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LG optimus upgrade

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As I think most people here know, Sprint has pushed out an update to the LG Optimus S phone.  According to the release notes it fixes an SD card issue and a language selection issue.  I have neither problem and knowing Sprint's history with software upgrades I'd rather take a wait and see to find out what else Sprint and LG have managed to break.


The problem is I am left with this very annoying screen constantly asking me to upgrade my phone, I DO NOT WANT TO UPGRADE THE PHONE, how do I stop the very annoying upgrade notification screen?

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    FLOSN29 Valued Member
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    Hello, sounds like u have had some issue with software updates on a few devices and im sorry to hear that.  With the new software update for the LG Optimus u would need to do the update. Even though u are not having any issue the software update is fixing u still have to have your software up to date for other updates that will come that might require u to add new apps and better feature to your device. Without the current update that is out now when this does happen u will not be able to enjoy the better feature and apps because your phone never did the first update. So at that point u will have to do the old update to bring your phn current to do the new update. Basically there is not way around the updates for your device or to take that screen off that keeps asking u to do the update. It will not leave until u update the phn sorry for the inconvience.

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    Although it took several readings of your response to figure out exactly what you were trying to say, In the future I'd recommend using the period and comma keys a little more often.


    The response less than an acceptable answer.


    1) if another update comes out in the future (Sprint's track record says no) and I want to do that upgrade then yes I'll do the interum upgrade

    2) why is Sprint forcing an upgrade if I don't want it?  This is my phone not Sprint's

    3) is there a way to fall back to the current version if I should start having problems with the current version?

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    I tried the update on my phone, and it failed.  I reset my phone and tried again, and failed again.  After the second reset and third failed attempt, I brought it into the Sprint store, and they just recommended that I stay on V9 if I haven't had any issues.  My phone no longer prompts me for an update.  If I manually check for an update, it says none is available.


    I did the update on my wife's phone and the update went just fine.  However, the Home button stopped working.  A reinstallation of ADW launcher fixed that, and her phone is working fine.  The update did not factory reset the phone or erase any data, as far as I can tell.


    For me, updates were a pain because of having to bring my phone back to the way I like it.  Since the update does not factory reset your phone, I would recommend to give it a try.  If it fails, then you will stay on V9 with no further prompts.  If it works, then you will have VC, and not lose any data.


    I hope some of this is good news to your ears.

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    Well I'm glad to hear that the upgrade process went smoothly, yes I'm being facetious.


    Just the simple problems you mentioned are the reasons I want to sit back and wait, what other nasty surprises are out there?  Yes I'm sure there have been some fixes and changes made in the software but just making those changes opens the device up to new bugs.


    Although I do intend to update the device, I want to wait a few weeks to see what the fallout is before taking the plung.

    So Sprint how do I stop the annoying message that I need to update my device?  You caused the message now fix it!

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    Well, I went through the upgrade (because I too got tired of the prompting) and now my phone is a bit messed up.  When I am in a phone call the phone goes to the home screen automatically.  In other words, if I want to hang up, I have to go to active apps or pull up the phone app again, then go to current call and then hang up.  Before, the phone was GREAT.  Now the phone is ANNOYING.  I have to do the same stumbling around to get back to the phone app screen EVERY time I want to put on speaker or "enter a digit at the prompt".  The phone used to go to the phone app when it "sensed" it being moved, now it goes to the home screen and/or goes to standby. 

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    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UPGRADE!!!!!!!!! My phone worked perfectly fine before I downloaded it, and I've had nothing but problems since. And now, it won't even turn on, so i basically don't even have a phone at the moment because of it.

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    I agree...if I knew then what I know now I would NOT have done the update. I think its horrible. Trying to end a call was literally impossible! The new key board is terrible and only does type ahead from my contacts...very helpful...The Icon's in the status bar are so tiny I can barely see them. Every once in a while it does not recognize the SD Card so all my pics are temporarily lost unitl I turn the phone off and restart it. Again, very helpful!

    It would be wonderful to hear from someone from Sprint to give us a little piece of mind but obvioulsy that wont happen. So I was told by the store to wait it out and hopefully they will have another update to fix them. I wont be to quick to do it. I'm ready to get rid of the phone and go back to Verizon!

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    I installed the udpate two days ago and lost my dictionary along with the upgrade.  I have not seen any improvement.  I liked the idea of typing a text/e-mail and the availability to "word complete" or "word suggestion" to help.  If anyone knows how to add a dictionary to the phone, please let me know.  I did download from android market a dictionary, however, the system doesn't recognize it to use for the text/e-mail functions.

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    zosmann Newbie
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    I installed the upgrade, now my PC's usb connection will not recognise it.  I'm hoping my charger at home will work.

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    dpower922 Regular Visitor
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    I was forced to upgrade. I tried to do a Factory Data Reset, which according to the Sprint rep would reset my phone and remove the mandatory upgrade. It didn't. Is this a case for breach of contract since the phone was changed without my consent? I signed up for my LG Optimus S phone with at a time that had a functional OS (2.2) and now it has a problemsome OS (2.3) that was forced on me. I hope I can push the breach of contract angle, or have Sprint replace my phone with an Optimus S that hasn't been polluted by the 'upgrade'.

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    Mikeyb89 Valued Member
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    Technically it isn't a breach of contract. The reason being is when you sign that contract it does state the sprint has rights to actually do these updates. Same as google since they own the android software.

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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Hello all, at this point the status has not changed. LG & our device team are still investigating matters concerning the update, which include android keyboard's lack of word prediction, charging related problems, SD card randomly dismounting, and USB HWID changes which prevent the use of standard mass storage drivers. I have mentioned the earpiece volume but have not received feedback regarding this matter, and no specific situations where phone is freezing/keyboard are unresponsive had been documented that I can see. I will post back here if I have additional info. for USB problems installing LG's USB driver pack will allow you to regain access in windows, for word prediction installing user dictionary manager and importing a word list from the software developer's website will help. for charging related problems some mention that the standard wall charger allows charging where car charger/usb chargers do not. for SD card dismounting reinserting the card or powering phone off/on may allow you to access the card again.

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    RC - I think several of us have issues with the phone quickly dis-charging the battery.   I don't see that item on your list of known issues.   I have manage the Battery configuration and set it to LOW and the phone will still discharge in less than 4 hours.  Prior to this "upgrade" the phone would last 14 hours or so....  is this a known issue with the upgrade (additionally I have ongoing SD Card mount problem).  thanks

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    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Thank you for your feedback, I will ask someone to look into that.

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