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Can you please make my service work?

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I personally could careless about the tickets to movies or NASCAR, at the end of the day I want my phone to work.  I have been a Sprint customer since 1999.  When cell phones came out I swore I would never get one because I believed only God should have 24 hour access to you.  Well I became a flight attendant and it was required to have a cell phone or beeper ( wow remember those?). For the most part Sprint has been a reliable tool for me on my job.  I have traveled all over this country stayed in cities I didn't know existed and discovered there were some really cool and interesting places in the states that I never would have known about had I not traveled for a living.  Sometimes I wasn't in the most culturally advanced little town and spent a lot of time sitting in my hotel but what kept me sane was being able to talk to a friend or family member because that little town had Sprint service.  When I incurred roaming charges which didn't happen to often,  I was always able to talk with a Sprint representative who reversed the charges for me after I explained my situation.  Having a reliable service is still very important to me.  I purchased the HTC EVO after much research,  I was so ready to jump ship and buy an iphone.  I'm a loyal Mac user so of course when they came out with a phone I wanted it bad but I decided to stick with Sprint.  For the most part my experience with Sprint has been good.  I have had some unfortunate conversations with Sprint representatives but we managed to work things out.  When I was laid off from my job more than a few times as a flight attendant Sprint worked with me to help me keep my service on.

Here is what's important to me as a premier gold member.  I'm a flight attendant still but right now I'm on a furlough( temporary layoff ), I've returned to school and I've taken many of my classes on line, I'm also starting my own business(photography/film).  Now a days I do everything on line, I even watch some of my favorite shows on line, I watch netflix on line,  and I need an internet connection to maintain my website.  My cell phone service has become my internet provider and I need a network that's going to work with me.  I made the decision to buy the EVO because I was excited about having the ability to use my phone as a hotspot. I had a Palm before and used it as a modem but it didn't work to well for my needs.  I was in DC for 2 weeks in December and used my EVO as my hotspot, I  was stoked because it was so fast and I was able to use my phone while I streamed videos.  Unfortunately I'm not having that same experience in Milwaukee.  I know it's 3G so I wasn't expecting the same speed but I was expecting it to be better and faster than my Palm when I used it as a modem.  The service in MIlwaukee has been inconsistent and for the past week in a half I have been on the phone with a Sprint customer support or tech who have been nice but their solutions haven't worked.  I might get a little speed for an hour then it back to the standard error messages.  I can't even access the internet on my phone.  I've gone to a Sprint repair store(Browndeer) and the person who helped me ****** me off, she basically didn't listen to what I was saying and repeated to me what every Sprint tech had already told me.  I told her the tech on the phone suggested I bring the phone in for a diagnostic but she ignored me, synced the phone with a few gadgets in the store and said my phone was fine.  I tried to explain what was happening with my phone and she said it's working now, so I just took my phone and left.  I call Sprint again, a Sprint representative said it was an EVO flaw and EVO representative says it's a networking flaw, so now what?

What I want as a premier gold member is someone who will address my phone issues seriously and not give me the run around.  Every time I called Sprint I was taken through the same trouble shooting steps given the same speech.  I want to talk to someone with solutions if the trouble shooting  doesn't work out.  How about providing me the same Sprint representatives someone who knows what my needs are and can offer alternatives I may not be aware of.  Treat your premier customers they way airlines treat their frequent fliers.  Inform them of changes, a little information goes a long way.  Once upon a time Sprint use to give you a loaner phone until they figured out what was wrong with yours, I have insurance but I don't want to pay a 100 dollar deductible for a pre owned phone when I just paid 250 plus for a new one. How about if something happens to my phone and it not my fault you give me the opportunity to buy a new one at the same rate I got defective one, or give me a preowned one.  You know I'll be buying a new phone soon.  These are some perts I'd like to see as a premier. 


I've resisted the urger to jump from one cell phone company to another.  As badly as I wanted that iphone I trusted Sprint would have a comparable product and you did not disappoint.  I loved my EVO when it was working. What I need from you is a service I can rely on especially now since I rely so heavily on my cell phone to live my life. If you promise 3G and 4G data speed I want that  at least 85 - 90% of the time.  I'm easy I know **** happens but when it does hit the fan I'd like to see a credit or something  prorated based on service lost. 


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  • 1. Can you please make my service work?
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    Hi-this is Hana with the Sprint Premier Team.

    Thank you for utilizing the Premier forum with your concern!  You have some great feedback in regards to Premier Gold customers.

    As a Sprint customer myself I understand that service and coverage go hand in hand.  I would like to assist you in this matter. 

    Our Total Equipment Protection plan (TEP) has changed. 

    • Level 1: Content management.  TEP charge $0             
    • Level 2:In-store Service.  Technician to determine eligibility. TEP charge $0
    • Level 3:Not eligible for in-store service. Insurance claim required.  TEP-Insurance deductible $50-$100.


    What I would need is a private message with your name, Sprint wireless number and 6-10 digit pin  number.  With this information I would be able to access your account; as well as help with a resolution.  I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you again for choosing Sprint!



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