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Galaxy Tab Introduction Disappointment

Eludium-Q36 Valued Member
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab was announced by Sprint today for $400 with 2-yr commitment to a $30/mon for 2-GB or $60/mon for 5-GB data plan. I am extremely disappointed by this corporate idiocy and wrote to Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint as follows:


Dan, I'm very disappointed to see the customer terms of acquisition for the just introduced Galaxy Tablet. I was really looking forward to this iPad competitor becoming available on Sprint  till I saw the terms. It's not the price of the unit that gets me, it's  the additional monthly data fee. I'm already paying $150+/month for an Everything Data Family plan (3-lines) where we don't even use HALF of the alloted 1500 minutes and a fraction of a gigabyte in data.  But instead of permitting me to leverage all those unused resources you're wanting to eek out another $30 - $60/month from me! Do you not  see what a recipe for product failure this is ?! I am very, very disappointed in you and Sprint for doing this to the Galaxy Tablet. Shame on you.(I've been a Sprint [Premier] customer since 1998).


Sprint Community, share your outrage here. This should've been a legitimate competitor to the iPad, now it's just a product footnote, doomed to obscurity.

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    rainsprite Newbie
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    When it became known that there was no Wifi only version of this device it was apparent that this device was not going to rival the iPad any time soon.  There are many people who already pay to connect up to 8 devices on their phone plan and do not want to pay the additional fee for data on this tablet.  If you have to be at the bleeding edge of tech then pay the fee and don't complain.  This is not sprint's doing that there is no Wifi only version available.  It will be their doing if they prevent the wifi version when it does become available from being used with tether.  I am waiting on sprint to change their data plans for phones with wifi tether to be tiered like Verizon.  This data plan is the start of that.  I will be one of the unhappy when that happens as that is something that Sprint can control...

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    Levi4u Master
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    You don't have to get a Data plan with it to use WiFi, You will just have to pay full price for it. If you pay full price no data plan is required.

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    Eludium-Q36 Valued Member
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    What?! There doesn't have to be a Wifi-only version. But we don't get the choice to use it as Wifi-only, we're being forced to purchase a data plan and that's not cool. Besides, the voice capability exists for international customers, why not the US ?! And how can Sprint intro a premium product like this without being 4G capable ?! If this type of lackluster product introduction were attempted on "The Apprentice", Sprint would be "Fired™" (trademarked so D Trump doesn't come after me ).

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    Levi4u Master
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    Did you not read my post above yours? In order to get it at the discounted price a data plan is required, If you pay full price for it you don't need a data plan and can use it with your own WiFi. No one is forcing you to get a data plan.

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    rainsprite Newbie
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    My mistake.  Best buy is rumored to be offering wifi only version for $100 more.


    Regarding the non subsudised version.  Buy one that is not linked to a data plan unsubsudised and pay the 599 that it will most likely cost you.  The 4G capability is the manufacturer's choice.  I am sure that if Sprint had their choice it would have the 4G radio in it.  Driving demand to their network and service.  As I said before, slightly modified if the wifi version exists.  Buy that and tether to your phone.  If you dont want to tether then use it on local wifi only.

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    For those who only read one of the Galaxy Tab announcements (like only the Sprint announcement, and no others).


    Best Buy will be selling a WiFi only version direct from Samsung, hence no carrier. If you want a WiFi only version you can get one, just not from a carrier.

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    GM - you can purchase the Tab with or without a data plan according to the Wall Street Journal:

    "For consumers who don't want to sign up for a contract, Sprint is offering the Galaxy Tab at $599.99. They can sign up each month for a 2-gigabyte plan for $29.99."



    We'd rather you sign up for the plan, but you don't have to.

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    Eludium-Q36 Valued Member
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    Ok, but WTH is this coming from the WSJ ?! This should've been in Sprint's press announcement which comes off as having no non-data-plan option. It would've saved alot of confusion and disappointment. Though being $100 more expensive than the comparable 16GB Wifi iPad is problematic since it usually makes business sense to undercut the price of the market leader. Yes, yes, I know the GT has some technical advantages over the iPad but that's just not going to convince the mainstream to make it a winner. Whatever, this should've been a slam-dunk market blast, instead it's just another expensive novelty gadget with a feeble market introduction from the #3 US carrier.

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    0118buggypilot Regular Visitor
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    I need to get this on the level...  a 7" phone (yes smart one) and another $60 for capped data at 5GB, say what! Or did I get that wrong?


    My (now unlimited data smart-phone) 3G data use at times exceeds 11GB and if I want a larger screen it'll cost me my whole communications budget and then some.




    1. Simplify the Plans. Like the  Everything plan should be just that. "The Works."  Knock of or include the $10 nickel and dime fees, no 4G here.


    2. If it's data only than yes, the fees are justified but don't cap it.


    3. When a product is announced so should the eligible existing plans.  Not some new thing at the last minute.


    If things don't change my new Galaxy Tab will stay on the store shelf.  Device cost is not a factor for me, it's the recurring fees.


    Time to talk to Sprint and see if the business side is the way to go.


    Cheers all!


    I forgot to add that there is no PSTN (phone) service (CDMA or GSM from ANY us carrier, only in Europe) say what I say.  Sounds like some form of "fixing" if you get my drift.  I like my TP2 as I take it all over the World with GSM/CDMA PSTN capability.


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    Rmalcom0009 Newbie
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    I was really excited about this pad so I could buy it and was thrilled when Bestbuy told me 299.99.   So I come home and look it up on sprint just to find out that it will be 599 !   Well Apple nees the business and sprint is so nice in driving its customers there ! Sprint cares nothing for the customers they have and havent for the last 5 yrs,  Sprint says they are all about customer service yet they never prove it and this is just another example of how they are just after money.

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    salinaz Regular Visitor
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    For the same price you can get a 32 GB Wi-Fi iPad.


    So, Larger Screen.  Already compatible with all my iPod apps and iTunes library of music...


    Why would Sprint price this device right out of thier own market.


    At the minimum I would want the Galaxy if I could add one to my family share plan of unlimited data for the 10 per month to add a new line, but NOOOOOO Sprint wants 30 bucks a month for 2GB a month...Really?


    NO thanks, think I'll pass on this one and buy an iPad off contract.

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    MachEvo2008 Newbie
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    What a waste.... I was going to jump on the bandwagon, but instead for the price I will just get an ipad 16gb to use wifi.


    **** you Sprint! **** no I'm not going to pay extra for a 2gb 3g connection..


    very disappointed...

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    DonaDonna Regular Visitor
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    While a disappointment to some, others will tend to flock to the new Galaxy Tab for the simple fact that not everyone needs or wants to own a smartphone equipped with the latest touchscreen technology. I say if you're in the market and on the fence, take another look at Samsung's pint sized tablet. The Galaxy Tab rivals the competition by incorporating Google's Android Platform which is fully functional with WiFi, no service plan needed. Add in other features like Bluetooth, Swype, the latest Adobe Flash, preinstalled 16GB microSD card and let's not forget the front and rear facing cameras fully capable of producing video chat. My iPad doesn't seem to compare.

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    MachEvo2008 Newbie
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    Really about the smartphone...??? Seriously if you don't own an EVO or one of the Android equip'd HTC's by now; you are missing out BIG TIME..better re-think that.


    Yes "pint sized", "no service plan needed", "16gb" with wifi, for cha-ching $599....  when everyone can get the competition with 32gb for $450, wifi, no plan needed.


    I agree about the Adobe Flash thing which takes along time to load on wifi which the competition doesn't have, that's why websites are quickly churning out HTML 5 formatted wedsites.


    I do like the fact about the expandable microSD slot, but really this was their chance to outshine the competition. Why did they put such low-end front and rear facing cameras like 1.x megapix is a joke. Come on.. HD would be nice.


    If Sprint works out a better plan for its loyal customers I will jump on the band wagon, but for now guess I'll have to look at the "32gb" $450 for now.

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