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froze lg rumor touch

flyboyjon Newbie
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i have a lg rumor touch really good shape never fell on the ground it out of now were when i was sending a picture message froze so i took the battery out then when i went to turn the phone back on it keeps freezing at the please wait screen is this fixable?

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    KIM4779 Newbie
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    Hey mine did the same thing, I put it on the charger last night and when I woke up (late due to no alarm clock) it was on the please wait Rumor Touch Screen. I took the battery out, let it sit for about 5 minutes and it does the same thing. So not a happy camper with Sprint or LG right now. But does anyone know how to fix it? 

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    sandrafizzle Regular Visitor
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    Mines is doing that exact same thing! I don't know what happened to it but I went to sleep and when I woke up the screen has the "Please wait.." and the Rumor Touch logo on it. It's still like that right now, I even took the battery out twice and waited a few mins. Do I call for help or do I take it in? Out of all the touch screen phones that LG has, you would've thought that they could make this better?

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    Levi4u Master
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    Take it into a Sprint Service & Repair center, It would be easier for them to diagnose what the issue may be. If it is still under warranty or if you have insurance they will repair/replace it for free.

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    KIM4779 Newbie
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    Hey all, I brought LG Rumor Touch into a Sprint service center, they originally said it just needed to have the software updated, but they ended up giving me a new phone. The only thing that sucks is that I lost everything all my contacts, photos, ringers all of it. I am still waiting for Sprint's customer service to see if they will credit my account to re-buy the stuff that I just bought since the ringers and such are only good on one handset.

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    1MINDYW Newbie
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    The past 2 days when i try to connect to facebook through the icon i got the message network connection error. Please try again later. Went to my web browser and was able to connect fine to facebook.  Called sprint and we tried a restore and same issue.  Told me to take it to a sprint store problem could be the icon.  Tried this morning just for the heck of it and connected fine through the icon!  Not sure what's going on.  Just a little peeved since i've only had the phone a few months.


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    JWITTOCK84 Newbie
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    My Rumor Touch is also frozen at the intro "Please Wait" screen.  It happened after I was rebooting after a firmware update.  My Web browser had somehow became corrupted and I had to do a hard reset, which didn't even fix the browser.  Tried the firmware update and it is now stuck...  tech support had no answer.   bleh...

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    ibified23 Newbie
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    Actually, if its under warranty and you do not have insurance, they will charge you to look at it.  At least that's what they told me, and my phone is a month old.  Sprint is useless.

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    rev31 Newbie
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    IBIFIED, not true... I had my LG freeze and I spoke with the customer service at my local Sprint store and he was able to exchange it out with a new one on the spot, but not the same color I had or I would've had to wait a few days to get a new one. I would push it issue, you are a customer.

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