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Samsung Seek memory card

britt8409 Newbie
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Hi I just bought the samsung seek. I had already had a memory card from my blackberry pearl.


I put the memory card in and it only shows some songs. I had about 50 songs and well over 100 pictures on the memory card. Is there a reason I can't see those from the Seek?


Maybe there is a way to convert them to a file that will show on my phone? Hopefully someone understands what I'm asking. Sorry if it is confusing.


I had so many pictures and I'm not sure if I have an online album. If I do how do I look that up?


oh yeah!! and I can't figure out how to lock the phone without it doing it by itself. I have a 1 year old who tends to take my phone and does all this weird stuff to it.



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    DS914 Newbie
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    Hey, just recently purchased  the Seek and as you did I used the memory card from an 8330. Based on my research the Seek is only looking for the directories it creates on any memory card inserted into the phone. I must assume that your stuff is located either in RIM created or personally created folders on the SD card therefore the Seek doesn't see the folders. There is supposedly software available for the Seek that will allow access to the SD card via PC/ Mac. Can't find the software but it is noted as being available via your service provider and will allow for cut and paste functions between SD card and PC as well as cut and paste between folder son the SD card. Review the manual that came with the phone for verification.

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    britt8409 Newbie
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    Thank you. I read the whole manual last night. Now I just have to figure out how to do that. Some of my ringtones are on my phone from my card but not all of them and of course no pictures. But I do remember making files for them on my blackberry. So I guess I'll just play around with it tonight and see what I can do. Thank you =)

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    NFROMDEN1 Newbie
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    Just figured out something, I wanted to put pics on my phone from computer, put removable chip in computer, open folders, one is called DCIM or something like that, when you open that one you get Bluetooth or Phone, I picked Bluetooth and put about 40 pics on it and now my phone recognizes them when I open Photos, have to pick Bluetooth to select one.  Didn't have to use the USB cable

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    JustinG119030 Newbie
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    if you have the microSD for the phone and have the microSD convertor(which makes it act as a SD card) and have the slot for SD on your computer then you can open the file after inserting the SD in your computer from the Menu then My Computer(on my computer it is file G: ). I did have the LG Rumor 2 before this Samsung Seek, but I have created my own file for pictures and I put my microSD card from the LG in my Samsung and this Seek automatically recognized all my pictures and music. I tried to play a video from my microSD on the new phone but it is not capable of playing videos. If you have any questions about microSD, SD cards, or computers just ask me. I will message back as soon as I can.

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    becauseasher Regular Visitor
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    The file for music on the Samsung Seek is .mp3 or .wma


    You have to put the extentions to that or the music wont work.

    The pictures have to be lower than 1280 x 960 for them to be shown on the seek.

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    tmshumaker Newbie
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    I got the samsung seek a few days ago..i have ringtones on my memory card and they're showing up on the music icon in the phone; but for some reason i cant set any of the songs as my ringtones..I dont know how to set any of the playlists' songs as ringtones..PLEASE HELP!!

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    tomdeaver Gold Expert
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    if you've read the previous posts here, it's an issue with directories on the SD. the seek is looking for a specific folder for ringers or ringtones and your music is in a different folder. you could try and use a computer to view whats on the SD, like with another phn that has USB capabilites or a computer with an SD slot/reader. you would be looking for a ringer or ringtone folder and you would copy and paste your music into that folder making sure the music is in mp3 format. other than that, you can use 3rd party websites like myxer.com to upload your songs to, and myxer will send you a text message with a link that downloads your music into the correct file, much like sprint.com does now. it's called "make your own" ringer on myxer.com. you phn doesn't have the capability to copy a music file into the ringer folder by itself unfortunately.

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    kdjackson214 Newbie
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    yea i know what u mean about the files. im trying to arrange it on my card now. ill let u know if it works

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    reeserapp Newbie
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    hi i have pictures on my memory card i have the samsung seek and when i put the memory card in my phone i cant find the pictures where can i locate the pictures on my memory card

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