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samsung intercept ringtones/delete

PixieDustxxxx Newbie
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How do you delete ringtones from the samsung intercept .. i've downloaded some off the web but i cannot find where they are stored on the phone or how to delete them ..

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    mntlhzzrd Newbie
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    If you find out, please let me know, because I cannot figure it out either.

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    TONYSALEM78 Newbie
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    You should be able to go into..settings>applications>manage applications and then look through that list and see if it is in there.. if so then select it and click uninstall..


    *Please post back if that works.

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    elaine232 Newbie
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    Does not work, though it was a good try. Thank you for the advice. Maybe they'll figure it out at sprint sooner or later. I've sent 3 emails to them and the only thing they can say is call tech support, but finding someone else to use the phone of isn't so easy all the time and I've not had a chance to do so yet, since you can't just call from the phone you're using. One of those crazy 'new age people without a home phone'.

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    NHARRIS420 Newbie
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    So here are the steps that I have taken to delete my ringtones.....



    1. Went to "My Files" in my applications

    2. From there I went to "FeebeRings"

    3. Then to "mp3" and there were my ringtones and then all I had to do was hold my finger down on the song I wanted to delete and the option came up to do so.


    You could as well have other folders inside of the "My Files" that you want to delte and not have on your phone.



    If this helps you out please repost and let me know.




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    PixieDustxxxx Newbie
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    didnt work. I download my ringtones from myxer and i have no idea where they are saved to on my phone..  ugh why is this so complicated

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    TCARR09 Newbie
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    I have had the exact same problem. Downloaded some ringtones from myxer only trying to later delete them with no success. Called into to customer care and was moved up to technical support...then advanced technical support only to stay on the phone for over an hour and have them tell me after trying many unsuccessful attempts that they have tried everything the could and just not to download from myxer. LAME!!! I love my intercept but trying to do something as simple as delete a downloaded ringtone and not being able to do so or have a SPRINT tech rep assist me is out of control!!! If anyone figures out this most amazing riddle, please be a friend and feel free to post how you did so.

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    S_eunique Newbie
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    omg!!!!!!!! i am having thee EXACT SAME ISSUE!!!! I have o idea where the ringtones i downloaded from myxer are stored and i seriously need them gone!!! im no longer going to download from them because of that!! who ever figures out how to delete these ringtones please let thee world know and post EXACTLY how you did so. this is entirely too aggrivating!!!

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    EMILLER1981 Newbie
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    To find rintones from myxer got to settings then sound and display click on the listing for phone ringtone. This is where i found the ones that I downloaded. However, I still can't figure out how to delete them so if any figures that out please post it as I have one on there three time.

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    I found my ringtones i downloaded off of myxer by:

    -opening my browser

    -clicking the menu key

    -selecting 'more'

    -selecting 'downloads'


    I hope that helps out some.

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    gam1734 Newbie
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    Just so happens that my husband has the same phone and the same problem.  Came here to see what I could find and well, you know how that went.  Anyway, as I was looking through the phone I happend to come accross and icon for Sprint Zone.  Clicked on it and scrolling through there I came accross phone tips and tricks where I clicked on Overview.  When that tutorial started to download, it gave me the screen with the myxer ringtones and I was able to delete them then.  Hope this helps, wish there was a shortcut to get to it and that the phone was less complicated. 

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    S_eunique Newbie
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    That doesnt delete them from your phone tho! It just deletes them from your download list.


    I've Tried....


    When u go to assign ringtones, The same downloads you think you deleted will still be there in full effect!

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    elaine232 Newbie
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    I wish that any of these solutions would work. So far I've been able to see the downloads, which I suppose is half the battle, now for just being able to delete them. This is about retarded.

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    Angels220 Newbie
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    I have the same issue.  I downloaded 8 ringers from myxer.  I could find them under downloads.  Deleted them but they are still in my ringers.  I have tried everything I can think of to delete the ringtones. Nothing works. I have called Sprint twice and they have not been able to figure it out either.  If anyone is able to delete them please post it.

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    tagcaver Newbie
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    talked with samsung and sprint, only way to correct it is by resetting the phone, if your contacts are saved to gmail, they will transfer back, also data on sd card will not be deleted. seems that myxer and some other downloads, are set as preloaded software, so theres no way to delete it. task is simple. . you would think samsung and sprint would have thought this one through


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