wait until i get another defective phone. i spoke to samsung and they offered to fix the phone but they should know about the issues. there are several similar issues posted on the samsung moment forum page as well. however sprint can right this wrong and allow loyal customers to switch to comparable phones without this issue. especially to a customer who's been with them for 10 years.


    Also i noticed the phone is not even offered on the sprint site anymore and i dont' see them in the stores. Interesting.


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    TNINIS Valued Member
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    You don't see them in stores anymore because they have been discontinued.  Samsung isn't making them anymore.  Sprint isn't selling them anymore.  Sprint won't exchange out for anything but the Intercept which is a downgrade.  The new Transform is a true replacement for the Moment but Sprint won't do that. They sat Samsung tells them what phones are to be used as replacements.  Sounds like we need to stop talking to the puppets and start talking to the puppet master.

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    Bummer. I like the phone. It does what I need. Love the Android OS but I have no desire to drop 400 on a new phone. I wish they could just fix the USB port. Anyway, mine started being a problem three weeks ago and I figured I would come in here and see if it is a common is.    

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    JLSTANSBURY123 Newbie
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    +1. Wish I'd seen this thread before I wasted my time going to the Sprint store here in Austin. They "checked" the phone and said everything was working perfectly. I walked out of the store and by the time I got to the car the battery was depleted.

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    CALISOA Newbie
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    Those technicians are useless. They stopped making the phone. I finally was routed to the replacement depart after FOUR phones and they offer two replacements the intercept (lesser phone) and the htc hero (i've heard it has the same issues). i got the intercept and i haven't had any issues, but i heard the Transform is the really replacement for this stupid moment but that wasn't on the table.

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    I'm on my 3rd or 4th replacement (ive lost count at this point) and all have had usb port issues. the latest replacement (picked up tues) says its fully charged when turned off but when turned on it reads only 80% and dies in 3 hours.

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    cehardin3 Regular Visitor
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    You (someguy674) are absolutely right. If you pay close attention to the micro usb input on the wall charger by Samsung you can see it has indent grooves at the top which are mad to configure the phone correctly. If you continue to use the car charger made by Sprint or any other micro usb chord (for your computer or generic brand) it will strip the charging outlet on your phone and cause it not to charge properly over time.


    I am on my third Samsung Moment and it took me this many times to figure it out. The Sprint Techs for some reason can't put two and two together. I noticed and started to pay attention to this detail when I used my car charger on a regular and could feel that the micro usb chord for the car charger didn't fit in as smoothly as the wall charger from Samsung did.


    I plan to go to the store this Friday and try to explain it to them in person instead of them just taking it to the techs and giving me a new battery or phone cause this problem needs to be resolved.


    I attached two pictures so you can see the difference the first one is the Samsung adapter and the second one is the Sprint adapter.

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    DRELYNN24 Newbie
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    UGH!!!  Just thought I would add my two cents as well!  On my second moment in less than a month and it is starting to do the same thing as far as not charging when connected to the charger via the USB port.  When they replaced the first one, I requested a different phone for a number of reasons of being unsatisfied, but they said they had to give me another Moment.  It's super annoying to pay your bill on time and take good care of a phone, but yet finding myself without adequate battery power to use the **** thing have the time.  UGH!

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