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EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet

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I have done my fair share of bashing Sprint on this forum, but if the rumors are true, and I am hoping they are then I will have to retract some of my Feelings towards Sprint. 2days ago there were leaks across the web. Sprint is supposed to be announcing the HTC Flyer aka the EVO tablet, the LG Optimus 3d aka the EVO 3d and the Nexus S aka well the Nexus S. All of these devices are top notch and I will be purchasing 2 of them probably 1 on contract and 1 off. To make things easy I love HTC, but I am a little tired of sense and I would like a little bit of a change. I am very exited about the Optimus 3D. Very exited about the Optimus 3D.


Did I mention that the Optimus 3D has gave me a bit of excitement. It has been a long time since I have been excited about a Sprint phone, and wow what a phone. I think that this won't do much to deter the IFans, but all the hardcore Android fans will be looking at the Optimus on


Sprint. Especially becuase it will be Sprints first Dual Core smartphone. Im saving my money now buddy.



Now again let me say that these are just rumors that are spreading across the web like wildfire. If they are true Sprint will be the main focus of CTIA. I can't wait to find out officially. I think CTIA takes place on the 21st of this month, and if  this is going to be an evo esqe type launch these devices will release one after another starting right before the Iphone 5 or 4g or 4gs release however they label those things now a days. Good job Sprint and I will be looking forward to the phone that you release next year at CTIA.



I just have 1 final question for Sprint. Why David blaine for the Echo? Seems like you guys could have saved the money and put it towards bringing 4g to my area or one of my traveled areas atleast. See it does not take much to make us happy. I think I will stick around for atleast another year.

  • 1. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Isn't "EVO" an HTC only name?

  • 2. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    IF that logic held true than Droid would be a Motorola name. Remember how the original droid was made by Motorola and the Incredible also took the name even though the phone was made by HTC. Htc originally named the EVO the Supersonic because it was supposed to be the fastest phone out at the time. Once Sprint acquired it the phone took the name EVO. Just like Galaxy S is the Samsung name for the Epic which is what it is called under Sprint.


    To answer you question directly no. The EVO name belongs to Sprint. Sprint is supposed to have a whole line of EVOs coming, but I don't think they will all be created by HTC. The HTC Shift was originally called the Speedy by HTC. Sprint changed the name to Evo. Here is another comparison the original Nexus 1 was made by HTC, but the new Nexus S was made by Samsung. Google owns naming rights in this situation, and it gives the name to any phone it sees fit. Just like the original name for this LG 3d phone is Optimus which Sprint has a few smaller models of is now an roumered to be the new EVO. I emphasize rumored. Actually Sprints old EVO is starting to pop up on other carriers now under different names with slightly different specs like the HTC Thunderbolt.


    Finally here is a little tid bit of info; even the EVO was not the first EVO the HTC HD2 was the first EVO type phone, but it ran windows mobile 6.5 with HTC sense. It was and is the spitting image of the EVO both on the surface and on the inside, but it had hardware buttons instead of 4 capacitive buttons. It ran windows mobile, but if you look at both side by side the untrained eye would say hay thats 2 evos. I think that HTC was responsible for the naming rights back then I assume. Windows Mobile the lack of 4g and hardware buttons were/ are the only differences.

  • 3. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    This doesn't make any darn sense.

  • 4. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    What does not make sense that Sprint can name a phone whatever they want?  Sprint always changes the name of the phones when it feels it is best for marketing. Theoretically any SUPER phone released for the next few years will carry the name EVO no matter who the manufacturer is. Keep in mind I said it is a rumor. On the other hand if you paid attention to MWC this year the only company who had a 3d phone was LG here is HTCs line up from MWC http://www.ppcgeeks.com/2011/02/15/htc-announces-upcoming-android-phones/ no 3d phones here. IM just saying Evo is a Sprint name. If HTC is making the 3D EVO they have been keeping it under wraps. Either way we wil find out officially in about 2 weeks at CTIA. Then we will know if it is in fact the LG Optimus which Android Police broke the story on or if HTC has been making Higer End devices they are not talking about. Ill keep you posted. I wont miss it for the world. FYI the HTC Flyer will Be the HTC EVO View which is made by HTC, but the only 3d phone from MWC 2011 is the LG OPTIMUS 3D. I really hope we get that otherwise we will all have Nexus S next year. Not bad just not Good.

    HTC Speedy AKA HTC EVO Shift http://www.engadget.com/2010/10/26/htc-speedy-a-knight-in-sprint-armor-coming-january-6th/


    HTC Supersonic AKA EVO http://www.engadget.com/2010/01/25/htc-supersonic-for-sprint-possibly-spotted-in-the-very-very-ugl/

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    I'm afraid you are incorrect. HTC owns the trademark on the EVO name, not Sprint. The phone you are thinking about for the EVO 3D is NOT the Optimus, but is the HTC 3D phone that was leaked some months ago on BGR.

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    The EVO name is registered to HTC, not Sprint.

  • 7. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Understood glad for official way in. One other quick ? CMDR if that is the case why do none of the articels across the web have HTC infront of the EVO 3d. Could it be that it is a 3d phone just not the EVO? Like the flyer it officially sports HTC every where the EVO does'nt, and everyone knows the Nexus was made by Samsung. Funny that Nexus was an HTC device also, but you confirmed Evo not being a Sprint trade mark I do accept that. Keep in mind I am just doing my fair share of detective work based of rumors started in the Android community that have been bouncing around since the David Blaine show. If Sprint succeeded in doing anything it is building hype.

  • 8. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Thx for the way in Hef. Where is this mysterious 3D Evo that you are talking about? Funny how the flier has passed wimax testing, but no word about the new EVO. HTC is not the one for keeping secrets they always leak products early. I bought my gen 1 Evo like 3 months before it came out officially. Even prior to Google IO. Not saying you are wrong I just don't think HTC is the best at keeping things under wraps.

    HTC just has a track record of leaks. I know they are experimenting with going 3d as of late last year, but finished product? Its to soon to be any good. Right? Also being that their is 2 un announced LG phones leads me to lean towards thinking there is a good chance we will see an Optimus here. Now I know I could be wrong and HTC could very well have a 3d phone under wraps ready to be released, but seeing as we passed CES and MWC if they kept their mouth shut that long I will look at HTC in a new light, becuase everything leaks from HTC.

    But based off what you, CMDR and this link  now.sprint.com/evo3d say an evo3d is definetly coming. Even though the Oops page has been redirected to the Sprint home page.

    Also considering Verizon has also named its LG Revolution variant of the LG Optimus and it has passed through FCC testing also leads me to believe that there is a chance the Optimus is still coming here. ATT already has a dual core phone, Verizon just announced theirs the only 2 who are quiet are the 2 talking about merging which is another story. Even though ATT and TMO could  Scoop up both of the Optimus variants left the 3d and 2x. It would not surprise me. Anyway post me a link to the leaked 3d Evo from BGR. Was it from Barcalona or CES or prior? Rumors Rumors LOL, atleast they will cease 21-23.

  • 9. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Ok now in typical HTC fahion we start hearing leaks. Its about time. I knew somebody had to drop the ball at some point; whether it be Sprint or HTC. HTC Shooter may be the successor to the EVO. I must commend HTC for keeping quiet this long. This is just not thier style. I hope the specs on Mr. Shooter are worthy of an EVO title, and who makes these code names at htc? 1.2ghz single core and 3d kinda get me more excited about the Nexus S. However the link seems certain that this new phone "Sprint Shooter" will be packing the dualies under the screen, but no mention of 3d. Less than a week to go!


  • 10. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Please keep us posted as I would like to know more...I do have to say though maybe...just maybe....you are a BIT too excited!!!! LOL Have fun!

  • 11. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Hey Joe, I feel your sentiments on finally being excited about a Sprint phone.  In my view, I have 2-3 phones to be excited about: the Nexus S 4G, the HTC Shooter and/or the LG Optimus 3D.  Like you, I was thinking the Optimus 3D was the EVO 3D since that was the only 3D phone announced thus far this year.  I'm still deciding between having a vanilla android phone (Nexus S) or one that is skinned over (Shooter or Optimus). Can't wait until next week to see what Sprint actually has in store for us!  My upgrade is eligible April 1, so I'm in a good position for later this spring/summer! For the tablet, I hope Sprint gets the Galaxy tab 10.1 further down the line.  Gotta love that Honeycomb goodness!  I played with the Motorola Xoom and it seemed pretty awesome, but I know Sprint won't get it, so the Galaxy tab is the next best thing.  It would make sense that Sprint gets it since the original Galaxy tab is available with all of the big 4 cell companies.

  • 12. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    I sure will Dana the moment I find out it will be here. LOL.

  • 13. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    only problem peopleyou are frogetting about unless you are a gold priemer member you wont get any of the new stuff that comes out this year all silver members will have to wait 22 months to upgrade their phones. this takes place april 1st. so unless sprint is releasing this on april first u wont get one unless u pay full price for it.

  • 14. EVO 3D Baby YEA!!! Nexus S & HTC Evo Tablet
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    Yea Im definitely hoping Sprint is getting both phones. I know there is still a chance that Verizon or Tmo may get the Optimus. Sense just gets a little boring after awhile; like you I am ready for a different UI. Dont get me wrong my EVO has held up thus far, but its starting to show its age. Mine is starting to get real laggy, lots of freezes. Maybe its even been like that the whole time, because I remember crashes and freezes from 2.1, but not since 2.2. I kinda like the idea of the shooter, but every blog on the web is saying the Tegra 2 out performs it. Even with the Sprint Shooter clocked at 1.2ghz and the competition being underclocked by 2mhz. Not exactly what I want to hear to make me sighn a contract or spend half a K on a phone. The Nex S looks promising though for an if all else fails route. I hear in Europe the Nexus S is out performing the Tegra 2 based phones, so I will definitely give it a second look before purchase.


    Again I am bored with Sense so I probably wont get a flier. I sure wish they would get a xoom. Can you buy a Xoom off contract? If not I guess my hand might be forced for the Flyer. Finally I can make video calls from home to phone. For the most part know I can only make video calls from phone to phone. Anyway can you believe it we are actually talking about Sprint devices? Im not familiar with the new Galaxy tab are they any good?


    @Tallpaul1171977 I dont mind paying. I paid for my EVO. I make a yearly phone fund. I may even get 2 depending on how impressed I am. I am upgrade eligible also, so I may get 3 LOL. I also have 2 other upgrades my contract is eligible for so I may get 5. LOOOOOL. Most likely I will only get 1 or 2. I am also gold by default. Everyone else is happy with the old EVO. I like being a free agent.

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