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Why do you suck Sprint?

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Sprint... please replace my crappy BB 8530 with a working comparable model. I have called, emailed, posted, and visited the store many many times for this and still no solution. I am waiting for it????


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    Good Afternoon Mingrao, My name is Gabriela and I am from the Sprint Premier Team. Thank you so much for being a valued Sprint Customer and for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us. I apologize for the Inconvenience you are going through! I understand how frustrating it must be that you have not gotten any solution to your situation. Please private message (PM) me with your first and last name, Sprint wireless or account number; and your 6-10 digit PIN number to look into the situation further. Hope to have good news!  Thank you for being with Sprint. Gabriela

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    Gabriela stated that if I PM'd her she would reply. She never did. This is exactly the service I have recieved from sprint in the past. I have never seen a company do this to their customers. I have been with sprint for a few years and I do not expect to recieve any other than standard service and have not even recieved that. My phone continues to have the same issue and I cannot even get good customer service at the least?? What kind of company do you want to be sprint? Obviously you are not terribly concerned about your reputation. I just want a working phone....that is it. On top of this I continue to recieve terrible service. Seriously?? Really??

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    One more reason Sprints Sucks.   Made a  trip to the sprint store asking about the 15% military discount.  Off to the middle east for 6 months phone in my locker... Just looking for a little break.


    Guess what?  Requires a 2 year contract extension.  That sucks!


    I have 1 more year left on my contract.   Looks like I'll be getting a new iPhone next year.


    Thanks Sprint.


    Rob..  US Navy

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    Good morning, RWLCOPJR


    Hi-this is Hana with the Premier team.


    After reading your post, I can see why you would be frustrated. You are being deployed to the Middle East and you are basically trying to find a solution for your phone since it will be in "your locker". I understand your issue and I am confident that I can assist you.


    I have two options for you:Military Suspend or Seasonal Standby.


    Military Suspend:

    • Military Suspend is available to military personnel actively deployed overseas.
    • Allows military customers to keep their phone number without incurring monthly charges or fees while on active duty overseas.
    • Military Suspend restricts all services.
    • The customer must pay the account balance the same day that the account is suspended.
    • Each new deployment qualifies for a new application of Military Suspend.
    • There is no limit to the number of times a customer can use Military Suspend.
    • $0.00 monthly service charge and $0.00 taxes, fees or surcharges.
    • Customers do not receive a bill unless other lines remain active on the account.
    • The military suspend code can remain on the account for up to 2 years,
    • You would contact our Military Suspend department at 1-877-445-0771.
    • We will need to verify you in the Department of Defense Database, so we will need your social security number.
    • Seasonal Standby:


      • Sprint Seasonal Standby plan allows customers to maintain their Sprint phone number and account at a reduced price without terminating service.
      • Customers continue to pay taxes, surcharges and fees, including the Account Spending Limit Program Charge of $4.99, if applicable.
      • Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC): $8.99.
      • Maximum months allowed on plan: 6 months.
      • Customers must contact Sprint to move to a current plan after reaching the maximum number of months on Seasonal Standby.
      • You can contact Sprint by dialing *2 and speak to a customer care representative, if you are interested.


      I know that either one of these programs would be beneficial to you, since you are going overseas. Please feel free to contact one of these departments that I have listed. I hope I was able to answer all your questions and concerns.
      Have a safe journey and Happy Holiday.
      Thank you for choosing Sprint.






















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    Hana- Whos question did you answer exactly?? I do not see anyone asking about this??? Maybe wrong forum>

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    I am having a similar problem but with blackberry 8330 (2 of them).  I have spent countless hours on the phone and web chat with sprint just to be told that customer service is at an all time high.  I was called by the wrong name twice (by someone in the corporate office), was given completely wrong information about my account, and also was offered to upgrade to the LG Rumor.  Considering I had that phone 2 years ago, and its not a smartphone, not sure where the upgrade is.  Sprint absolutely disgusts me at this point.  I have 2 phones that dont work correctly (and sometimes not at all), yet they still have no problem charging me almost 3000 a year.  Its so nice to know this is how they treat customers who have stuck with them for 11 years.

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         I feel your pain with the lack of detailed service that Sprint has gotten themselves into. It is just completely comical that we have to be sent to a million departments and explain our story a million times before we can reach the right person. I think someone with insider information should release the personal cell phone number or maybe even the house number of the these corporate people who decided to make these changes; this way they can hear it personally. If we as premiere customers are bringing up issues such as these can you imagine what the other customers are saying. In regards to your phone issues, I believe that if you do not have the insurance protection plan on your phones then they have a one year manufacturer warranty. If anything were to happen to the phones as far as non-accidental damage by you then they SHOULD be exchanged at NO COST. If it is passed the one year manufacturer warranty, I do not think there is anything they can do without you having the protection plan. Please enlighten me if you have other information you can share.

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    Yes I do pay for insurance every month.  I was told to contact assurian but they couldnt help me because i didnt damage the phones. I was told to contact blackberry.  I was told to contact every one under the sun basically.  I spoke to no less than 17 sprint employees and most of them were supervisors.  I was told to call the corporate office and had the displeasure of speaking with "escalation management."  If you think sprint customer service is bad, then you really dont want to speak to escaltion management.  I told them i wanted to make a complaint and asked how i could follow up on it.  I was told there is no follow up and i need to trust them that they will review the complaint.  I took both phones to a local sprint store ( i had previously taken the phones to different sprint stores more than 10 times).  I was told the phones could not be fixed and would need to be replaced.  I was also told i would receive refurbished phones, which i am not in favor of due to receiving bad refurbs before.  These phones have not been working properly for months yet I still get to pay my 129.99 a month.  This is only the latest in poor customer service by this company.  I have a notebook full of dates and times relating to poor customer service by Sprint.  I would love to switch service, but then I would get to pay sprint even more for early termination.  Probably worth it though.  I have made sure to tell people about my experiences with Sprint though when they ask and people can honestly not believe what I have gone through.

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    Hi-this is Hana with the Sprint Premier Team.


    Thank you for utilizing the Premier forum and allowing me this opportunity to respond to your post.


    I do apologize for any inconvenience you are going through with your device. As well as any customer service issues you have experienced. I understand your issue and I am more than confident that I can be of some assistance.


    Total Equipment Protection $7 covers: physical damage, including mechanical, electrical, loss, theft, liquid or damaged beyond repair. When you have total equipment protection on your plan you can go to the nearest Sprint Repair center and have your device repaired for; physical damage, mechanical, electrical and routine maintenance at no charge. This free charge is only applicable if you have tep $7; it also covers charge ports and cracked screen. Without the insurance the store will charge you $35. The only time you will need to file a claim with Asurion is: for loss, theft, liquid damage, or damage beyond repair; at that point there will be a non refundable deductible of $50-$100 (depending on your device).


    From reading your post I can understand your frustration, you stated you were told you would receive a refurbished device yet are still using the same phone. I would be more than happy to assist you. If you could please send me a private message with your name, Sprint wireless number and 6-10 digit pin number. I would be able to access your account and get the necessary information to resolve your issue. I hope you to hear from you soon.


    Thank you for your patience.




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