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Does airave work well for anyone.

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   Was advised to get an airave by a sprint customer tech.  Does anyone have anything good to say?  Have 5 people on family plan.  My son gets no coverage at his house or surronding area.  I don't want to invest any money in something that might not fix the problem.  My husband's contract is up. I am considering having him switch to att and we can follow.  Or may just all switch and I wouild eat the cost.  Have not been pleased with sprints attitude in the past when the problem was theirs. Any suggestions.

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    I love mine.  Before I got the Airave, I would I get 1-2 bars outside, and 0-1 inside upstairs.  No signal in the basement at all.


    Turn on the Airave and I get 5 bars inside, 3-4 outside out to 50' from the house, and 3-4 bars in the basement.


    Able to place and recieve calls without any problem at all using the Airave.


    You do need a good highspeed internet connection - DSL or Cable modem.


    It'll support up to 5 phones at one time.

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    I received a new 3G capable airave about 3 weeks ago and it has not worked once.  The one I had prior never failed me once in over 2 years.  I have called tech support multiple times and I have never gotten anywhere with them.  Good luck if you get one.

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    Love mine, install was a snap and went from no bars to 4

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    Ok.  Got it working after 3 weeks and about 10 hours on the phone with tech support.  Bottom line is, I got it working...not tech support.  They have all seemed pretty lost with everything dealing with this device, which  is not to say that they are not good techs.  I am a network engineer working in the tech support industry so I understand all thats involved with troubleshooting and getting devices to work, but all I can say is that the techs supporting this device clearly dont have enough information to provide adequate support.


    In my network I have an Actiontec dsl modem, Linksys E3000 router (but have used 3 others that didnt work either), a D-Link 24 port switch, the Airave and about 15 other devices that require internet.


    I had to finally use the Airave as the modem.  I really did not want to do this for various reasons, but at this point I just need the thing to work.  I am using DHCP ( in the Airave on the x.x.17.x network.  I assigned a static IP ( the Linksys and disabled DHCP in it as well.  It took about 10 minutes for everything to initialize in the Airave, but the bottom line is that I now have full bars on my Evo anywhere in the house.  3G is fast and stable.  Everything on the network works and has no problems with signal or connection.


    This whole thing has been a definite hassle and something that I wouldnt want to do again, but now that its working hopefully it will continue to do so.


    I tried changing the IP address of the Airave to at one point and the Linksys picked it up right away.  I was informed today that the Airave will only work on the x.x.17.x network.  Of course, I have reset the Airave to defaults about 10 times since I tried that IP address and it still didnt do anything.  So, apparently, half of Sprint customers using this device can just plug and go into the router with no problems, and the other half have to actually use it as a modem and totally integrate it into the network.  This is silly and something that I do not agree with, but you do what you have to do I guess.  Hopefully, this info will help others that are having problems getting things working.


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