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EVO becomes unresponsive when 4g is turned on!

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Possible long-term fix:  Update to software rev 3.70!


Please reply in this post if this software update did or didn't fix your lag issue.




I'm looking for some Sprint tech support.  I saw this issue being brought up in other treads, but none of them were specifically for phone lag on 4G.


4G was just recently released in my area, so I was able to test out using the EVO.


Why does turning on 4G makes the EVO laggy? Swiping to different home screens, app launching, text input, etc slows way down to the point of becoming unusable when 4G turns on.  Even turning 4G off will not fix the lag; only turning the phone off/on seems to put the phone back into normal operating conditions.


I've tried to find a solution to this issue through the online community.  It appears that a good number of other EVO owners have this problem as well. Many things were suggested: update the PRL, load a different home scene, don't use the 4G widget. It was also suggested that the EVO needs to be power-cycled frequently to avoid 4G lockups as it appears to be a "random" bug.


I've tried everything suggested above except frequent power-cycles.  None of them seem to remove the problem completely.

I'm completely stock, running software version 3.29.651.5 with a PRL of 60671.


Being touted at the "1st 4G phone", I'd expect the 4G experence to be flawless if one is lucky enough to be in a 4G market.

My wife has the Epic, and it too becomes laggy when 4G is on.  Not as bad as my EVO, but still noticeable.


Why do the only 2 Sprint 4G phones, both of which I own, show laggy behavior while using 4G service?

What good is fast data transfer speeds when the phone itself comes to a grinding halt?


Sprint, please make this right!



My phone is < 1 month old.

It has hardware rev 0003.

Running completely stock with the latest available OTA update.


Turning  on 4G (either by widget or system settings) causes my phone to be very  laggy. This happens sporadically. Symptoms are gone when 4G is turned  off and the phone gets rebooted.


Possible fixes as suggested by others on the web:


0) Reboot your phone!  (Because our phone is apparently like Windows......)


1) Update the PRL and/or Profile through the software update in the system settings


2) Selecting a different home scene when the lag is present


3) Don't turn on 4G by using the widget


4) Perform frequent power cycling (daily), similar to fix #0.


5) Do a Backup (except apps) >> hard reset (see steps below) >> re-download the apps from the market. (thanks IAmSixNine)

  1. Turn the power off. If your HTC EVO 4G is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it
  2. Hold the Volume Down button
  3. Press and release the Power button
  4. You are now presented with a menu that allows for Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock
  5. Select Clear Storage by pressing the Volume Down button
  6. Press and release the Power button
  7. Now simply confirm your decision: Volume Up for YES and Volume Down for NO

If  you selected YES, all data including third-party applications will be  deleted from the HTC EVO 4G. Once the wipe is complete, the phone will  reboot to its factory fresh state.


6)  Download "System Panel Lite" from the Market.  When experiencing phone  lag, run this app and select "End All".  Kill everything except system  apps.


Does anyone else know of any fixes, or what worked for you?

Lets see if we can get a running list going.


Updated 12/7/10:  Added fix #0 (the most widely-used fix) and #6

Updated 12/9/10:  Added details to fix #5 (thanks IAmSixNine)

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    I first must comment on you saying that this being the First 4G phone should be flawless. Really?  Its the first so **** yeah there will be bugs to be worked out. Its not the 5th or 10th device. Its the first to lauch on a large scale. Very few technical devices that are the first really work as they are expected and need tweeking and tuning. I saw on the news the other day that another car manufacturer has recalled thousands of cars. Heck they cant even get them right and cars have been around for years.

    So with that said i too had this problem. had being past tense.

    I got my EVO on launch day and i am still on my original device. But a few weeks ago i got tired of it beign laggy and slow.

    I backed up SMS, MMS, Book Marks and Call Log and then did a hard reset.

    I then restored the above and insatlled the programs i use from the market. I did not back up applications as many have had several updates. Combine all those updates with a device that launched with 2.1 and now overlayed with 2.2 i felt that i needed to start clean.


    The outcome, a more stable, faster, more responsive device. I am no longer having an issue with 4G being laggy or processor intenseive. I do have the occasional problem with it being slow. I simply turn it off, wait for 3G to come back up, and then re-connect to 4G. Fixes the problem.


    I also do this when 3G becomes slow.


    I cant say this will fix your problem, but it did fix my 4G problem that caused my device to be super bogged down.


    I used the EPIC for several weeks before going back to my EVO. I noticed on the EPIC that 4G and WiFi connect much faster then the EVO but i also noticed 4G was not as fast on the EPIC. No matter what i did to it it seemed to be slower.


    I am keeping my EPIC and waiting for the day 2.2 is officialy released. I will try it agian and see if it helps.


    I am more annoyed at the lack of coverage with 4G and how quickly i can loose signal when i have 1-2 bars, then having to wait for 3G to connect, and then find 4G again. WiMax wont be around long term if they cant improve the technology.

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    My use of "flawless" only refers to being able to utilize the 4G service without the phone itself sporadically coming to a grinding halt.  The random nature in itself indicates its a software bug, not a hardware issue.  I expect bugs on launch day when you live on the bleeding edge.  6 months later?  Considering the short shelf life of smartphones these days, 6 months is a long time; long enough to at least correct this issue specifically with 4G connectivity and phone lag.  So what's the end solution?  Continue to buy the 2nd, 3rd, 4th gen phone to have this 4G lagginess corrected (only to deal with new bugs to be work out)?


    But I digress.  Please excuse my rant as a sign of fustration.  I'm interested in what I can do to resolve this 4G phone lag, so let me start is over.


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    I can understand the Rant.


    My 4g is controlled by the HTC Widget.

    I hard reset my phone a few weeks ago and this got rid of the lag due to processor usage, but i still get (on 3G and 4G) very very slow connection speeds from time to time. Which is ironic, seems switching from 3 to 4 and back to 3 or 4 will fix this.

    A slow 3G connection is fixed by going to  4G. If that seems slow i go back to 3 and 4 again. When i leave 4G coverage, aka from home to work, i use 3G or WiFi.

    I really wish Sprint would address this issue as well.

    I use app and my ping times on 3G are over 999ms. DL speeds are under 100K.
    If 3G is wroking fine i get 750K to 1.5M DL speeds with ping times around 150-400ms.

    This has happened on several PRL / PRI so its not a glitch there. I think its actually a tower syncing issue with the phone.

    I rarely notice this slow connection when i am at work or out around the metroplex, but rather when i am home attached to 1 tower. (Full bars where i live on 3G and 1-2 bars 4G.)


    Completely unrelated to your laggy processor issue when your connected to 4G but still a problem none the less.

    Also this problem of mine occured before and after the hard reset. The hard reset fixed the 4G slow processor problem as well as helped to speed up the device.

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    Yes, you've just read my mind.  DC just recently got 4g.  Turned it on and my EVO was useless.  From the other writer's response, it sounds like a rebuild is in order.  I just ordered a 16gb card, so the timing is right although I don't think a new card warrants a rebuild.  I hope that fixes it.

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    BETHESDAADK, please let us know if rebuilding fixes this problem for you.


    I've tried the first 4 "fixes", but none are long term corrections.

    I'll wait to wipe and reset my phone until a few people confirm it works for them.



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    I and seven of my friends with EVO's have the same problem, i have called sprint and htc and they do not help, they seem to think that if i turn my phone in to the warranty department for fixing that it will help, even though i am telling them that a brand new evo in the sprint store also does the same thing. HTC claims that they havent heard of the problem before.


    I have done a factory reset and other things and nothing helps but restarting the phone every time i turn off 4g.


    I think sprint and htc have turned a blind eye on this issue since it looks like a good number of people are having this issue.

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    Yep, restarting the phone is the only thing that consistently works for me.


    With all of the responses and other feedback around the web, I too think this is a software bug.

    There's too many of us with this issue to be just an isolated case.


    My guess; this 4G "phone lag" always existed and was masked by other issues since EVO's initial release.  There must be a hole in the software coding that runs the CPU at almost 100% when 4G is being turned on.  Not everytime, but enough times to troubleshoot if one wanted to.


    I would be willing to bet with more 4G markets being released and more people buying extended batteries for the EVO, there will be many more people that uncovers this same issue.


    Our only hope is to convince Sprint/HTC to correct this software bug on the EVO before they try to sell us the next latest, greatest phone that doesn't have a 4G lag issue.  I like the EVO and I like new tech, but I hate to buy new tech just to fix a problem with the old tech....

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    Can those of you having this problem please let me know what geographic location you're in and whether you're having this problem today?  There have been some outages that may have impacted 4G performance but I believe they've been cleared.

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    Happened today (12/6/2010) in Fort Lauderdale Florida at about 12:30pm EST.  Using an HTC Evo, stock ROM, Stock Kernel.

    Phone also spontanously rebooted about 30 seconds after I finally got 4G to turn off.


    Phone's been fine... but I've kept 4G off


    Oh and I should mention it's not 4G data that's slow.. it's the ENTIRE PHONE!  Everything lags out, pressing my address icon takes about 30 seconds to open the address book, etc...   4G on = phone major slowdown.


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  • 10. Re: EVO becomes unresponsive when 4g is turned on!
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    I'm in the DC area.  As the others state, it's not the quality of the 4g that's the issue.  The issue is that when you turn 4g on on the EVO, the entire phone becomes sluggish to the point of non-usable.  Turning off 4g doesn't solve the issue.  You must reboot the entire phone.

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    As others have just stated, our issue is not with the speed of 4G.  We are not pleased with our phone becoming very unresponsive when we enable the 4G radio.  Strong 4G signal, weak 4G signal, no 4G signal doesn't matter; the phone is affected the same.


    For the sake of your reply, I'm located in the Sacramento, CA area.  We just got 4G enabled and this is why I noticed this issue with the EVO.  Still have this "lag" issue when I enable 4G on my phone.


    As a Sprint Admin, can you help us out?  Can you escalate this issue to your tech support dept or make an inquiry with HTC?  There's enough of us with the same exact problem to warrent some investigation.  As I've said before, this appears to be purely a software issue; it should be easy enough to make a patch to correct this problem and issue it OTA.



  • 12. Re: EVO becomes unresponsive when 4g is turned on!
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    it's unbelievable that a Sprint administrator couldn't even understand the question.....


    in any case, I'm in NY and my phone's system slows to a crawl when 4g is turned on, although it doesn't matter what city I'm in since the problem doesn't pertain to the service area, it's the phone's crappy operating system trying to work with the crappy 4g programing....


    I agree with others that Sprint is ignoring the issue, come on Sprint, FIX IT!

  • 13. Re: EVO becomes unresponsive when 4g is turned on!
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    I am an EVO owner and have been experiencing all kinds of issues the past couple of months.  In June when I bought the phone everything was great then in September an update started causing the phone to lag.  Then in October something happened to turn Sprints network into pure garbage that results in terrible data speeds often rendering the phone useless.


    I have called sprint dozens of times and explained to countless people getting a variety of responses from not knowing what is going on, blaming me for the problem, adivsing to take my phone in for diagnostics, phone resets, to flat out hanging up on me.  To sum up my experience with Sprint and their customer service would be to say that I think its a combination of gross incompetence and lack of caring.  Since were under contract Sprint dosnt give a rats rear if we are having problems plus 99.99% of the people you talk to are too stupid to know whats going on.  They had me take my phone to a store where in person I showed them the problems.  The took it, ran diagnostics, came back to me and said nothing was wrong and it was my fault because of apps I downloaded.  I did a factory reset in front of their eyes and reproduced the problem (lagging phone, horrid data speed <10kbps with 4g) and they literally shrugged their shoulders at me and said they did not know what the problem was.


    To anwer your question about the unresponsive phone:

    This is a bug introduced when they did a September update, although no one at Sprint will confirm this or even remotely act like they know what your talking about.  I have noticed this is happening most often when your signal is weak or when your signal drops and then the phone reconnects.  The bug is likely that the service searching for 4g does not stop searching even when a connection is refound after a drop which then the service hits a continual loop maxing out your processors resources.


    While restarting your phone is a viable option it sucks because it takes forever.  You could also not turn on the 4g radio but that sucks because then you cant use the service.

    What I do is: Download System Panel Lite.  This program shows your processor, memory, RAM usage while also gives you the ability to kill applications.  When ever my phone starts lagging really bad I open System Panel Lite and see my processor at 100% usage.  I hit the "End All" button which kills all apps running except for android operating system apps.  This then results in whatever hidden service that is sucking up my processor resources to close.  My phone is now back to running like normal and 4g service is still running.

    Until that bug is acknowledged by Sprint I will keep doing this because it seems to work pretty well.



    As for the "4g" service ever since October my data speed has often been <20kps when on 4g and it used to be 6-10Mbps!!!  Something is wrong with Sprints network and they have instructed their people(on the phone and in store) not to talk about it or even acknowledge it.  I did manage to get one Sprint technical rep to admit something was wrong and issue me a credit for my 4g for the month of November but he did say that the problem had not been isolated and there was no ETA on a fix.  Other than that one person the 50 other people I have talked to will not acknowledge anything and the Sprint "Admins" on this forum wont comment on it either, they just play stupid and ask you to post more detailed information and when you do they never respond back.


    I have noticed that in off "peak" hours (in my area before 8am and after 4pm) I usually get really good speed with very few occassions of slow down.  I have also noticed that my data speeds can vary greatly going from one tower to another. (I tested this because where I work is sandwiched in between two 4g towers and I go for walks.  The north side is the crappy tower and south good.  On a walk I can stream youtube and gamespot videos when on the south side of building and when I walk to north side of building it stops as soon as I swith over to another 4g tower).  If you talk with Clearwire (the company Sprint gets their 4g from) it appears than many of the towers are being overloaded because of the unexpectedly high demand for 4g services.  Clearwires network was largely built out before Sprint decided to rent out their towers for 4g service(at least in the DFW area it was) and I think its likely that the additional load Sprint customers place on these towers is stressing the network.


    Anyways the past couple of months have taught me a few good lessons.  While Verizon is very expensive and made me leave because of it, there is a very steep price you pay when moving to a cheaper provider like Sprint.  Quality of network and customer service are **** poor at Sprint and as soon a I can get off contract I will leave and never come back.  An extra 20-30 per month is well worth it!!!!

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    IAmSixNine Valued Member
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    Or you could do a hard reset like i did and it fixed that 4G laggy processor issues i waw having.

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