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LG Optimus S Exchange Email Sync?

usfslacker Newbie
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My fiancee just purchased this phone and she is trying to set up her Exchange email to the phone. I'm a seasoned Android junkie (currently an Epic 4G owner) and I'm trying to take care of this for her but when I put in her details it just tells me that it couldn't find what it was looking for. On my Epic, when I put in the same information, it brings me to an advance set up screen where I put in specific information about the server and the domain and then it connects fine.


How can I get to this advanced setup screen on the Optimus so that I can configure this exchange account properly?

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    You've probably gone through this but you may have missed a step or are using the wrong application.


    Make sure you are setting up the account in the "Email" application not the "Gmail" application. When you enter the email address and password there sahould be a "Manual Setup" button in the lower left available. Choosing that will bring a screen allowing you to choose whether the account is a POP3, IMAP, or Exchange server. Choosing Exchange should then give you all of the settings for domain, username, etc. that you need.

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    usfslacker Newbie
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    Just to clarify the problem I was having for other Android junkies set in their ways, I was trying to set up the exchange account through the Accounts and Sync menu under Settings. THIS WILL NOT WORK on this phone. It works on the HTC Hero, it works on the Epic 4G, but you will not be offered a manual setup option under this menu on this phone.


    Going into the actual Email App (something I never thought to do as I am accustomed to setting up 4/5 accounts at a time and the integrated accounts menu is more convenient) brings up the setup screen you need for Exchange Manual Setup.


    Thank you for the quick reply and helpful answer!

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    MEANIE75 Newbie
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    Hi, my IS guy is putting in all the server info etc in the manual setup, but then gets an error message that the phone cannot connect to server. he has checked all the settings on the Exchange server and cannot figure out why the setup wont work. Any suggestions? I already love the phone and dont want to take it back!

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    MKUPNIEWSKI73 Newbie
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    I am trying to set up my personal mail on my LG Optimus and it keeps giving me the same connect issue as the others. i have tried everything that all the others have said to no avail. I am trying to avoid a visit to the Sprint store if at all possible. HELP. It won't recognize my bex.net domain.

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    Shameek.Robinson Regular Visitor
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    Hello MKUPNIEWSKI73 and MEANIE75, were you able to solve your problem? This is my second LG Optimus and I'm having the same issue with inputting several variations of our outlook exchange domain and server information and getting either a cannot connect to server message or a cannot authenticate username and password (though I login to our work network, and Outlook Web Access daily with the same username and password).



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    I am having sam problem with my LG Optimus. My Outlook email was working great for the first two weeks I had my phone and then it keeps saying "User Name /password incorrect". I tried deleting account and adding it again, but keep getting same error? I don't know what happened and I didn't change any settings. Any suggestions????

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    MALANIS21 Regular Visitor
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    is anyone having outlook sync issues when you turn off and on the phone or after removing the battery and re-installing it? assuming its been setup properly and running well.  I get a 'unable to open connection to server due to security Error' and the only thing that resolves it is by removing the exchange account and re-creating it.

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