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Moble light blinking amber??

mememe222 Newbie
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Received Airave today from Sprint. Hooked it up and after just a few mintues the broadband and GPS light turned solid green.  However, the moble light blinks green for about a half hour and then starts blinking amber.  Called airave tech support and the guy told me it was because airave service is not available in my area.  Why would they send it to me then? They sent it to me because I complained about poor reception in my apartment.


Anyways, anyone know of a workaround for this?

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    LMRN17 Newbie
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    Mine's doing the same thing...just got it yesterday and moved it 3 different times. Not sure what to do to get it working ! Any help would be appreciated.



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    ENZIE54 Newbie
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    i am having the same problem too!  however, i checked the sprint website to make sure that my area is airave covered and it is.  i'm waiting for a tech to call me back.

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    ENZIE54 Newbie
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    forgot to mention that i am in an airave service area.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    gdpatmore Newbie
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    Just got off phone with tech support. System - wide failure and they are rebooting the airrave network. Should be back up and running late Saturday evening (8/21/2010). That being said - my light has been blinking for the entire week that I have had my unit, so I'm not sure if my problem will be fixed, but maybe yours will.

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    Rotog9967 Regular Visitor
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    Got my Airave 2 on the 8/14.  Once I got the service activated it worked great for 2 weeks.  Then a few days ago, the blinking amber light on the mobile led  started. Reading the instructions that came with the Airave it said to power the device off/on.  Did that a few times and still had the blinking amber light.  Called tech support  (Sprint Airwave Support: 866-556-7310) and they indicated to do a Reset of the Airave by pressing the small reset button on the Airave.  That didn't work.  Call Tech Support again and they said that the "system disconnected my Airave service on the 25th - for reasons unknown".  They did something on their end.  Still no service.  Called back Tech Support, they said press the reset button again.  I did that, no success.  So they finally setup a "Ticket" and I'm now suppose to hear from an support engineer to try and figure out what is wrong.   Once we get this resolved, I will post what they did to fix it.. as of now, I still have the blinking amber light...  I must say that even though we haven't resolved this problem, the Tech Support folks have been very friendly and helpful.  They answer the phone within 1 ring...


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    EBJBCBMB Newbie
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    Check with Airave support.  Your MAC ID may be wrong in their system.  Ive seen a lot of posts about that.

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    SUGARFOOT111 Regular Visitor
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    I have had the new Airave access point for about 2 weeks.

    We had a power outage last night and the Airave came back online, all greens except  the mobil light was blinking amber.

    Did a reset and everything is fine now.


    Why didnt it just come back online?


    My concern is how this is going to perform over time. Why does it seem, from reading these forums, that it works fine and then suddenly stops working?


    If the "MAC address" was correct for two months then why would it suddenly be incorrect?



    If this unit doesnt perfom consistently then I will be left with no choice and I will get out of my contract and go to another provider.


    I dont want to, I just wont have a choice with a 13 year old in the house.


    If ones cellphone is their primary home line, and they cant use it without the Airave, how could one ever get tech support?

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    Rotog9967 Regular Visitor
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    We'll this certainly was a difficult thing to get fixed.  It turned out that after calling Airave Tech Support several times and going through several power down resets and hardware resets (small button on Airave) they created a "Ticket" so that the techncial engineers could look more in-depth.  This was to take up to 72 hours and they would call.  After waiting a week with no reponse, I called back and the ticket was "Escalated"  and I was promised someone would call back in 24-hours.  After 5 more days with no return call I called Airave Tech Support again and the person I talked to said he had no answer why the Sprint Engineer was not responding to the Ticket.  However, he suggested one more thing to try.  What he did was completely delete my Airave account phone number and re-assign a new phone number and re-activate the Airave with this new number.  Pretty drastic thing to do, but this did the trick and the Airave now works properly.   As with the initial installation, it took a few hours to get the Airave to connect, but it finally did connect and we're back in business again.  What an experience!

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