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Customer Service - Airave

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We have no service in our home with four phones (two college kids).  We used to have coverage, but no longer.  Just got off the phone with Account Services.  4th call in past 30 days.  First call indicated the solution was the Airave - said they would send it out next week.  When it did not arrive, called again and was told be next Rep. (of course after being transferred 3 times), it would be shipped out in another 7 days.  Still did not come.  Called again and was told another 7 days.  Device did not arrive.  Called back...sent through the same process of having to tell story 3 times and finally to account services.  First, said the device would not be available until January...I persisted and spoke to a supervisor who told me they should have the information on delivery times on 11/8 and she would contact me by email with a status update.  Of course, I did not recieve an email so I called back again today.  I immediately asked to be transferred to account services.  Was told by the rep. that the Airave devices are on back-order with no firm date of availability.  I really needed an answer as I felt SOMEONE at Sprint knows when these things are supposed to be available.  Was put on hold while Rep. went to "talk to a supervisor".  She said it would be shipped week of December 2nd.  As with all the other calls, I was asked by the supervisor if I received a survey, could I mark down that the Rep. was able to resolve my issue.  When I was asked this previously, I told them yes.  This time I said - no - and that until I recieve the Airave, I could not indicate that they had resolved my issue.  The supervisor was persistent that I would answer yes and that if I didn't, it could affect the Rep.'s job.  I felt like I was being forced to indicate that the issue was resolved, even though it wasn't.  After we went back and forth a few times, she got frustrated and hung up.  The "Now Network"??????  Give me a break.  After switching everything to Sprint 4-5 months ago, it would be a monumental task to switch everything back to Verizon.  I feel like we're between a rock and a hard place.

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    We have had Sprint cell service for over 13 years and the connectivity was EXCELLENT where we lived in western Wahingtxon and was pretty good most everywhere that we traveled.  But when we moved to southwest Missouri it was a different story.  Away from home it was generally pretty good but inside our home it was just TERRIBLE.  WE had to get our first "landline" phone service in years because calls were frequently dropped.  I complained several times, but Sprint just said that they would check the towers in our area.  I supoosed that they did, but it didn't get any better.

    But when I FINALLY spoke with a sympathtic person at Sprint, she arranged for them to send us an AIRAVE.  It arrived yesterday (within less than a week) and I had wanted to hook it us right away.  The Airave should help your situation and hopefully ours as well.  BUT our telephone company is CenturyLink and we got our DSL service from them AND a Combination DSL Modem / Wireless Router.  However this Combination DSL Modem / Wireless Router does not have the necessary WAN port, so I don't yet know what to do to get it to work.

    Hopefully your problems are over.

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    We have had Sprint for some 18 years now.  We moved to rural NE Kansas last May and the Sprint signal is very weak.  We got past this by switching our phones to "roam only" with great service through a nearby Verizon tower.  All was fine until I upgraded to an LG Optimus which will not do "roam only".  I office at home and the cell is my office phone as I travel also.  When I called Sprint I was told at first that an Airave was the answer but then the rep said it was not available in our area.  When I asked why he said he didn't know and transfered  me to a supervisors voicemail.  She tried to call me back on my phone - which won't work in our home.  I finally spoke with her the next day.  I explained that we have high speed internet and again requested an Airave.  After being put on hold she came back and said they would send one out even though they showed there was no Airave service in our area.  When i asked why not she had no answer.  Seems to me if we have a high speed isp, and GPS lock than the **** thing should work.  When it arrived I hooked it up and it achieved internet and GPS lock quickly but after the mobile light blinked green for about an hour it finally started blinking orange.  So back to Sprint - this time Airave support.  They did work hard to try to get it to work but finally assigned me a "trouble ticket" number and I was told that one of their engineers would contact me within 24-72 hours.  The rep also said he would call back today at 10:30 AM to follow up.  I have not been contacted by an engineer nor did the rep call.  In the meantime i called our isp which is a rural co-op.  We have fiber optic service which is much faster that Sprint needs for the Airave and they agree with me that the problem is on Sprint's end.


    I just sent a nasty email to Sprint.  I hate to be that way and we don't want to switch after all these years but this service, in a word, sucks?


    Any ideas or help? 

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