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    sjenson1 Regular Visitor
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    Glad to hear that this may just be a temporary problem. I did the same thing (restarted my modem and router) but the phone still didn't connect to my wifi. I didn't restart my computer though. I don't have my modem or router directly connected to any computer via ethernet. Is your computer connected directly to your modem?

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    JBK23 Valued Member
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    My main desktop PC is connected to U-verse gateway wireless router (6 Mbps) via ethernet and I also have Network Magic on it, the laptop, and another PC upstairs (it wasn't turned on today).  Nothing had changed since yesterday except that the EVO simply could not acquire an IP address until I restarted everything.  Another weird thing is that the laptop was connecting but with "limited access" - whatever that meant?


    Network Magic recognizes that the EVO is on the home network & showed it was connecting to the router, but NM is not set to control each device's ability to connect to the Internet.  Once I got the EVO to connect to the WiFi, it was at over 5 Mbps speed per the FCC test app.  It really is a fast little phone and I love gadgets.  I think using the WiFi at home uses less battery than hooking into the Sprint 3G/4G network, plus the WiFi is way faster.

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    I also cannot connect to my home WIFI after the update.  I had zero problem before and used the WIFI to obtain the update.  I didn't update my SO's EVO 4G and it still works flawlessly.


    I temporarily turned off security on my WIFI at home.  I was running 128 bit WEP.  The phone saw that the network was then open and tried to obtain an IP address from the router, but never did and cycled back and forth-I think this resulted in heavy phone battery draw so I turned WIFI off on the phone to prevent this useless cycling.  I will try other open WIFI networks later today, but I'm guessing they will fail also.


    I did a soft reset on the phone wo/ any effect.


    I reset the cable modem (Motorola Surfboard) running on Time Warner's RoadRunner and the router (Microsoft MN-500) wo/ any effect.


    I reset the router from Mixed b compatable (required for my daughter's old Mac laptop when she visits) to G, but didn't make a difference.


    Update: I went to a couple of local free WIFI hotspots and connected no problem, so I knew the problem was with my network and not the phone.  My router was 7 years old, so it seemed the likely culprit.  I replaced it with a NETGEAR - RangeMax Wireless-N 150 Router  Model: WPN824N-100NAS now on sale @ Best Buy for $49.99.  VERY easy install.  Connects 1st time every time and speed is now 16175 kbps down/455 kbps up (2021.9 KB/sec up/ 56.9 KB/sec down) according to Bandwidth Place.


    My two wireless G laptops are more like 4000 kbps up /450 kbps down, so their older internal wireless G adapters are showing their age and will be replaced with USB Wireless N adapters ASAP.


    A unexpected bonus was a significant speed increase on my desktop attached to the router via ethernet which is now up to 21292 kbps down/ 482 kbps up, about double it's previous speed.


    SO's not yet updated EVO 4G isn't far behind @ abt 15100 kbps down and 455 kbps down.


    I'm loving my phone again and surf SO much faster now.


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    GenocidalAtom Expert
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    I was able to test last night on my home network.  I connected without any issues to my home network.  I use a Netgear WNR1000 router wireless N using WPA/PSK (AES) encryption.


    A note to what people are trying.  Unless you are doing something non-standard you're home PC should not affect your wireless router.  Wireless routers are configured to work independently of a device.


    Something to consider to those who still have issues:  When I first installed the update my camera did not work.  It loaded and closed without any message.  POOF.  I had installed a 3rd party (from the market) application to turn my LED's into a flashlight.  Apparently that application installed something that affected the camera in the update.  Removing that program instantly fixed my camera.


    MAYBE (some of) you who still have issues have a 3rd party app installed that affects the networking on wi-fi...  Just a thought.  This would be why factory resetting the device fixes some because it's wiping out everything installed on the device.

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    sjenson1 Regular Visitor
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    Well, I don't think it is a third party app that is causing this problem. After the intial update, I still had all of my apps on my phone and it wouldn't connect. I then did a hard reset that wiped all of the apps off the phone and it wouldn't connect. I then did another hard reset with the SD card out of the phone and it still woudln't connect. Last night I again reset my router and modem and still it won't conenct. I haven't had a chance to try an open network at a business yet, but I'll try that tonight. It really appears that some EVOs are truly just unable to connect after the update. Especially since the one poster said he couldn't connect after the update but his girlfriend's (that hadn't yet updated) still could. I wish I could figure out why only some people are having this problem. I have hardware revision 003 BTW. It would be nice if a Sprint Rep would post and shed some light on the subject if they have any idea why this is happening. I'm torn between waiting and calling Sprint and getting a new phone. I really don't want a new phone, but I don't want to go months without wifi either . I know it's only been a couple of days, however if only a small minority of us are having this issue then they may not work very fast on a fix.

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    Ok, there is a guy over at the HTC support forum with the same issue as ours. Apparently he was able to connect to his network by manually entering his ip address settings. His post didn't say whether this is a permanent fix or whether he has to re-enter the info each time he comes back into range of his wifi or restarts the phone. I am waiting for a reply from him regarding that. I'm at work, but if anyone is at home and is able to try this, I think the rest of us would love to know whether this "fix" sticks or not. If it does, I assume that we would have to enter manual info for any wireless network we want to connect to, but at least for now we could connect at our homes until Sprint/HTC can come up with something.

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    JBK23 Valued Member
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    Why don't you try to type in the IP address you were previously using as a static IP address (Settings -Wireless - WiFi settings- Menu - Advanced) and see if the EVO will connect to your home WiFi?


    You may have to tell the home computer that controls the router and or the EVO the other info for the static IP, such as the gateway, net mask, DNS, in addition to the password, so that the router will allow it to connect?  I access my router settings in Internet Explorer on the PC by putting the router's numbers in the address bar (I am no geek but I think the router had to be connected by ethernet to the PC when it was originally set up).


    All I really understand about the problem I was having was that mine involved the IP address which is where the EVO kept stopping.  HTH, so let us know.


    And today I am losing battery strength at less than 5% per hour - after 8 1/2 hours of being on, it is at 61% according to the Battery Status Pro app. Only a couple of calls, but e-mails coming in, reading some of the news apps, and short time surfing the Net using the WiFi, so I am pleased with the battery usage today.

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    Yes, that is what the guy did at the HTC forum to get his to connect. He stated that you DO have to put in all the info (ip, DNS, net mask, etc.), but it will connect after that is done. He hasn't gotten back to me yet as to whether the phone will reconnect when you leave wireless range and come back, or when you restart the phone. I'm going to try it tonight. If it does work and reconnect automatically whenever I turn wifi on, that would be great. The only problems I see would be     1. I won't be able to connect to any other wifi spots without knowing this info, and 2. I believe the cable companies switch or reassign new ip addresses every few months. I'd have to redo the phone's wifi settings then. This isn't a permanent fix, but if it works reasonably, I can wait until Sprint/HTC come up with something instead of having them send me a new phone.

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    JBK23 Valued Member
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    I was away from home for awhile today which made the phone automatically go over to 3G while I was out of range, and I also powered off the phone this afternoon to see if it could "remember" how to connect to my home WiFi, and so far, so good.


    I did not have to set my phone to a static IP yesterday, but that was going to be the next thing I would have tried.  You can also set up your network to be extra secure by specifying the Mac address of each device, but I haven't ever done that.  If you specify the Mac address, the IP may not be such an issue?   Geez, computers are just so complex!  But the router info and settings will give you all those specifics for each device that has been previously connected - even if certain devices are now "off line".


    Best of luck, and report back....

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    sjenson1 Regular Visitor
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    Glad to hear yours seems to be working properly. I had to enter static IP info in order to get it to connect, but it did work so at least I have home wifi now. After entering the info and connecting, I was able to restart my phone and I was able to walk down the street so I lost wifi phone reconnected automatically in both cases. I think the only issue now will be that I won't be able to connect to any other wifi spots without knowing the ip, subnet mask, DNS, etc., and when my cable company renews my IP every so often I may need to re-enter this info into my phone. I still think that anyone that has this issue needs to let Sprint know about it so that maybe they will work on a patch with HTC.

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    zrjuansep Newbie
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    Mine does not connect either. Who knows how to fix this? I believe we went backwards instead of going forward with the new software update.

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    superlinkx Expert
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    My WiFi has never been effected, so I'm thinking its a specific security or wifi revision problem. There's a new MR update in the work, and I'm using the leaked version. I can't tell if it fixes people's wifi issues or not, as I said before I've had no issues on multiple networks I've used. It very well might fix WiFi. It does fix the calendar bug, the sound issue, and greatly improves battery life. Its also supposed to fix the camcorder, but I haven't tested it yet. Anyways, there are fixes coming and I'd assume this one will be out within a couple of weeks if testing goes well. The upgrade was an upgrade. Anytime a major OS upgrade is done, there are going to be some issues left over. Many can be fixed by a factory reset, but the WiFi issue seems to be deeper than that, so a patch should fix it. Like I said, I can't tell if the upcoming patch will fix WiFi, but there is a good chance that it will. It fixes all the other major issues people have been having since the Froyo update, so I'd say just hang in there for a couple of weeks and you'll have your fix. Until then, try changing WiFi channels, using G only, and using WPA2 or WPA only modes. Play around with those settings and eventually you might get it to work. My router works fine, as does my school's open routers, so it has to be security issue or a compatibility issue.

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    im using an hd2 with the evo rom and im one of the rare people whose having the same issue as you guys.

    ive been trying all day to setup a static ip. will someone please help me out. i put my wanted ip, gateway, netmask and both dns servers into my phone

    went into my fios router did a static nat ip setup there. but it wont connect.

    help me out?

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    GeargariousGamer Regular Visitor
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    For whatever reason mine just decided to start doing this today. I was outside and had my phone on my hip and heard it restart. Went in the house and have not been able to connect to my wireles since. Worked fine last night and this morning. Was there a resent update? I have 2.2 and am not aware of anything new since then. I'm not doing a factory reset until its a last resort, I don't want to have to reinstall every app.

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    Reckoning Newbie
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    I was having the same problem. My linux laptop would connect to the wifi, but the phone would just attempt to obtain the IP address and then disconnect. I tried unplugging the router and the modem with no success. I also tried resetting the router ... also a bust. I ended up switching to WPA (previously set up as a WEP) and now it works fine. The laptop is still running fine.

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