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Airave wont work

wazdat Newbie
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I just got my new airave and have been trying to set it up for days with no luck? I even went to time warner and got a new modem but still not working.  My interent works perfectly in my home but the airave just keeps flashing amber and no green.  Maybe I got a dud airave and will have to return it.  Really sucks as I get no service at my home now with sprint and may have to switch to another carrier

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Which lights are flashing which colors?


    Have you contacted Sprint Technical Support?


    There's not much to set up on the Airave - it's pretty much plug and play with modern routers...

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    wazdat Newbie
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    Yes I spoke with tech support and they are sending out a new one.  I guess I got a dud.

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    rexand2007 Newbie
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    Did a new airave fix the problem? No one at sprint knows what is wrong with mine. it is the second one i got in a week. the mobile light flashes amber.......................... I have two choices..............First live with no signal in the house with my mobile..............second go to another carrier and cancel my contract that im in................anyway hope it worked for for me  i believe i am at the level 3 technician status and still no explanation.......who knows???????????


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    wazdat Newbie
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    Yes it works now, I got the new unit and used the same AC plug and it did NOT work then I switched to the NEW AC plug and it worked so I think they have defective ac plugs? anyway it works perfect now. 

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    Nick-33440 Regular Visitor
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    I am gonna guess that you had a new Airvana.  There have been two generations of Airaves, the Samsung Airave and the AAP (Airave Access Point) or Airvana.


    I have gotten a DOA Samsung Airave but not a DOA AAP.


    When the Airave documentation talks about "opening ports" they are talking about opening outbound ports.  The Airave needs NO inbound ports.  (Of course, the return traffic has to work.)  So, I agree with others, if you have a typical home system, where you allow any outbound traffic at all, and automatically open the return ports for a period of time (this is the way almost all of the "home" network devices/firewalls/Nat routers work by default) the Airave should be able to be plugged in and it will work.


    Now give it time.  It takes a while, because it wants to download a new software load, and then it will take a while to provision and configure itself.


    Every time my Airave has been replaced, I have had to call in and tell them to configure the Airave's new mac address. And that takes hours to propagate around Sprint's net.  In my experience, anyway.  Glad it is working now.

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    rc30 Newbie
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    unless if you have a static ip address.  at this point i have the net back, but only by useing the airvana as a router , instead of my normal router.

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    Nick-33440 Regular Visitor
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    I don't understand.  I have a static IP address from my ISP, in fact, I have two static IP addresses on two DSL connections, those running through a single router..  I have programmed my tiny little Linux router (running DD-WRT) such that it understands that I have these two outside connections, and so that when a device makes a connection from inside to out (or from outside to in for those devices that have open ports) the rest of their traffic is routed via the DSL connection that the first packet was routed by.  It is not hard to do.  But this means that any particular device sees one or the other DSL line, not both.


    I did add a routing statement to make all of the airave's packets go via a single connection, just because I was unsure as to what would happen the routing somehow switched.


    It takes a couple of routing changes to force everything via one interface or the other.  I have to make those changes manually - although I suspect that it would not be impossible to detect the down connection and make the flip automatic.


    And I plugged the Airvana in just like I plugged the Samsung Airave in.  I don't use it as a router because I also use static addresses I own on my inside net, and because people complained about it slowing down people's networks.


    Now, my DSL bridges talk whatever protocol that is needful over the local loop to the DSLAM, but what they talk on my end is just plain ethernet, not pppoe or anything like that.  They do not DHCP the static address, either, I have to know it and to program it into my router.  Just thoughts as to what might be different.


    Want to explain more about what your problem seemed to be and how it was solved?  Do you see slower downloads?

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