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  • 105. Re: Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 now no OTA Wait
    DILLA42 Newbie
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    Halcyoncmdr117 - Can you please answer something?


    I tried to do the exact same method you said you did to update my phone. I used my browser on my phone and went to the Samsung Download Center, and clicked on the MAC OS version, and when it started to download, i get an error saying "this file type is not supported" and it cancels the download. My baseband version and build number are both DI18. Why am i getting this error? Can anyone help?

  • 106. Re: Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 now no OTA Wait
    Baxter11 Regular Visitor
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    Still waiting for the OTA update, someday.....I don't want to reload I'll wait patiently...

  • 107. Re: Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    sprintftl Regular Visitor
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    you fanboys defending sprint are hilariuos. Just tried new "official" rom. Its terrible compared to midnightrom 3.3 with ext4. Benchmarks at half of what a guy came up with in his basement. Lol gg sprint.

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    Megabiteg Regular Visitor
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    Try a different browser, like Dolphin HD (free). Sometimes stock browser can't ID all file types or download everything correctly. I didn't have this issue using Dolphin.

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    Kidwell.S Regular Visitor
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    I just ran through the update by downloading the "MAC" zip to my phone and installing.  I also use the Dolphin browser and had no issues.

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    halcyoncmdr123 Sprint Employee
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    I didn't even think about the built in browser not letting you download file types it doesn't recognize.

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    SIMPLE1571 Newbie
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    Did the upgrade using and everything is working fine except the Android Keyboard.


    I'm not a big fan of Swype and I've always just used the android keyboard except now the autocorrect and prediction feature is only pulling from my contacts.


    Anyway to revive the dictionary that the android keyboard uses?



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    msb. Regular Visitor
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    SIMPLE, the android keyboard in Froyo DK28 was also doing what you describe, so I see it's not been fixed in the official Froyo push.  Works just fine in Eclair 2.1, though.  Shame, I also prefer the android keyboard to the swype keyboard.


    I then downloaded the Swiftkey keyboard which ran great at first, then it became buggy and lagged after a couple of weeks, so I uninstalled it and am using the android keyboard without the autocomplete feature (which used to work in 2.1).

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    DILLA42 Newbie
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    Thanks for the help! Dolphin works great. I was able to DL it and install it and everything seems to be working fine except for my camera. When i push the camera button, screen goes black and it gives me a really short vibration feeback followed by 2 short vibration feebacks (basically a buzz buzz) and then goes back to my main screen. A pop up comes up but it goes away so fast that I cant read it. It says something like "unable to open" and thats as much as i can read. The pop up comes up for literally 1/2 a second.

  • 114. Re: Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    cvermont Regular Visitor
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    I cannot tell you how excited I am by this "official" froyo release!  Do you know what this means?  It means now instead of doing a daily google search for "samsung epic froyo," I can start doing a daily search for "samsung epic froyo problems."


    (I notice that in the first post, Sprint couldn't even specify the time right!  You're off to a great start Sprint!)


    I love the line in that first post about GPS "enhancements."  Since when is fixing something that doesn't work at all an "enhancement?"  (On a side note, I have a fully functioning Time Machine!  It just needs a few "enhancements.")


    To all the sprint defenders in this thead, thank god I didn't take you seriously and saw you as the comic geniuses you are.  Sure it's partly Samsung's fault, maybe even mostly.  But Galaxy S has had froyo in europe for how long now?


    And to all you chanting the chorus of "Stop complaining!"  There is a difference between "complaining" and "holding Sprint/Samsung accountable for misrepresentations and outright lies."


    As for this latest "update", I intend on enjoying my ringside seat and watching how BADLY Sprint/Samsung F up this time!


    And to Samsung I would like to express a sincerely heartfelt thanks for releasing the kernal.  Now I can look forward to the OUTSTANDING dev's releasing a REAL update, free of CRAPWARE.


    You remember the dev's?  They're the ones who WEEKS AGO fixed the faulty DK28 release, which is by all accounts still FASTER than this "official" release.


    P.S.  The Samsung Epic will never, ever, Ever, EVER, EVER!!!! be updated beyond 2.2.  How's that going to feel when you see phones advertised running 4.0 (including Samsung!) and you're still stuck on contract?  (From now on it's HTC for me!)


    P.P.S.  I saw some people in this thread actually THANKING (!) Sprint in this thread, and I don't want to seem like an ingrate, so...
         Thank You Sprint, for loading down my phone with crapware I will NEVER use (with the possible exception of NASCAR with a head injury).  Thank You Sprint, for not giving us the advertised full 500mb of memory (when you drop below 50mb of free memory, you lose the ability to receive texts, how many of you knew that?)  Thank You Sprint for your Top Notch tech support, whose gems include "Android is a 3rd party app, so sprint does not support it."  Thank You Sprint, for NOT ONCE coming clean with us and specifically stating what issues and challenges you were facing, instead treating us like simpletons, repeating ad nauseum "we're working on it!  ASAP!"  Thank You Sprint, for not going to bat for your CUSTOMERS and holding Samsung's feet to the fire.  And Thank You Sprint, for NOT ONCE apologizing for jerking us around for 6 months!  (Remember, as John Wayne said:  "Apologizing is for wussies!")

  • 115. Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    JoeDonkaroo Regular Visitor
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    Got tired of waiting for the OTA update so I also did the OTW update w/ the Mac instructions with the file on my PC. Took about 15 minutes and everyhting is working great including the GPS. Also, all apps and everything were still on my phone.

  • 116. Re: Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    crosson12345 Newbie
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    I updated and everything seems to be ok,,,, except the SD Card. It says it is not there or not the right format. I have only had this phone a couple weeks. I only have like 4 or 5 pics and 4 or 5  ringtones on it. But I don't know what else is on it and don't want to erase it if I don't have to.

    Has anyone else had this problem and can you tell me how to fix it?







    I fixed it. Turn off the phone. Take the back off. Remove the SD Card and then turn the phone on. Turn your phone on while the SD Card is removed. Wait till you see your phone has signal and then re-insert the SD Card. It will say scanning media and then it will say setting up External SD Card and then your finnished.


         Fixed it all for me.



  • 117. Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    Dronak Expert
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    Like JoeDonkaroo, I opted to manually update my phone using Samsung's download with the method from the Mac instructions, and had the same results.  It worked fine, and all of my apps were still there.  I'm not sure the method can be considered over-the-wire -- once you get the file on your SD card, the phone can apply the update without being connected to something else.  Perhaps the Windows installer update method is the one that wipes your phone clean in the process.  I don't know, I'm certainly no expert on this sort of thing.  However, I think most (if not all) users who have used the method have not lost their apps in the process.

  • 118. Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    JAZZGUYSA Newbie
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    Yes, but what you haven't said is that if the OTA update fails to install properly(as in my case), your phone goes back in queue, and you have to wait all over again. It's not even available on the Sprint site to do a OTW install, and as of today, the majority of Sprint service senters still do not have the update available even to them. IF I get the OTA update again, and it fails to install again, I can't even get the store techs to install it.

    In my opinion, releasing it OTA BEFORE even Sprint and the techs have it is like the old saying....putting the cart before the horse.

    I really have been patient with all this, I've listened to Sprint tell me it's all about Samsung, and vice versa. I am not completely satisfied with this phone, this "high end"  phone should have had all the features of the lower end phones right out of the box.(the "biggie" for me is the Bluetooth dialing...a matter of safety when driving). When I purchased this phone 6 months ago, I was "promised" by my Sprint rep that the 2.2 update was just a couple weeks away, and that the Bluetooth feature would be included. 6 months and counting, and still no 2.2

  • 119. Samsung Epic - Android 2.2 available beginning 2/21
    MarshTom Regular Visitor
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    Almost 11 pm PACIFIC time here on 2/23 and still no OTA notification.  I must really be at the bottom of the queue.  Will the fact that I temporarily had flashed to DK28 in early December (then Odin'd back to DI18) push me to the bottom of the queue or permanently OFF the queue?  I am not rooted. How about if I removed my GMAIL account from the phone (I have no use for GMail)?  Hmm...seems they have a way to get back at you!  Anyways, anyone out there still waiting for their OTA?

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