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Phone Stolen

tonimccord1 Newbie
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Hi my name is Toni [......] and I had my HTC phone stolen today at work so I called customer service to have the phone restricted and I also filed a claim, but I was wondering if Sprint would be able to track my phone through the GPS?  Also, would Sprint be able to pull my information i.e. contacts etc. from my phone and upload them to My Sprint Account?  Any help would be appreciated.


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    halcyoncmdr123 Master
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    You probably won't be able to get any information back off of it. If it was an Android device and you had your Google account setup to sync then you can simply log back into that account on your new phone to sync it all back down. If it was a Windows Mobile device, then unless you had something else setup to sync your contacts they are probably gone.


    As for finding the phone through GPS, Asurion is looking at putting this system into place but I don't think it is in place right now.

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    c_8_co Regular Visitor
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    The person above is right, unless you've synced your info onto a computer, it is long gone.  As for locating it via GPS, currently the only way you can do that is if GPS is currently turned on and the phone is turned on.

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    MGaleassi Newbie
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    I had a similar situation, stolen phone. When I called into Sprint to have it deactivated I asked if it could be located and was told no because I did not have the insurance plan. Why is this? The phone was still on and ringing, but the customer service would only deactivate without insurance. I guess because they wouldn't be out anything, they just didn't care.

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    Levi4u Master
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    Sprint does not have a way set up to track your stolen phone, But if you had insurance, Asurion can/will track a lost phone, They state they will not track a stolen phone.

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    MGaleassi Newbie
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    Why would they track a lost phone and not a stolen phone? Sounds just like their policy on 2 claims per 12 months, sad.

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    darknessdrs Valued Member
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    Just think about it, Asurian tracks a stolen phone, emails you where it is at, you go to pick it up and get shot. Just does not make sense to put customers at risk let alone all the law suits that would follow. It is 3 claims every 12 months not to acceed $1,000 per claim by the way as far as their current policy on their website states.

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    9175540528 Regular Visitor
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    With the phone locator still on, is it possibe for the police to track the phone?

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    DenverTechLady Regular Visitor
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    There are a few different routes you can go. If you have the extended warranty on your phone (TEP through Asurion) you can call the insurance company and they can try to locate the phone for you. Also if you have the Family or Mobile locator services you can track it that way, but for anyone to track the GPS signal the phone will need to be TURNED ON.

    The Police can locate(if its powered on) but I dont know how long it would take them to do it. Honestly it would be easier to do if you have the insurance company track it (assuming you have the coverage).

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    Was your phone issue resolved, and how?

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    The Mobile locator is on, they would have to buy a charger to power on the phone. They will have a nice camera and calculator to use.....STEALING A CELL PHONE MAKES NO SENSE, SERVICE WILL BE TURNED OFF AND THEY CAN NOT USE THE PHONE. I guess the SMARTPHONE is smarter then those thief.

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    wendallynA-A Newbie
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    Actually I was buying a replacement phone for my nephew who has service with Metro PCS and found out that they can "re-image" ANY PHONE for use with their network (well, almost any phone- any of the newer ones).  So what an incentive for creeps who want to steal cell phones and resell them- I could have bought a used phone on eBay to replace my nephew's broken phone but it could have easily been stolen and they are using eBay to fence the stolen phones.  My daughter's phone was just stolen 2 days ago, I have located the phone but don't know if I should call it or call the police or call Sprint...?? I just want to get it back!

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