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Reception Problems

sworsham07 Newbie
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Any one else having problems with reception?   My Hero was just fine, stayed on signal and never wavered at the house.  My 2 new HTC Shifts constantly change from no bars to 4 bars. Drops calls like its an iPhone.  Hero kept a signal ALOT better than this phone.  Have called technical support and reset phone with no resolution.

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    ekplug1 Regular Visitor
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    No problems in Albany, NY. In fact the problem you're experiencing was the exact same problem I had with the phone I just replaced - the Samsung Moment. The Moment would show full bars but as soon as you placed a call it would go from evdo to 1x to nothing (sporactically). The Evo Shift has had better call clarity for me and a stable strong signal.


    Also my Evo Shift cell radio doesn't seem to be effected by turning wifi on and off either, which was also a problem with my Moment.

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    I have had my Shift for a week so far and also noticed some dropped calls. I finally read the owner's manual and found this info on page 252. Seems like a poor design because it's hard to hold the phone without having your hand right there in that area they say NOT to cover. You can do a test and even see the signal bars drop to zero when covering this area. I guess we have to hold the phone with our fingers up high to avoid touching this area.

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    soopahman Expert
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    Good find SpeedyPC. My Shift does the exact same thing - if I hold it where the antenna is located (lower-right corner), the signal drops to 0 right away. That's really stupid placement. Seems like the best place would be top right corner - that way when the phone slides open it's still on a corner farthest from your hands. Why are cellphone manufacturers making this mistake?


    For me it's something I'm willing to live with - it's a tall phone so it's not that hard to avoid holding there while making a call. Using phone for data is another matter - being right-handed means that's exactly where my hand is going to be wrapped around so I can both support the phone and wrap my thumb across to touch the screen. What were they thinking?

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    DCSHOES1 Newbie
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    i too, have experienced this with 3 different evo shift 4gs. when holding phone normally in my hand, signal drops 3 bars or so. same with all 3.

    same issue even with a case on it, etc. htc and sprint need to fix this asap. great phone otherwise. a best buy rep also told me he has noticed alot of returns due to this defect.

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    soopahman Expert
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    This isn't really a "defect" they can "fix." The antenna is physically placed at the lower-right hand corner of the device. If you cover up the antenna on any device, you lose signal strength (not all of it, but if you're in low signal, which on Sprint... you often are... you now have no signal).


    They can't just move the antenna - the device is designed this way intentionally. The "fix" is to return the phone and buy one with the antenna at the top if you feel strongly about it. And by the way if you do, DON'T ask the reps in the stores. They're sales people who will say anything you want to hear. Actually look into it online first.


    I don't know why cellphone manufacturers are increasingly putting the antenna here - it makes sense on a candybar phone you just use to make calls (bottom of phone is farthest from head), but no sense at all on a smartphone you mostly use for the data (bottom of phone is only part near your body). So I 100% agree it's stupid placement. But it definitely isn't fixable, and you shouldn't expect to see a fix coming. The only fix is "Avoid holding the bottom-right of the device."


    Personally this issue doesn't affect me very much - I do lose some signal strength but if I'm careful I still have a fast 4G connection most of the time. The phone is so excellent otherwise, I'm willing to look past this one bad characteristic.

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    yates3794 Newbie
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    same problem! it also opens the menu's when i slide it open to text, but downloading swype helped a lot. i have a sprint 3g antenna in my house and everyone else gets full service except for me! at first, i would only get reception when i left the house, and it was full 4g service, and that was about 400 feet away! but in my room, (no its not metal), i get 1 bar. :/ going back today to get it switched because this phone's screen spazzes out and also switches my letters around sometimes and disables the touch screen

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    ajbates2012 Newbie
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    My Evo Shift wont stop roaming. Anyone have this problem, or suggestions to fix it?

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    Read my post about the antenna location and make sure you are not covering that area of the phone with your hand. You can also force the phone to not roam by going to SETTINGS>WIRELESS&NETWORKS>MOBILENETWORKS>ROAMING and change it to SPRINT ONLY. Do you have another Sprint phone you can check to see if it works good in your area and does not roam?

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    ZenUnwired Valued Member
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    Here is a solution I saw posted elsewhere. I was going to suggest the same thing. Hope this helps



    Most likely it is the area the phone is in that is causing the roaming. First we will update the PRL by selecting menu, settings system updates, then update PRL. After that we can change the phone to sprint only setting by opening the menu, then settings, clicking wireless and networks, mobile network, roaming, and selecting sprint only. This will only allow the phone to connect to sprint towers only, but remember if the phone goes outside of sprint service area, you will get no service at all.  Hope this helps

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