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    vhysten Newbie
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    Mine did that for a couple of days when it was brand new but has worked fine every every day since then.

    katykc30 Newbie
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    My reclaim yesterday was working fine then all of a sudden the screen went black and now won't turn on or take a charge. I have also had problems with the phone resetting and freezing on its own. This is one of the worst phones I have ever owned.

    rbecky1 Newbie
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    My samsung reclaim has worked fine since i got it in september 2009. Then yesterday out of nowhere the screen goes black and i try flipping it up and down and both screens are black. My phone still recieves calls and txts but i cannot see anything. I want to know what happened? I have not dropped it in water or anything like that so im thinking it must be a defect. I do not know what else would have caused this kind of damage to the screen. Any advice or ideas? they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    beckalynn Newbie
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    i am having the same with my battery i love the phone but the battery sucks

    beckalynn Newbie
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    i had the same problem so i got a new one and its been working fine every since

    Travisshai Newbie
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    No you are not alone and it will get worse this is the second on that I have owned. I sent a message yesterday and the phone shut off the battery was at full life. I know its not the battery because I still had the old Reclaim in my car and I immediately placed the battery in it and it turned right on. the phone now cuts on then shuts down by itself in a constant reboot state if you take it in demand another phone.. I will be going to the Sprint store tomorrow to try to resolve this issue if they cant do anything about it I will be starting aYoutube vid to show my displeasure check for Samsung Reclaim by Sprint POS..

    KenVE Newbie
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    I am having the same problem with the battery....no life to speak of...when charging the phone gets very hot and the a message comes on the screen instructing me to stop charging battery because temp has reached 100 degrees.  I had the battery replaced and the same thing is happening.  The phone was recently replaced because my other phone fried while charging, is there any recourse, please email me at kemmanuelli@yahoo.com if you have any answers.  Thanks

    missyroot Newbie
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    Mine shuts off by itself too. ALOT. sometimes it wont even turn back on. it also turns off when i send texts and often doesnt actually send the text. i have to take the back off and remove the battery a few times before it turns back on.

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    Ok see what happens you say something nice about something and boom you jinx yourself.


    Its been 3 reclaims now and still having this same issue you are all having. I and my tech hubby think it's something to do with a update we got from the phone possibly a bug/ glitch in the code in either sprint or samsungs softwear or hardware. With out taking it apart we may never know. Here goes my 3rd in a month now.


    Going to store tomorrow and see if they will help me as I spent 3 + hrs tonight trying with local stores, customer service, insurance, advanced something, tech support, supervisors and so on!


    Still phone keeps doing same old thing it did when I took it in to their repair store just days ago and THEY gave it a good bill of health with battery and phone. Battery keeps saying its charged and green light is lit and I disconnect then tell it to remind me next time when its finished as I always do (tried car and house charger same things) and then an hr later no use its down to 2 bars from 4? I have it on super power saving mode as well as blue tooth not enabled unless in the car and driving then I turn on GPS/ blue tooth and connect. So this is also not the issue. I also have tried myself hard reboot, so did repair store, nothing! Updated it a total in 6 months, 10 times now.


    I always keep it in a case, never near water or liquid or drop or damage it. I also always have this same scratch even while in the case made for it but I think its from the cases velcro and its often hits that part when I open it and slide it down to use it.


    Before these odd annoying issues; I <3'd my phone! I wish they would find the issue and fix it for us all. I am sad I don't dislike the phone at all just find it annoying when I go to make a call it reboots or mid in hold on a call to drs or cable company's then have to redo it and use and waste so many minutes now every month. I want my old phone back that held a charge and did not flip out and get so manic.


    I also have freezing up acting odd issues too.


    They said I may get a different one but its possibly I am guess this sanyo one and honestly if they could just fix this one error I would keep the phone. Sucks 3 they have now broken but that really are not and are just having an error in their code.


    Oh yes some of the CS can suck it esp the old jerk whom I told my husbands phone was low battery from calling so much from this 3 + hrs (not joking) with people and non stop almost. He was hr 2.4 of 3.5, and wrote I the customer was rude and angry at him and I hung up. BS! I told him I was trying to find the charger for 3 mins I kept saying please hold on I cant find my husbands charger I am looking for it. I even said at the first part when it beeped saying low battery on his phone, sir I may get disconnected I am sorry if we do please call me back on my cell my husbands is dying and over and over again for 3 mins he would talk still, all while I looked all over a 2,000 + sq ft house for a small plugged in charger as I did not want the phone to die and he says I hung up on him? So yes suck it! They also cant keep anything straight so do not believe them at all. I'd trust them as much as the devil at this point.


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    My issues are the same as everyone elses, so it kind of frustrates me that Sprint can't fix it!  If everyone with this sorry piece of electronics is having the same problems, you would think they would take it off of the shelf rather than add to the list of dissatisfied Sprint customers.  I have been with Sprint for a long time now, and up to now I have been extremely happy with the phones and the service I have received.  But since buying my Samsung Reclaim, the phone has been nothing but **** for the majority of the 10 months that I've owned it.  At first I thought it was a fluke that the charger wouldn't connect because it didn't do it all of the time, but now I can barely get it to charge.  I have been to two different Sprint stores, and both say there is nothing they can do because they don't have a technician, even though it can't be fixed, it needs to be replaced.  If it needs to be replaced, I don't understand why any store can't do that.  I only have a little over 2 months left until I can upgrade, so at this point I'm counting down the days until I don't have to use this phone anymore.  I just wish Sprint would do more to prevent these issues.  In my opnion, the solution seems pretty simple.  If the problems are all the same among users of the same phone, either fix the gliche in the phone, or pull it off the shelf.

    lawsonkerry Newbie
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    Oh wow!  Mine is doing the same thing.  It will turn off by itself and turn back on.  I've had my phone since December and I've just kinda lived with it.  It is getting really annoying though, especially when it does it in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep.  Anyone know of a way to fix it?

    disneydreamer Newbie
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    I absolutely HATE this phone. Hate, Hate, Hate. I'm not on it much, don't text a lot, and don't use the internet a lot on it either. I can't, it won't let me. Battery would die after an hour and get super hot, Took it in and they changed out the battery (phone was only 3 months old and light usage). Immediately did the same thing. When I would go to charge it, it says to disconnect from charger due to high heat. If the battery is going to die while I am talking and I plug it in, it lets me talk, but has absolutely no charge when I hang up and it gets so hot I can barely hold on to it. I can talk about 20 minutes sometimes with a full charge at beginning and battery will die. Then it won't let me recharge, tells me it is too hot, so I have to let it cool (I've even put it in the fridge to cool it), then I can recharge. I'm paying for unlimited useage and can't use it. Sprint tells me there is nothing wrong with the phone and I have to buy a new one. I also had downloaded some ringers and when I try to access them, the phone locks up or reboots. I can't access any of them. Took it in to the store (when I took it in for the battery) and they said they couldn't replicate the problem. I tried it and it still locks up. So for months it locks up on me and the 1 time they look at it, it "supposedly" worked, yet when I tried it 20 minutes later, it still doesn't work, and still doesn't. . SO they say nothing is wrong with the phone. Piece of ****. I obviously have a defective phone and they won't replace it. Will never buy again. Oh, and the new fun thing it does is drop my calls. Grrrrr.....Will definetely be buying a new phone that is not a reclaim, and probably not a Samsung,  as soon as I can.

    Oh, and when I mention to Sprint that I have heard that this phone has problems they claim they haven't heard of any problems with this phone. Really???? Are they that out of touch with their customers?


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    PJECKL Newbie
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    I have had my Reclaim a year. I would definately buy another phone if I could afford the 2yr upgrade. I thought I'd love the ring tones, but they got on my nerves very quickly. Now I have to record a video of a song (from TV, radio, computer, etc) and save it as a ringtone. I guess it's lucky to be able to do that!


    Battery life was good when I first got it & as long as I rarely use it. It's just a phone - I have no data, text, or anything. I may have 2 bars when I start a conversation, but soon it's beeping at me & showing me the red "battery dead" light. I usually just hang up then. It does get hot when charging, but I've never gotten any messages telling me to wait.


    I wanted an LG Lotus when I first went in the store, but was afraid of the square design. I let lady talk me into "corn" phone and I thought it was pretty cool (I got the blue one that they don't sell anymore). I don't even see a Reclaim in the local store at all anymore!


    When traveling (locally), I will get a no-signal beep while my smug husband with the FREE phone still gets reception! What's up with that? There may be a tower right there, but my phone is beeping away. However, when we did travel out-of-state, I had better reception in most areas.


    When I talk to said "smug hubby," however, we have to take specific turns or we cut each other out. I can talk to other people and it doesn't happen (they generally don't have any of the "free" phones). I also have trouble talking to anyone on a land-line.


    Because of that and the reception, I would not recommend this phone. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone that wants to use it for more than semi-short conversations (30 min or less at a time), any texting (keys too close together), or anything other than an "emergency" phone ... as long as you're fully charged!


    Next time I'm either getting a LG Rumor or the Lotus (except they no longer sell it in purple which I thought would be everyone's favorite color). I hope they still sell both after another year without requiring a data plan. Seems like any decent phone requires a data plan nowadays. Even though I just want a full touch-screen with Qwerty keyboard, decent battery life, and good phone quality JUST TO USE AS A PHONE ... and I'm sure I'm not alone.

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