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4g in Omaha, Nebraska Imminent ?

rezoslip Regular Visitor
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Been hearing rumors locally and online about 4g in Omaha finally turning on ?  Anybody else here anything like this ?

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    KM11 Newbie
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    Word of mouth from the local Sprint Employees, it is supposed to be here this first quarter of 2011 (meaning we would have it before April 2011).  However, I would not hold my breathe by their assessment...


    I cannot find anything to confirm an announced launch that it is coming to Omaha, NE from Sprint or Clearwire (who actually provides the 4G).


    I was on Maui, HI were 4G is available, it is about the same speed as Wifi, when you can actually get a good connection, most of the time it was 1 bar and 2 bars at the best!  I have an EVO, and when 4G is turned on, it is a battery killer, lasting 2 hours at maximum when turned on.  Most of the time it was a cycle of scanning, connecting, disconnecting, scanning...

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    techygeek82 Valued Member
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    Well this may mean absolutely nothing BUT...


    Over the past couple weeks, I've noticed some 'strange' things with data downtown lately. Slow speeds, disconnects, etc. But nothing too long term when it happens. Today, however, was something different. My signal strength AND data actually X'ed out on both of my devices, EVO and Tablet, at LEAST twice that I've seen. The EVO actually went in to DATA ROAM mode for a tad bit before coming back in to Sprint service this last time.


    Does that mean they are working on bringing 4G up? Not sure. Could just be a network glitch, even though the hopeful in me does, well, hope for it. :-)


    I did try turning 4G on though and did not get connected. While I'm now at full bars and back on 3G, that doesn't mean the 4G signal would be able to penetrate the building I'm in, but I won't know until it's officially official. :-)

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    northcutt79 Regular Visitor
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    I live in Omaha, but this week I've been in Kansas City and Overland Park.  The area is covered by 4g.  I have the Samsung Epic 4g, so I've used it for the first time on the 4g network.  I'm getting speeds of around 2.0 to 3.0 Mps, which is faster than most wifi connections and 4 or 5 times the speed of 3g.  I enabled the wifi hotspot feature on my phone and I was able to use it to watch Netflix threw my PS3, as well as do online gaming on my PS3.  I have had good signals outside and inside my hotel room as well.  Please Sprint... Bring 4g to Omaha soon!

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    CROUCHINGSHARK1976 Regular Visitor
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    I have been traveling , DC, Chicago, points in between.. Plainly speaking.. 4g kicks ***. I got faster speeds than wifi at the convention center i was working at. And I sat in Ohare and caught up on 30 Rock while i waited for my plane. PLEASE bring it to OMAHA. I know omaha isn't sexy like other cities that have pro teams . but we still are paying the 10 dollars a month and we can leave and go to a competitor. I dont wanna do that. so BRING IT SPRINT!!!

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    Th3Phoenix Silver Expert
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    Not sure about you but I don't see green on the coverage map.

    You can check it at

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    OmahaUser Newbie
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    I got my Sprint 4G HTC EVO almost a year ago and got tired of all the rumors about when 4G would come to Omaha. So I called a local Sprint store today and they didn't know  when 4G would come to Omaha, they suggested I call Sprint.


    I next called Sprint and the first person I talked to didn't know, so I asked to be transferred to their manager. After waiting a few minutes another person told me the same thing... I keep asking to be transferred to someone who would know when  4G would come to Omaha.


    After about 15 minutes and my 5th transfer I finally talk to a senior supervisor who told me the same thing. I said someone at Sprint must know when 4G is planned to come to Omaha... and I was told yes they know the plan and Omaha isn't in it for at least this year or longer! I would suggest someone else call Sprint and do the same thing I did.


    So that leaves us with three options:


    1.) Do nothing and wait for Sprint 4G to come to Omaha, by that time 5/6G might be offered by other mobile phone companies.


    2.) Call Sprint and complain, maybe Dan Hesse reads these forums?


    3.) Choose a different mobile phone company and phone, like Verizon and the HTC thunderbolt with LTE (4G) See:


    I've been a Sprint customer for over 10 years now and don't want to leave, but maybe it's time to move on...

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    MRJPH09 Regular Visitor
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    I live in Omaha, and use the Sierra AC250U USB Modem for my laptop to access the internet, and this past sunday, I had a very unusual experience and surprise -

    I was just north of Cuming Street, on about 39th Street, just behind that park, and was online, and noticed this little pop-up box in the top righthand of my screen that said 4G was available. 


    So, switched from 3G to 4G, and sure enough, I was on 4G!  I only had two bars of it, but it was 4G!  I don't where it came from, or how I got it, but maybe they are doing some test runs of it up here, or something... but, honest to goodness - I was using 4G! 

    Again, only two bars strength, but, I figured I would give this 4G a run-thru to see if it actually possessed higher speeds... again, even with the only 2 bars strength.  I pulled up some webpages that were graphic heavy, and it's 2 bar self loaded as fast, if not faster than I usually get with full bars 3G.  Then hopped on Vimeo and selected a HD movie to watch, it loaded and started pretty quickly, about a couple seconds in, it froze to buffer, so paused it for about 10-15 seconds to let it preload a bit, after that, it ran flawlessly for the whole seven plus minutes of the short.

    Later that day, I tried it at a different location in town, no 4G, and haven't picked up a 4G signal since.  If I am in that area again, I will try to see if I can pick it up again... or fellow Omahans - 39th and Cuming area, where that park is, and where MUD has that gated off whatever up there, give that area a try and see if you pick up a 4G signal also there.

    Maybe, MUD, being a utility entity, they have a corporate ability set up for them through Sprint to have 4G, or something... but, just not enough 4G setup in town for the public to utilize... ?  Don't ask me why or how, I just know, while in that area, I was 2 bar 4G!

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    MARSHMALLOW69420 Newbie
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    I read MRJPH09's post about being in the north omaha area and it's true there is 4g in that area i checked on if u zoom in over omaha there is 4g coverage in that area also there is some coverage in lincoln ne. So it looks like 4g will finally be here in the big O!!!!!!!! LOL

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    MRJPH09 Regular Visitor
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    Yep, where I was, is in that western most little island of green in town... right where that MUD whatever-it-is, is.


    ***, though?!  What's with that map?!  The west end of Council Bluffs has the majority of the coverage!  And it's like, downtown O is just getting the residual of coverage being set up for CB!


    It makes sense that Eppley would be an area to get coverage first... but Council Bluffs?!  Carter Lake?!  Both of them seeing and receiving the bulk of the coverage so far?!


    And, not funny! - Where I live downtown, is in one of those empty pockets where coverage isn't!  But, according to it, if I just cross the street, I should be in the northern tip of an island of coverage.


    It's interesting that this 4G coverage does exist here in the very eastern edges of town, and over in CB, even though both areas are not labeled as having 4G, or even showing indication that coverage will be coming soon... but, yet there and here it is.  Good eye and catch, Marshmallow in spotting this.

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    KM11 Newbie
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    I had a chat through the Website:


    Your question is: According to your coverage 4G is now available in Council Bluffs, IA.  Is future coverage planned for Omaha, NE (across the river)?

    Brian M:  I see from your question that you would like to know if Future Coverage is planned for Omaha, Nebraska, is that correct?

    ME:  Yes

    Brian M:  Hmm- Our internal Coverage map is not currently showing Omaha OR Council Bluffs as having 4g service - Let me double check out our clear.coverage map for you - one moment please!

    Brian M:  That is so odd, I see it too!

    Brian M:  Let's check this out further -

    Brian M:  I see..

    Brian M:  Ok, it appears that Council Bluffs is currently a test market currently being built - As we add towers to the area, the coverage map will start filling out in your area - including Omaha.

    Brian M:  I would suggest signing up for our monthly newsletter for your zip code to find out EXACTLY when we will be available for purchasing service in your area..

    The agent is sending you to

    Brian M:  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

    ME:  Thank you, this is helpful and hopefully it will be here soon.

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    troyboyjbl Regular Visitor
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    i can confirm that 4G is indeed 'turned on' for council bluffs.  was at the mid america center and horseshoe casino last night and i was rockin' 4G!

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    Dpaulin20 Newbie
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    4g coverage is coming and growing quickly... be paitent <-- I am telling myself this, that red dot near 90 and dodge, is my home location literally a block and 1/2 away from coverage. My luck but all that western coverage happened this last week so its popping up quickly... I suggest to just randomly check


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    CROUCHINGSHARK1976 Regular Visitor
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    U guys do understand that just because CLEAR has coveragein the area, doesn't mean neccessarily, we will get 4 G. Sprint obviously has the "lesser" cities subsidizing the cost of upgrading the network and providing 4g for the larger sexier, proteam containing cities. CLEAR has coverage so they can sell internet (4G) access to the areas in green. this is seperate to sprint allowing use to access said network...which requires them to pay for access from CLEAR.. WHATS their incentive. to add more cost when they have us locked into contracts that require us to pay 10 bucks regardless. They will bring it here , when the "lame city " no diss to omaha ..( its just the rest of the country unfairly thinks omaha is lesser city.) rotation comes around.. or when customers start screaming for access then maybe they will use our 10 bucks collectively to buy into the CLEAR network.

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    Dpaulin20 Newbie
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    Do you understand that Sprint owns over %50 percent of Clear. Sprint and Clear have a joint venture with their networks.  This is not seperate to sprint. Try doing a little research.

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