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LG Optimus S losing signal and 3G during calls?

RR72 Newbie
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I have had my optimus about a week now and I am noticing that during a phone call my signal goes down to only 2 bars( where same place was 5-6 bars before call) and the 3G icon is not on the status bar. Anyone else have this problem or a fix?


All help is much appreciated! 

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    tomdeaver Sprint Employee
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    If your call is not dropping, then I wouldn't really worry about it. The signal bars on Sprint phones are really an estimate anyway. Also, towers have 3 "sectors", like a pie cut into 3 equal parts, each pointing in a different direction. Your phn could be showing a sector that's not actually making or handling the call. The sector with the higher signal bars could be the closest one to you, but maybe full at the time you place your call, so it bounces to one of the other 2 sectors, and then adjusts your signal accordingly.


    As for yur 3G icon going away during a call, this is normal on the Sprint 3G network because data can not be used simultaneously with voice, and is haulted during the voice session.

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    Quackalator Newbie
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    im having the same problem but my 3g isnt showing up at all and im not getting any services or signal what should i do?

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    CJDBELK74 Newbie
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    My Optimus has reduced bars and no 3G icon showing.  As a result, I'm not getting my emails or other notifications.  I've tried turning it off, removing the battery, reinstalling it, and turning the PDA back on (at three times today).  All is to no avail.

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    VMH1 Newbie
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    I just started having the same issue on the LG Optimus S this morning in Wichita.  Always had 3G then suddenly it was on 1x and would try to get 3G, hold it for a minute or so, then drop down to 1x.   I went through support who updated the profile, and a few other things to no avail.  I was then passed through to Tech Support who would not open a ticket because I still had service, albeit 1x (not what I'm paying for), and had not received error messages.  I was told that they would post this to the event board and see how it goes.  If you have the same problem, report it to Tech Support.

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    Me too!!!! Havent been able to use my phone at ALL no calls...no texts..no emails..no anything.. This is BS.. I need my phone , it is the only phone I have and I work from it as well

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    VMH1 Newbie
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    Tech support was adamant that you must call in.  Tell them that this problem has already been added to the event board and you want to add yours to the problem.  You'll need to get first line and second line support to put you through to Tech Services.

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    ONLY2BUY Newbie
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    Sorry so late in joining the conversation. Only had my LG Optimus S for 3 months. Already had to replace it once. My problem is with constant dropped calls. I bought my phone through CredoMobile, who contracts through Sprint. I've called them and emailed them numerous times with no real help. Also, when my phone rings or when I first pick it up to unlock it, it always shows all the bars, but almost as soon as I unlock it, the bars start disappearing until there is only that one little dot or nothing at all. Is that normal? I've started keeping a log of the dropped calls now. They are at about 80%, which is intolerable. According to the Sprint Coverage map, I'm supposed to have "Good" coverage at my home which is where I spend most of my time. This is the first smart phone I've ever had so I don't know how to judge the download speeds. That stuff seems okay. But, 3g and call connectivity are two different things, right? I mean the 3G network can be working fine, but if the towers aren't reaching your location, or you have wireless noise, or your phone antenna is too weak, your calls are going to drop. Did anyone in this thread ever get any assistance from Sprint? Credo was supposed to put a tech ticket in with Sprint for me last Thursday and was supposed to call me back on Friday. They never did. Thanks, Joy

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