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Epic's Bad Reception

Hellhunter666 Newbie
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I've been a loyal Sprint customer for years and now I've upgraded to my 4th Samsung phone, the Epic.


I love the all the aspects of the phone EXCEPT the reception.   I live in Pacifica, CA and while my other Samsung phones have had great reception, the Epic epically fails.  In places that I've had 4 bars on my Instinct, I now have 1 or NO bars and have to roam on Verizon's network.


Is there a fix for this?

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    WUZUP4JC2003 Regular Visitor
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    The same thing for me. I live in Buffalo, NY and I live very close to the border of Canada. With all my previous phones I have had no issues with phone reception at work. Now i'm either roaming on verizon's network or have 1 bar. 3g speeds crawl and I miss most of my calls / texts.

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    Toyman317 Regular Visitor
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    Same here. Wifi reception sucks too.

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    reefer2 Regular Visitor
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    I have the same problem.  I used to have the G1 with T-mobile and the reception was great wherever I went.  When the specs of the Epic came out, it was too good to pass and I switched from T-Mobile to Sprint.  My brother has the Evo also from Sprint.  When comparing my Epic to the Evo, the Epic definitely have less bars than the Evo.  The other problem I'm having with the Epic is the signal fluctuations.  At least on the freeway, I normally get pretty good receptions.  However, I can go from 4-5 bars one second to no bars the next.  Normally when I get 0 bars, calls goes through okay, but 3g speed is non-existant.  When the no bar problem occurs, it normally lasts about 10 seconds before it returns back to 4-5 bars.  This is even performing the fix for the time without signal problem by resetting the radio.  The signal issue seems to be tied to the 3g.  At work, I almost get no sprint signals so it places me into roam mode.  The roam mode is connected to a older 1xrtt network and the signal is always stable (5 bars) thoughout the day.  I don't know if the 3g issue is also tied to the Epic being capped at an upload speed of 150kbps max.


    I do hope Sprint and Samsung is aware of the problem and this is a software issue.  Anyone else getting the signal fluctuation issue?

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    Hellhunter666 Newbie
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    At this point I've had the phone for almost 3 weeks.  Without an answer in sight, I see no other alternative than to move to return the phone, move to Verizon, and pick up a Droid X.  Thanks Sprint, it's been fun.

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    engineb Regular Visitor
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    Yes I am having reception and weak signal problems.  I only have 1 rarely 2 bars at best at my house which is fine but the signal is unstable and inconsistent.  The phone drops to zero a lot, especially if i move around.  I have to leave the phone in one spot and not move it for the signal to be stable, because it seems it can't hold on to it.


    I returned my first epic because I thought the phone was defective.  But my second one does the same thing.


    At the office the signal is stronger, but it jumps even if i just swing my chair around from one direction to another.  So the bars indicate instability and inconsistency in the office as well, but the phone doesn't drop down to 0 and drop the signal.


    My previousl phone was an HTC hero, it had some receptions problems too but got better with radio upgrades and even so it didn't jump around as much and wasn't as inconsistent or unstable.


    This 'phone' has been a frustrating experience as far as the signal/reception.


    I hope that Samsung can improve this with radio or baseband upgrades.


    Are signal issue related to hardware or software?

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    IAmSixNine Valued Member
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    I read on another forum a way to correct bad signal issue is to put the device into airplaine mode for about 30 seconds to a minute, then turn airplaine mode back off.

    i am testing this my self as my device seems to randomly loose signal even when i am in a high signal area. The theory is each time the device is powered off and back on, the device doesnt lock on properly to signal. Under battery usage, my device shows 50% with out signal or higher. Putting it into airplaine mode forces the device to shut off the radio and back on causing this "bug" to go away.


    Hope this helps.

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    bloodrop Regular Visitor
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    Same here Miami, signal goes up and down all day from  4 to 0 then up  then down again.  I get dizzy just looking at it.  This has to be a phone issue if the EVO is not having this issues. 

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    bloodrop Regular Visitor
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    Curious. Do any have antivirus installed?  I've uninstalled mine and this problem has seem to get better.  Still see some signal fluctuation

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    Hellhunter666 Newbie
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    No anti-virus stuff installed...


    I should update my answer... as of February 2011 without me doing a thing reception has dramatically increased.  I'm now getting 3 to 4 bars everywhere in Pacifica and around the SF Bay Area.  Pretty happy with it now except for the sucky battery. 

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    bloodrop Regular Visitor
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    My signal strenghts varies from -96dbm to -101dbm to -106dbm. Then goes back up again.  I rarely see it it -80dbm range.  Under Settings - About phone - Battery use - Cell standby - Time without signal = 58%

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    robbiedoo2001 Bronze Expert
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    I guess it had to do with your PRL update, which is done automatically (by default)

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    IAmSixNine Valued Member
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    Did anybody try my earlier suggestion of going into airplaine mode after a reboot and seeing if that helped?

    It worked for me.


    FYI, that fixed it on stock but now that i am rooted running ACS Frozen 1.1.0 i have not had any problems with GPS or Loss of signal. Its been fixed in some of the custom roms and i think EC05.. Or so i have been told..

    For those of you on an older stock rom, try the airplane mode trick.

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    bloodrop Regular Visitor
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    Try downloading this app from

    its completely free and it will show you the current tower location your phone is connected to. even shows you a map and signal strength! is very cool.  Since I started using this I've noticed that even if I stay in the same place, my phone bounces from tower to tower  even if the tower is further away.  Is this normal behavior?



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