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Will Sprint get the iPhone?

mgndlk Newbie
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Since Verizon is now going to provide the iPhone along will Sprint be providing it soon too? I know Sprint has the EVO but I am a fan of Apple and would much rather have an iPhone.

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    YOUNGPRINCE144 Newbie
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    I think with Sprint being the least expensive cell phone company, It would corner the market with the addition of the IPhone !!!!

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    KVOCCIA01 Newbie
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    Since The Verizon IPhone agreement is non exclusive, the phone is CDMA compatable, there should be no reason for Sprint to not offer this phone. I would hope that Sprint would be wise enough to realize this. I have enjoyed being a Sprint customer for years and believe Sprint offers value, service and reliability. Their choices of smart phones is limited.  Blackberry (which I own) is the AOL of this decade. The Droid and the X android phones are only available on Verizon. The HTC 4G is a brick (too big...plus I have not yet seem one person actually using this phone). The IPhone is the standard by which other smart phones are judged. It is sleek, sexy, has a ton of apps, is a great business tool and is an IPod as well. I am willing to wait another 6 to eight months. Sadly, I would consider switching carriers if Sprint doesn't come up with something (HP Palm phones or Blackberry Playbooks don't cut it).

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    rEVOked Newbie
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    You must keep in mind that although both Verizon and Sprint utilize CDMA networks for 3g services the major difference is the already implemented and upcoming 4g networks.  Sprint currently possesses WiMax, Verizon chose to go in a different direction and adopt LTE.  Contrary to what you have stated, yes, there is a reason why the iPhone may not be offered by Sprint and that is due to differences in 4g technologies. Also, with Sprint trailing, behind AT&T and Verizon, as the 3rd largest carrier in the nation I beleive that partnership with Verizon would be much more lucrative for Apple. I do agree with you on the fact that the iPhone is indeed used as a standard for other smartphones. With the introduction of the first iPhone, Apple introduced technologies never seen before and the ease of use to its users which remain unsurpassed today.  I find it funny that you criticize products (HTC 4G) because you "have not yet seem *seen* one person actually using this phone", come on read that to yourself again and tell me that it does not sound absolutely ridiculous.  It is obvious that you are a conformist and are easily willing to adopt products because of its commonimity, I apologize if it seems harsh but you know what they say "the truth hurts".



    As a side note, I do indeed own a HTC EVO 4g (previously a iPhone owner) and will be the first to say that at the moment I prefer the iPhone.

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    YOUENVYME Newbie
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    Hey Revoked, incase you have not read about the Verison Iphone it WILL NOT adopt the LTE technology because verizon would have had to make customers wait too ong to get it. I CDMA I phone is standard 3g, not 4G and there is absolutly no reason Sprint should not have this phone. I already called Verizon today to start pricing out our two family plans which consist of 9 people total. We love your service sprint but I am tired of Iphone rip offs and now is finally the time when it is open to all and if you dont take advantage of that you are going to lose a lot of customers, including 9 right here within the next six months. Give people what they wont, its a no brainer, you will make a killing off of IPhone sales!!! I was not willing to leave any phone company to go to AT&T but even though Verizon is more money, I will leave and pay extra to have this phone. Be the company we know you are sprint, keep your great prices, service and let us have our IPhone please, listen to your customers and what they want!!!

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    DJFRANK16317 Newbie
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    I have never been a Verizon customer, not because of the phones offered or not offered on any carrier, but because Verizon's Family Plans are horrible.  To get the same plan I currently have with Sprint that includes 4 lines, 1400 land minutes, unlimited texting on all phones, and unlimited data on all phones is $100 more with Verizon PER MONTH.  An iphone is not worth $1200 a year to me to have.  However, with that said, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, WANT AN IPHONE!  However, if Verizon cannot come up with a competitive family plan, I will not switch and I will end up with an EVO which I've heard good things about.  While the networks that will support the iphone are important, and customer feed back is important - and let's face it, ALL sprint customers have likely expressed the want for the iphone - I think the bigger question is the contract details between Verizon and Apple and not those that have been made public.  Hopefully they did not enter into another exclusive contract as they did with AT&T.

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    This is Sprint we are talking about. This will be another lack luster year with semi decent plans as usual. Will we se the holy grail on this network 98.9 percent positive we will NOT see it. As long as droids come through I could care less. On the other hand I can see how you would be upset and trust me I feel your pain. We will find out on the seventh if Sprint plans on getting the I, but dont cross your fingers. I would like to see some of the bad Droids coming to verizon come to Sprint next year. If they dont simple I am leaving. Sprint needs to take a minute to get their act together. I know trust me, but although I seriously doubt it. You will have 1 super phone to choose from this year. Even if it is the most super of all the phones out like the EVO it will only be one. I like to have a variety. If you want that variety also I guess I will see you on Verizon.

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    RICANTU33 Newbie
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    i hope sprint does get the iphone because its a phone that everybody wants. sprints phones are terrible. they always get the bad ones. they have like 2 or 3 good ones right now but the rest are bad, i havent switches because sprint has the best family plans but if sprint doesnt get an iphone by the end of this year and verizon ends up with good family plans well then im switching. its about time sprint started getting new phones

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    MORQUECHO29 Newbie
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    i have a evo and i love it but i hoping sprint gets a iphone soon if not iam going with verizon or att sorry but i need a iphone

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    thajinn Newbie
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    what so great about the Iphone? does it have  slideout keyboard???

    Not what I have seen

    I think the Epic is the BEST smart phone on Market.. does Verizone have one like it ?

    not really I've seen the Driod slide it suckks..yea I've used it Epic is much better..over all.

    Once Iphone gets a keyboad I may think about it. but my Epic has everythig & more what the Iphone offers.. I'm sure in a yr or 2 either sprint will get Iphone

    or what will most likely happen is Verizon will buy out Sprint..to keep up with AT&T , which would stink only having 2 cell phone companies..

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    landa409 Newbie
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    Okay well let me just say that I been with sprint for about 5 yrs and I must say I like the family plans but lately I have had a lot of problems with the service I was hoping that sprint would get the iphones as well, right now I'm very disappointed in sprint, then they reduced their coverage map there signal now sucks and so do there so called "3g" which to me is like a dial up connection lately I been thinking to switch to verizon because it has the best connection and now they have the iphone and I been waiting the iphone for awhile now but I been waiting on sprint to say where getting it but if they are not getting it I will switch me and my family over to verizon because of the iphone and the service its just better also lately I been having drop calls and failed txt messages when I never use to get those, now as far as the evo it sucks I have it and its just like a regular android phone same software but mine just haves the qwarty keyboard and the shift thing, right now this is the WORST carrier ever created I will switch in about a month or so. Oh and also everytime i wanna use the internet on my phone, i have to switch to my Wi-Fi my home internet to use my phone to navigate thats sad...

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    JMGRANGER23 Newbie
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    While keeping my sprint service, I also got AT&T For another number with the iPhone. I have to say my sprint phones haven't even been turned on a hand full of times since getting the iPhone. This means at the end of my contract after being with sprint for 10 years, I am seriously looking at moving my sprint numbers to AT&T.


    Being a Mac person, the iPhone syncs seamlessly with programs like email, address books, calendars, etc. None of these droids even interface with macs. Now i realize there are more PC users than mac, sprint and its phone vendors  could accommodate both like software and other computer related apps.  Plus Apple being known for being truly user-friendly, the apps and phone functions are super easy to use. Yes, to me who uses their phone as a mini computer, the iPhone is well worth every bang for the buck. I am sorry to say that I am tired of waiting for sprint to join the current times and start carrying iPhones and iPads. It's ridiculous that sprint didn't jump on this years ago because the phones are well made and easy to use. The samsung garbage I have with sprint is so hard to use the touchscreen that it's not even "worth" turning on.


    What's worse? Paying over a thousand a year for a phone you never even both to charge or spending a thousand on a phone you use at least once an hour? This is something sprint should contemplate and act on before it loses more customers.

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    KCGILBERT Regular Visitor
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    New evidence that the iPhone is coming to Sprint.

    The Wall Street Journal reports

    that Sprint will offer the iPhone 5 when it launches later this year, becoming the third U.S. carrier to offer the iPhone. According to the report, the iPhone 5 will launch simultaneously on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T in "mid-October".

    Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the iPhone 5 in mid-October, people familiar with the matter said, closing a huge hole in the No. 3 U.S. carrier's lineup and giving Apple Inc. another channel for selling its popular phone.


    The timing, however, indicates Apple's new iPhone will hit the market later than expected and too late to contribute to sales in the company's fiscal fourth quarter, which ends in September. Most observers had expected the device to arrive next month.

    The iPhone 5 will debut on AT&T and Verizon at the same time, and Sprint is said to also be gaining the iPhone 4.

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    timjohn7 Regular Visitor
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    Yes,  Sprint is getting the new Iphone 5.  October 5th or 15th, it will be released for purchase or reserve. Sprint will be the only carrier offering the unlimited data plan for it, thus causing them to end their Sprint Premier Service.


    Source: Family works at Corporate Office

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