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View text message content and details

LA2001 Newbie
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Since I can't access my text message history how do I at least, retrieve the numbers my messages were sent to?

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    UPCYDWNMamacita Newbie
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    AGREED.  As a paying customer, I have the right to see all incoming & outgoing text numbers to all the phones on our plan.  I'm seeing that alot of other providers have this available, so would hope that Sprint would step up & do same

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    MikeInNJ Newbie
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    Interesting. I just turned on text messaging on my middle schooler's phone and assumed I could review her text messages (incoming and outgoing) if necessary. My friend on a family plan with Verizon can do this. I would like to have text message history, including photo texting, available and would pay a bit extra for that functionality.

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    PEPEY69 Newbie
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    i agree cuz i sometimes wanna know wats going on with my husbands phone so can sprint do something bout that

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    nitarajdalal Newbie
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    I would like it so that I can view text messages as well. Sprint customers like me would pay more to see sent or received messages. also, I am not able to chat with someone on the sprint web site. Either my computer is broken or the site is.

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    MOMMASGIRL Regular Visitor
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    sprint says they can't do that, but yet Nextel can, doesn't make any sense,  i was using nextel up until about 2006 and we were able to go on line and see text that we had sent/received, and never had a problem, but with sprint, they say it's a privacy issue, shouldn't matter if were paying the bill, rite, i signed up for another 2 yrs but it will end in exactly a yr from now, and i for one will be switching services.  Checked out the 2 go phones at walmart, u pay 100.00 for the phone, and then 50.00 a month for everything, internet access, text, cell calls, everything except gps, for 50 bucks, i have friends that have already changed, and they love the service and phones, flip/slide with full query text board, Go Wally World

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    MGUETZKA Newbie
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    I just called  (800) 877-7330, option 3, to get  the text log release form.  They will email the form to me, I will have  to have it notarized which is a huge pain and doesn't make a lick of  sense for me to have to do, but blah blah blah, etc. Bottom line is I  need the log.


    I asked the person at that number if she  knew why Sprint doesn't offer the text logs online, and she said "I  think they just don't have the website set up that way" -- which makes  sense, as backassward as this site has always been I can totally see  Sprint not putting the techies on overtime to make that option available  online to customers.  Even though there have been numerous and lengthy  upgrades when the site is down when they could have done so.


    I also asked  her if Sprint is planning to make text logs available, and she said she  thinks so.


    So I may try  to talk to someone again about this and get better information, but I  don't see why I should have to spend a long time on the phone to get an  answer when I can spend that same amount of time or less switching to  another company that already provides this service. Cancellation fee be  ******.


    I  have also scoured the community topics for information on this and I  see plenty of complaint threads, but no replies or input from Sprint.   It would be nice if Sprint (and I mean an employee of Sprint, not an  "expert" poster with over 3000 posts) would address this topic, even  with a "we're working on it!" answer.


    Sprint, don't you want to keep your  paying customers ... as paying customers?

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    Kevin0375 Regular Visitor
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    You are absolutely correct. Al the other providers have text history, excluding the actual message, but Sprint does not.


    I believe AT&T even offers some real nice parental controls that Sprint users could benefit from.


    I am going to switch to AT&T if Sprint doesn't update their site soon.

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    dgrenis Newbie
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    This is just crazy. It's my account, I pay the bill and I cant view my own messages because of privacy violations? This is irrily similar to what's happening with our government today and that I will not stand for...


    Does not seem that Sprint is "familiy friendly". They are more interested in my teenage sons privacy rights than that of mine, the one who pays the bill every month!


    I was unaware of the inability to view texts prior to signing up for one phone and planned to go with two more on the familiy plan but will now have to stick with Verizon since they offer this service. I assumed that since Verizon did it Sprint would....foolish of me.


    Sprint, this is notice the one phone will end after contract unless this service is offered soon and I mean soon.

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    benjibabies Newbie
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    I am able to view the incoming/outgoing messages and pictures from my Sprint phone. Up until recently I could view my husbands as well until I questioned some of his messages and now all of a sudden I can't see his. I know he somehow de-activated this and now I'm on the hunt on how to re-activate it. So I know Sprint allows messages to be seen online as I can view all of mine with no suphena or notarized form.

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    maddawg719 Newbie
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    Can you tell me how to view the text info online i cant seem to figure it out on the site

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    1TENDER1 Newbie
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    Well tell us how???

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    MOMMASGIRL Regular Visitor
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    So how are you able to view yours on line, i would be ok, but not happy,, with being able to see mine.  So please enlighten us, thanks

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    DRINHAUSA Newbie
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    Can you tell us how can you see your messages on-line when nobody else can????????

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    Levi4u Master
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    The only way they could is if they were a NEXTEL customer;

    It is not something that is offered on the Sprint side, There is no way to read your text online.

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