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Loose Charging Port On 2 HTC EVO 4G Phones

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So far, 2 out of the 4 HTC EVO 4G phones I have purchased have loose charging ports.  So loose, that it's difficult to adjust to get the charge going.


From what some have posted here:


Sprint is charging $100 to replace.


This is simply not acceptable.


We did not abuse these phones.  There is no way these should have failed within a month of owning.


We're past the 30 day mark.  I have yet to go into Sprint.  I just want to bring this to the attention of consumers, customers and more importantly, Sprint.


I love this phone.  And I do not want to part with it.  But I will not be paying $100 for a replacement.  I didn't break it.  It's obivious the charging port was of poor design.


I would like to know if anyone else is having the issue.  I will be reporting my Sprint store results tomorrow.



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    I have had EXACTLY the same issue, and EXACTLY the same response from Sprint support. There are actually two forum discussing this issue:




    Since I just finished paying 400 dollars for this phone (and have not recieved my rebate, yet), I wasn't about to pay another 100 bucks to fix it at this time. I just continued to charge it as I could.


    Well, until last night, when the phone died. DIED. So, now my hands are tied, essentially. And I'll likely be waiting a week or more for a replacement.


    I absolutely agree -- I did NOT break this phone. The manufacturing was already faulty. Period.


    I'm a Premier customer (not that that seems to mean anything), and switched to Sprint after being with ATT for over a decade. I regret my decision.


    Sprint needs to recognize this as a known issue, and replace our phones for free, or let us opt out of our contracts. There is no way this issue is an aberration considering the number of people experiencing it.



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    yes  i agree  when i plug mine into  a car charger it does a few things  the charge indicator blinks and sometimes  it does not lite up at all. plus  the phone gets hot   its crazy.

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    I agree with all other posters. There is definitely some defect with the car charger as opposed to the home charger in that the car charger is looser and is probably defective in that it is a bit small and doest not fit as snug as the home charger. The car charger as well as the phone gets hot and the phone rarely charges fully before I get the orange and green lites blinking simultaneously. I wonder if this is damaging the phone. It can become irritating as I drive for a living and have experienced this car charger problem on a daily basis since purchasing the phone five weeks ago.


    If more people experience this problem, please post here. If it is a major problem then Sprint should address it before it becomes an explosive issue and hurts their reputation and sales as Apple's iPhone recently experienced.

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    Just to clarify:


    The problem doesn't seem to be the chargers (at least in the majority of the cases), rather the *port* the charger connects to, inside the phone. Although I agree that the car charger and wall charger perform differently, but that's likely the result of the faulty micro USB port.

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    Hi all, I am having the EXACT same problem.  The charging port itself is loose.  Multiple cables are wiggling around loosely inside.  I need to literally push the cable in and hold it there in order to get a charge.  I haven't been rough in any way with this phone, either.  I'm very upset, because I'm traveling internationally this weekend!  ARGGGH. I otherwise love this phone and am satisfied with Sprint.  Sprint, please fix this.

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    I bought the phone first day (June 4) and earlier this week this problem manifested itself on my phone.  I have to hold the connector a certain way to get the phone to charge, on both my home and car charger.   I took it to the local Sprint repair center and was told they couldn't reproduce the problem, and if the connector was in fact loose as I suspected, that it would be deemed "physical damage" and would cost me out of pocket to replace the phone

    I can reproduce the problem every time.  Having the technician suggest I would be paying out of pocket to replace a never-abused like-new phone less than two months after purchase was not acceptable to me.  I called Customer Service, explained my issue, and they sent me a recertified unit which I hope is waiting for me at home tonight.


    Although a replacement phone will probably resolve the issue (until the connector on the refurb goes bad), this experience is deeply concerning.

    Why can't the connector be repaired?  Is complete phone replacement really the only viable repair option for a $500 phone?  This seems absurd.

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    I think its a problem with the brand HTC, my daughter's  samsung moment has the same issued, and they wanted us to by a new phone  instead of even trying to repair it, I said no way! the phone is not even 4 months old yet, so I will be taking it to a Corporate store and see if they'll just replace the phone for free, but I'm guessing it's just a bad hardware problem on HTC's part as well as Samsung.


    Maybe you Evo consumers can threaten a lawsuit, there's no way you should have to dish out another $ 100.00 dollars on a brand new phone, that is bull #


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    I am having the SAME problem I have to use a t pin to hold the plug into the phone and I too think that it is outrageous that we should have to pay $100 for a design flaw

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    Exact same thing here. I bought the phone for my son. Charger port on the phone is loose just past the 30 day return period. Charges intermittently. You have to hold it just the right way. Not the cord. It is the port in the phone. Still waiting on rebate too....

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    We as consumers should not be so willingly to settle for crappy products that we spend our hard earn money purchasing,  I noticed in this Sprint forum that when customers complain about  certain hardware issues and you try to have Sprint rectify the problem, 1} they want you to pay the insurance deductible for another phone or purchase it at full price(if no insurance) or 2) call the manufactuerer of that particular brand phone, so what is Sprint's responsibility to the consumers after we purchase a bad product that they sold, do we have any recourse, my daughter purchase the Samsung Moment and has had nothing but problems with that phone, and now they're discontinuing the phone less than a year old, instead of discontinuing it, why didn't Samsung or Sprint issue a recall for a bad product.....aren't there laws that protect the consumers from being taken advantage of. In the case of the Evo's bad usb port, there is no way in **** Sprint could tell me to pay a deductible for a phone I just purchased a month ago, and for an employee to infer it was somehow the customer's fault that the port is loose than to acknowledge that it's bad workmanship is just bad customer service.

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    Wow. I thought I was the only one. I guess not.. Mine came loose a few days ago. So I brought it into sprint this morning and the guy said it was physical damage that wasnt covered by the manufactures warrantee. And gave me a card to make a claim to pay for a refurb for 100 bucks. For just like everyone else didnt do.  Expensive phone that I really like but sucks cant be fixed without shelling out more and more cash..  Its not right or fair..

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    I'm a iPhone/ATT convert; iPhones for three years. I bought two EVOs and two car/home chargers about three weeks ago. One of EVOs quit charging last night.


    I looked inside the micro USB port on the phone and could plainly see that the edges of the little plug part in the port were gone and the tips of that little plug were chipped. Either the phone was defective from the beginning or the provided cable tip is defective or the car/home charger cable tip is defective. Seems simple enough; I bought a lemon. It happens.


    I went to the only open Sprint store I could find today (Saturday) and was fully expecting to get a replacement phone. The geniuses at Sprint decided I must have inserted the plug in incorrectly or dropped the phone. I explained that this was not the case and even noted that I've been charging various items for about 25 years and have mastered the art. Still I was told that there is no way I'm getting a replacement phone and I would have to go through the insurance company for a small fee of $100. He kept telling me how lucky I am that it would only be $100 for a new $500 phone. I explained to him that a $500 phone shouldn't break in three weeks. He was persistent.


    So I call the insurance company and they tell me to download and print a form from their company, fill it out, provide a copy of my drivers license and FAX it to them. FAX!? I haven't owned a fax machine in ten years. I haven't had a land-line in 5 years. Where do I go to fax something.... oh Kinko's.... where's that at?.... Sprint sure is making this difficult.


    The guy at the store said I'd have a new phone by Monday afternoon. The insurance witch said I might have it by Thursday if I do everything correctly. Nice.


    I asked the Sprint guy if I could buy an extra battery and he actually told me to go to Batteries Plus across the street. Unbelievable. I already know no one is selling after-market batteries in stores yet.


    I finally manage to get the manager of the store and at least he sells me an extra battery. I can manage for a week swapping and charging batteries while something happens with the phone. Should be fun.


    I'm going to try another store on Monday morning. I know the people there are a little nicer than the phone-Nazis I dealt with today.


    I wanted a new phone. I got the run around. I'm a brand new Sprint customer and I already feel I got screwed.




    I just found all these people with the same problem. That's all I need. If Sprint doesn't provide a new phone, they can have their EVOs back. Verizon may be my next carrier.






    UPDATE: 7-25-10 (Sunday) 9:15am


    I just called Sprint customer service and explained my situation in brief. The guy told me that the store should have exchanged the phone and that I should go back and try again. This time if I get any resistance, I should call Sprint customer service directly while at the store and they will instruct the store to replace the phone. They also said that they can file a complaint against the store if there are any problems. This all sounds too easy, but I hope it's true.


    I found an open store in the burbs, I'll be calling them in a few hours and hopefully be headed there for a new phone.


    I should have called customer service FIRST.


    I'll post again this evening.


    UPDATE: 7-25-10 (Sunday) 9:20pm


    I  made it to a corporate Sprint store today. This store was 100% better than the last place I went. This guy told me that they would replace the phone, but they didn't have any in stock. In fact no corporate store in the area had one in stock. He assured me they would be in by Wednesday or Thursday and I only had to call and tell him I was coming in to get one. When the store I originally bought from opens tomorrow, I'm calling them to see if I can get this over with. Hopefully they have one.


    Lesson learned. Call Sprint customer service first. I guess if this would have happened after the 30 days, I'd have to go through insurance and pay $100.


    I'll post again when I actually get the phone and everything is back to normal.


    UPDATE: 7-28-10 (Wednesday)


    I've been calling eight Sprint stores everyday, multiple times per day, asking if phones are in stock. They never are. The people must be getting sick of me. I've called customer service at least ten times. Yesterday, after being on the phone with customer service for 30 minutes, the connection was lost. I called back, got someone who was actually helping me, and the call was dropped again. I called back, was put on hold while the rep was calling corporate stores, and the call was dropped AGAIN! I call back AGAIN, get to a rep and the phone reboots itself. Am I getting "Punked" here?


    I learned to today that insurance claim phones come from a different "group" and you can get one (usually) in one day. There's a chance it will be a refurb.


    I'm at a point now, where I might give my two phones back to Sprint and get a full refund. I've about had it. Is this what Sprint has always been like? The customer service I've experienced in the last five days is by far, the worst I've come across from any mobile provider. I managed to get caught in a perpetual loop of disdain.


    I went to ANOTHER store today. They keep telling me I broke the charging port. They keep telling me I need to pay $100 to get a possibly refurbished phone (that may also have a bad charging port). Why don't they acknowledge the problem here? Any new product is bound to have a problem of some sort. That's fine. I expect it. But fix it! Even evil Apple fixes their mistakes.


    My God, I just spent almost $700 on two phones and accessories.





    UPDATE: August 3


    I sent emails to EVERY Sprint address I could find. I got this back and sent of another email.....
    I removed identifying info...


    -------------- to me
    show details 10:34 AM (6 hours ago)
    Mr. --------,


    Thank you for contacting Sprint and allowing us to address your concerns.


    How did you start your service? Was this in a Sprint store?




    -----Original Message-----
    7/28/10 7:43 PM


    Original Message Follows:
    Customer Name: ---------
    Sprint PCS Phone Number: -------------
    Account Number: ------------
    Form: Ask A Question-Manage
    Topic: Plans, Features and Services
    SUB Topic: General Inquiry
    Original Question:
    Question: I bought two EVOs, two car chargers, three phone cases and one
    spare battery. I've spent about $700. One phone works wonderfully, one
    won't charge. This is an ongoing problem with the EVO and can be found
    online in multiple forums. No one at Sprint will help me get an
    exchange. I'm still within 30 days of purchase. NO ONE WILL HELP ME. I'm
    posting this horrible experience on five Android/HTC/EVO/Sprint forums.
    I will continue updating them until this issue is resolved. If Sprint
    refuses to supply an exchanged phone, I wish to be fully refunded of all
    monies spent, and I will use the services of another provider.


    "I'm a iPhone/ATT convert; iPhones for three years. I bought two EVOs
    and two car/home chargers about three weeks ago. One of EVOs quit
    charging last night.


    I looked inside the micro USB port on the phone and could plainly see
    that the edges of the little plug part in the port were gone and the
    tips of that little plug were chipped. Either the phone was defective
    from the beginning or the provided cable tip is defective or the
    car/home charger cable tip is defective. Seems simple enough; I bought a
    lemon. It happens.


    I went to the only open Sprint store I could fin...




    This e-mail may contain Sprint Nextel Company proprietary information intended for the sole use of the recipient(s). Any use by others is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies of the message.


    show details 4:50 PM (0 minutes ago)
    Mr. -----,


    Thank you for your concern with my problem. I greatly appreciate your time.
    I was a loyal AT&T/iPhone customer since it's introduction. Sprint's reputation, prices, and product converted me. If we can resolve this issue, I'm sure to be a loyal and longterm subscriber to Sprint.


    Please read this email understanding that I am not writing in an angry manner, but simply stating my experience thus far. This is a synopsis of the last eleven days.


    I started my service on July 2 through a corporate Sprint store in Chicago.
    July 24 one phone quit charging. I rebooted, swapped chargers, etc. to no avail. I checked multiple EVO forums and found that many people had the same problem at about three weeks of ownership. Everyone was telling the same story. A lucky few were able to get help at the stores.
    I went to three stores and each salesperson argued that I had wiggled the cord too hard or dropped my phone, insisting that I had physically damaged it. Again, I bring up the fact that I've been charging smartphones for over three years and mobile phones since the release of the Motorola "brick". I've become quite capable at it. One gentleman even claimed he "ain't never even seen anything like that before".
    I gave up on the stores and called Sprint customer service.... about 15 times. I was told so many different things that I've lost track. Every time it seemed I was making progress, it was shot down in the end.
    I finally gave up and placed a claim.


    Because I could not reach anyone in customer service or at a store that could help me, and because my 30 day return period was coming to an end, I placed a claim through Asurion. I've now paid out $616 for phones and accessories, $256 for my first month's bill (!!  why so much?), $50 for a spare battery to keep the phone working, and a $100 deductible to replace a phone I didn't break. That's $1022, and I've had one broken phone since July 24.


    Since I already placed a claim, I would love to be reimbursed the cost of the deductible. Can you also tell me why my first bill was $256? I've checked with others that have purchased EVOs with Sprint and their first month bill was for talk-time and data only. Did I get charged an activation fee when others didn't?


    Thank you for your interest,




    UPDATE: Aug 8, Sunday


    No reply from the Sprint rep. No surprise there.
    The replacement phone from Asurion is at the FedEx sorting facility. I Should have it tomorrow. It's been a pain in the **** charging 3 batteries from one phone every night. it's been 16 days since this ordeal started.


    Way to go Sprint. You've handled this so well.




    UPDATE: Aug 10, Tuesday


    I got my replacement phone from Asurion yesterday afternoon. I got home and followed the directions to activate it online. That didn't work... of course. I had to call the Sprint activation line. The guy admitted he never activated an EVO before and it took him three tries. I finally had to do it manually on my end. The phone call took 35 minutes.


    My phone quit charging on July 24. I got a replacement on August 9. It took 17 days of phone calls, driving to Sprint stores, charging batteries, multiple headaches and an additional $100 to get a working phone.


    I feel I got treated unfairly by Sprint throughout this whole thing. Asurion handled their portion just fine. Once I faxed my paperwork to them, everything flowed. It took about a week to get a phone because there were none available. I hope someone can read this and possibly avoid the same pitfalls I encountered.


    If anyone heres of some kind of recourse being taken by Sprint customers, like a class-action lawsuit, etc., please post it to this thread, as I will be emailed by the forum.


    Oh, and wouldn't you know it.... I think the external speaker on the OTHER phone is blown. It's got a nice crackling sound to it. Yay.


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    The problem here is that big companies like this have these computer systems the dictate what happens. So when you bring your phone in for a power port issue, and they select that on the computer, they consider that physical damage.


    The problem here is that the phone is defective. I tested the power port on a brand new phone and it was loose right out of the box. At the time I posted my blog about it HTC was not even taking the phones back in for repai which should have DEFINATELY been an option.

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    This concerns me, I'm wanting to purchase the Evo, but if the charging port is defective and Sprint or HTC doesn't want to repair the phone but instead make you purchase another one, then that's a serious problem, why should we have to shell out more money for a defective hardware problem, I think if enough customers are having this problem with their phones, maybe they should contact the BBB or a consumer agency

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