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EVO wont connect to Win7 via USB

smahlers Newbie
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New EVO and Win7 Pro 64bit.  When attempting to connectmy new EVO to PC via USB, it receive the New Device Found sound, the android phone icon appears briefly in the devices panel, then within seconds I get a Device Disconnnect sound and the device dissappears from the device screen. The phone shows charging for the 3-4 seconds it connects, then goes out as well.  Appears it looses any conneciton to the PC.  Unplug and plug back in the the symptoms repeat. Cant find any errors in system or applicaiton logs on PC.  Can connect phone to another Win7 Pro laptop that is 32 bit.


Anybody seen this issue: or more important, anybody know how to resolve?

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    GenocidalAtom Expert
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    An educated guess but it sounds as if you have hardware issues.  Either bad USB port on the PC or the phone or a bad cable.  You're phone should charge regardless if the system recognizes the device or not.  Try changine your default setting to charge only when plugged in and see if the phone will still charge even if Windows doesn't see it.


    Just for info, I have Windows 7 Ultimate and it worked out of the box.  I have since reinstalled and, as expected, works on the reinstall too.

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    Captain_Packrat Regular Visitor
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    Assuming you're using the same cable on both machines, if you're able to connect it to another computer, it sounds like maybe you have a bad USB port on your computer.


    I'm using the EVO with Win7 Ultimate 64-bit and it connects just fine in Disk Drive and HTC Sync modes.

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    smahlers Newbie
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    AS for the cable, it works on my laptop, but not my desktop which is my main system.  For the charging.  The charge light comes on briefly when the system is recognized, then goes out as soon as the device is removed.  Looking at the "devices and printers" it breifly says android phone, then goes away.  Doesn't matter on which setting i have the phone on: charge only, disk drive, or sync.  Frustraiting.  Nothing shows in the system logs to indicated there was a problem with a device or system problem.  Will keep on digging!

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    I had similar issue. To resolve it, you need to download and run the 'HTC Sync'.

    Here is the link

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    smahlers Newbie
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    Downloaded it and installed.  The first time I attempted to connect, it did show longer in the "Devices and Printers" window, but again disappeared after a few seconds.  When it disconnects, the charge light on the phone goes out.  However, something new, after installing the Sync software, I powered off the phone to reboot and "Wha-La" the charge light came on while the phone was off.  as soon as I powered the phone back on, the charge light went back out.  Still get the double ding and charge light when plugging it in and then the **** after a couple seconds and the charge light goes out. "Arrrggggg!"

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    GenocidalAtom Expert
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    I had a similiar issue with a usb device and a laptop.  Would come on for a few seconds and then back off.  It was a usb gps antenna.  The problem turned out to be the usb port.  Have you tried plugging in another USB device and/or using a usb hub?

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    smahlers Newbie
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    OK, not resolved but here is an update.  If I power off the phone and reboot the Win7 Pro 64 machine (it has to be fresh booted), wait and log into the PC, then turn on the phone it will connect.


    Note: As soon as you power off the phone and while the phone remains off, the charge light on the phone comes on.  As soon as you interupt the USB power connection to the phone, you loose the connection and the charging light stays off until you power off the phone.  If you power the phone back on without rebooing the PC, as soon as the phone is half way through booting the phone is recognized and then dropped.  Unplugging the phone and plugging it back in without powering down both the phone and the PC results in a failed connection.  Not sure where this is leading but hope it sparks a light for someone......

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    Sounds to me like a hardware issue, but not necessarily. Have you tried plugging the EVO into another computer to make sure it isn't the computer that is the issue?


    Also make sure that you have debugging mode turned off in Settings > Applications > Development just to make sure. What you explain shouldn't be caused by it, but there's always a chance.

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    cityw5 Expert
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    I had the exact same problem -- I have Windows 7 64-bit and it did turn out to be a hardware problem, but not what you may think.  I replaced the stock samsung 8GB microSD card with a SanDisk 32 GB microSD card and all of a sudden, all of my connection problems were resolved.


    When I say I had the exact same problem - I mean exact same - you describe all the goofy things my computer was doing in trying to connect.


    I don't know if it will work for you, but if you have a spare microSD card, try it out.  I was on the phone with Sprint customer service for 2 hours trying to fix this issue to no avail, and then I figured it out myself.  Out of 500,000 Evos, some are going to have bad miroSD cards.

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    smahlers Newbie
    Currently Being Moderated

    Thought you had something there.  Replaced the factory 8GB card with a 2GB card from my old PPC restarted the phone without rebooting the PC and it came right up the first time.  I browsed and deleted all the old files off the card, as soon as unplugged the USB and pluged it back in, same now i see you now i dont......

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    cityw5 Expert
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    sorry to hear that didn't work.  When I originaly had my similar problem, I was searching on the HTC website forums and they had some suggestions for windows 7 64-bit users who had trouble syncing.  Might be worth trying there.

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    LRKOLE Newbie
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    I solved a similar issue on a Win XP machine, my EVO was not recognized by when connected to any USB port, I offer it as a possibilty for Win 7 ?

    Sounds like you have tried all of the std. fixes, EVO settings, bad usb cable, HTC sync etc. I thought the problem might be PC related, not phone related. I fixed mine this way:


    1) In the PC's device manager, I found that the USB root hub has a setting that  allows the computer to turn off the device. It was under the power management tab. Use device manager and uncheck that if it is checked on your win 7 machine. ( I am not an expert on win 7 , you may not have this setting, but it worked for me)

    2) I then set the EVO to  USB debuggging mode

    Tap your phone's Menu key and

    Tether Android USBselectSettings, then Applications, thenDevelopment. Now check the box that says "USB Debugging" and press "OK"

    When I rebooted and plugged in the EVO it all worked !

    I can now charge my EVO via usb, and see all of the files using my PC's explorer.

    Good luck

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    psncorp Newbie
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    This worked for me and should work for most Sprint users with the EVO and Win7 64 - much thanks to    smahlers


    I have the EVO 4G (Sprint) Phone and Win7 (64 bit) on my desktop PC and constantly had issues with this working.


    So, if you run into the issue that your phone wont recognize the software on your PC you should trobleshoot by trying this process:


    1 - Make sure you have the latest version of the HTC Synch Software  (

    2 - Unplug EVO from Synch Cable

    3 - Power Off the EVO

    4 - Reboot PC

    5 - Power ON the EVO

    6 - Connect Synch Cable


    This worked for me!

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    RAYBO58 Newbie
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    I think this problem may stem from many sources. I tried ALL of the solutions listed above to no avail. I think I found the answer to one possible problem.


    I tried for days after my PC stopped recognizing the SDcard on my HTC EVO. Different patterns of rebooting and power cycling, different drivers, different computers, tech support and finally phone replacement. A few weeks after having the unit replaced it happened again.


    I started going through the old sequence again and when I thought about doing a factory reset, it ocured to me thay maybe it was a filesystem problem. So I took the card out of the phone, put it in an SD adapter and plugged it into my laptop.


    I had a rather large music library and a few movies on the it (16gig card). 4 movies were over 800MB's and one was 1,400MB's. I deleted all of them. And that was it. I put the card back in the phone and everything has worked perfect since.


    Now I watched all those movies while they were on the card and plugged my phone into my computer without problem many times in the interum. So I guess it's a problem that only surfaces after some period of time after downloading large files to your SD. But thankfully the results are instant when it becomes neccessary to fix it.


    I don't know wether it was just the 1.4GB file that was clogging things up or If anything larger than 512MB's (currently nothing on my phone is larger than this). I'm too burned out to do any more extensive testing. But this should be reported as a bug. FAT32 can handle 4GB files, unless the Android uses an 8 bit bus or something.

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