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LG Optimus S battery

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New LG Optimus S burns up a battery in one day. Wife only talks on it & it's off while she's at work. What's up with that?

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Odd.  I've got an Optimus loaded up with 3 email accounts, twitter, facebook, calendar sync and more and got 38 hours idle on WiFi and at least 16 hours (still waiting) on 3G.  No calls though.


    How's the signal strength where your wife uses the phone?  Poor signal can cause the phone to use much more battery.


    What apps is she running?  Some apps are very data intensive and frequent data updates can use quite a bit of battery.

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    STANRAT1 Newbie
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    Hey, New Mexico wengla,

    I have turned off all Wifi & mobile network connections, which were ON, but no improvement. Not sure of her signal strength out of the house. We have the cool Airvana here at home since we have TechShield on the roof, but phone is near dead by the time she gets home. Bum battery?? She doesn't have any apps running that i know about. I saw the answer about the Sprint ID stuff that I will try tonight.

    thanks, stanrat

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    Sometimes applications are running in the background.  For example, if you have the weather widget "follow you" to determine your location.  I saw some good battery saving tips in the user guide that came with my phone.  Basically, manage how much your phone connects to the network (Sprint or home), manage the screen (brightness and timeout), and manage GPS.  The phone will do however much you want it to, except it requires energy to do so.  If you scale it back to meet your needs, then it should have improved battery life.

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    MW99ND Regular Visitor
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    My LG Optimus battery life is short-lived with 59% battery power going to phone standby with it being without a signal 66% of the time.  I can't move so if a weak signal from my house is causing the battery to drain, I need to find another solution.  However, based on forum posts, I am under the impression this might be a bug.  Any ideas on how to fix it?




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    OACALVO Newbie
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    I used to get about 10 hours of battery life each day, mostly on standby.

    I then installed Advaced Task Killer (free) and I'm now getting about 3 times as much battery life

    even with gmail auto sync turned on.

    I have ATK set to "Crazy" for auto kill level and "Every Half Hour" for auto kill frequency.

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    The time without signal bug doesn't cause your battery to drain.  It just incorrectly reports a time without signal.  The theory is that it averages the signal time for the GSM and CDMA antennas.  Since there is no GSM antenna, the base average is 50% without signal.  To correct the math, you can toggle airplane mode after booting up your phone.  However, your time without signal is over the 50%, so it appears you may have bad reception at your house.  Poor reception will cause the battery to drain faster than normal.


    There are a couple of options available to mitigate poor reception.  If you connect your phone to your home wifi network, you should notice significant improvement in battery life.  Also, you may be interested in the Airwave.

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    rdl6027 Newbie
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    I would unplug at 6 am and my battery was dead by 2 pm, which seems to be acceptable to most but not to me.  I tried battery defender but that cut 2 hours off the battery life.  I got rid of my "WHERE" Sprint ID, dumped facebook and scrubbed battery defender.  I now go almost 48 hours with normal usage ( 1 hour of phone calls and a couple of hours spent checking my email and using the web) before I have to recharge. I hate carrying chargers and I like to make calls when I want without worrying about the battery going dead.  I also toggle off wifi, gps  and bluetooth when not in use. The battery consumption almost drove me back to my Treo, now, I'm really starting to love this phone.

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    TYOUNG40 Newbie
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    I purchased a program called JuiceDefender, which is the paid version. Only paid a few bucks for it.  I have it disable my data connection while the screen is off which saves the battery A TON.  I had to play with the setttings on that program  to get it just right.  You can customize how the program disables items on your phone.  My phone battery now easily lasts 24 hours if not 36 hours.  It just depends on the day and how much I use it.

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    stacylpadilla1 Newbie
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    My wife is having a battery issue with her new Optimus S. We both have the same phones, and got them at the same time. I set them up exactly the same. Her phone burns through her battery about 1/2 times quicker than mine does, and I use my phone far more than she does. She does not have any additional apps running either. In this case I think the battery may be defective. Thoughts?

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    Perhaps you are connected to a wifi network, and she is not.  Or, she may be located in a poor signal area.


    If you think it's the battery, trade batteries and see if she still burns through your battery as fast as hers.

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    stacylpadilla Newbie
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    We both work from home so we are both connected to the same network. Signals are pretty much the same in the house. The battery swap sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the idea.

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    spinaway Expert
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    You may also want to completely drain the phone of battery, i.e. wait for it to shut down from battery depletion, and then charge the phone to full. This might improve your battery life.

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