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YourDistraction Newbie
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My Evo just shut off randomly and now wont turn on. I have taken the battery out, and put it back in. I've had it charging, so the battery didn't die. I have no idea *** is going on. But I'm ****** as **** and I'm about ready to throw this piece of **** phone through a window. And since it's Christmas, I have no way of contacting Spring. HELP PLEASE!

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    rmrgrs Newbie
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    i am having the same problem!  i did the OTA update lastnight, and it seemed to work. I went to bed and woke up xmas morning, and my phone is now an expensive paperweight.

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    Titod45 Newbie
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    Mine did the same thing!!!!

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    rmrgrs Newbie
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    try giving tech support a call. they were quick to say that the problem was with the OTA and to get a phone ordered for me. granted, i wont get it until tuesday (probably), but this is as good as going to the store since they wont give you one out of their stock.


    good luck!

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    YourDistraction Newbie
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    Well thankfully I got it fixed. Sadly, it's kind of embarrassing... but maybe it happened to one of you guys and it will be an easy and cheap fix. So, basically, I had my phone plugged into the charger when my phone "died." But really, what had happened was my cable ended up dying on me, so it wasn't actually charging my phone. I guess I never noticed that the red "charging" light had gone off. So that's why I thought it had died and it would never turn on. So, anyways, I took it into my work today and talked to my mobile guy, he plugged it in and the light came on instantly and started charging, the phone turned on a few seconds later. So I bought a new charging cable and everything seems to be fine now. Needless to say, I feel like a complete idiot for freaking out over a dead battery, haha. So I suggest those of you having problems with your Evo to make sure your phone is charging and it's not just a dead battery. Hopefully this helps at least one of you.

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    JAQUILI1 Newbie
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    People are saying they received new phones by calling tech support. I have the same problem with my phone and they keep telling me to go into a sprint repair store.

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    I went to the sprint store with a dead phone, they took it back to repair and could only get an initial charge, for some reason I could not get this to work for me, we are totally baffled, so in the store it would not charge fully but at the very least they got the orange light to blink, they sent me a new phone in the mail and sent me on my way with two new batteries and 45 dollars worth of charging accessories to get me by until my new phone arrived.


    Well hours later the phone was fully charged and working normal when I left it alone. Apparently what I noticed was the software was letting the battery die before it turned the phone off to allow a successful recharge and or running the software for reset. I let it charge the rest of the day and have not had problems since.


    Since I love my phone and all the aps I have I didnt want to redo all that work so I called sprint and told them to NOT send me a new phone. My phone is now working fine again and I have 150 dollars worth of batteries, cables, and chargers for my trouble...


    SPRINT customer service at my store on Academy in Colorado Springs was awesome!


    So to sum it up, my phone is fine and did not need anything really, but I got two new batteries, a cord, and a wall charger. The new phone was cancelled and I am charging fine now...

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    TCTanenbaum Newbie
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    Woke up this morning and mine did something similar. It vibrated twice as I tried to turn it on, then never turned on. I have had it on the charger for an hour with no led light. I have pulled battery, tried the manual reset with holding the volume down, etc. I'm at a loss. My wife also has an Evo and her phone is fine. ***?

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    ammame33 Newbie
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    mine has done precisely the same thing everyone else is having a problem with --


    i went to bed last night with it plugged in, woke up this morning to it completely dead and refusing to turn on/show any sign of life.


    i did go through with the update yesterday, i'm wondering if that's the issue as it seems many others are in the same situation.


    while i have insurance i'm going to be irate if sprint tries to charge me the $100 for a new phone. i've only had it since september.


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    rmrgrs Newbie
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    they shouldnt charge you anything. just take it to your local sprint store...theyll hook you up.

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    mogaram Newbie
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    My EVO also died. It is not charging any more. I also did the


    upgarde two days ago. My customer service asked me go to the


    nearest service center. I am taking it tomorrow. I will share


    my experince here tomorrow.

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    JokerTony27 Newbie
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    Had the same problem with my EVO.  I was listening to music with the phone charging when the charge light blinked twice and shut off.  I was able to get it on after I pulled out battery and plugged it back in, but 3 minutes later it shut of for good.  I think I updated software on my phone 3 days before it happened.


    Those of you who got help from Sprint are lucky.  I went to the local store and they wanted to charge $35 if it was more than a Hard Reset.  They tried to do a Hard Reset but it would not take.  Since I had it over 30 days they told me that they would have to send it back to HTC (Basically charging $35 just to send it back) and it would take about 2 weeks to repair.  I decided I could mail to HTC myself and save $35.  When I  called HTC they told me that Sprint Repair Centers are NOT certified to work on their phones so if they open it up it automatically voids 1 year warranty.  Not sure what other stores are doing but my local repair center starts every conversation telling customers that if it requires more than a hard reset it will cost $35 to fix.  The did the same 3 weeks ago with my daughters phone.  Not knowing I paid the money.  I'm guessing now that her warranty is void on the phone.

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    mogaram Newbie
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       It seems that I am lucky. My son took my phone to Sprint service center. It seems that they removed my battery and loaded battery from the other phone. The phone  started charging again. Then they put back my (old) battery itself. With my battery also, phone started charging. It is been almost 10 hours. No problem. The phone is fully charged and working fine.  They did not charge me any $.



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    mogaram Newbie
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    The sprint store located in Fremont, CA.

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    someothergalaxy Bronze Expert
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    I have never heard of such a thing,  HTC voiding a warranty because a Sprint repair center "opened it up".  I f I were you I would check this out further especially if the csr you talked to at HTC wrote down some notes.  I have been to Sprints corporates stores many times and they always told me they are authorized  to work on phones.  In fact they told me if I took it somewhere else for work That would void the warranty.

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