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Learn about the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge

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I had two family members that got a data phone before January and they are not having to pay the premium data add-on charge.  Why is that?  Why don't they just tack it on to the data price?  Why starting January? 

  • 1. Learn about the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge
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    The Premium Data add-on is required for select phones. We require this add-on for phones made to deliver a superior wireless experience including Web, email, video and social networking. This change to our pricing was made an only effects people who upgrade to the selected phones. 

    On average, our customers with these devices use more data than customers on our feature phones. This charge allows us to continue to provide simplified service and rates as well as a rich, unlimited data experience while on the Sprint network.  

  • 2. Learn about the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge
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    Seems wrong to pay for an unlimited plan and then have an extra $10 to it.  What if the average customer uses LESS data, will Sprint waive the credit? 

  • 3. Learn about the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge
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    BECAUSE you were under contract before Jan.

  • 4. Learn about the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge
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    I just do not understand why you force a $10 increase onto people who already have a contract with Sprint and simply want to change out one smartphone for another.

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    When you upgrade your phone, you renew your contract.  At that point you have the choice to pay the $10 if you must have a smartphone, upgrade to a device that doesn't require the charge, or change to a provider that offers you a better deal.  As long as you're in your old contract, there is no change for you.

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    I guess you do not understand what your company has done Claudi? I can understand why, some Sprint employees were caught off guard when I called Sprint.

    I have a unlimited data plan, currently in the middle of the contract.  I am NOT upgrading ANYTHING.

    I currently have a WINDOWS SMART PHONE that I pay for. All I did was BUY another phone on my own. I wanted to use the phone I bought instead of my WINDOWS SMART PHONE but SPRINT wants me to pay $10 a month for me buying a new phone on my own to switch out with my current one.

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    "As long as your in your old contract there is no charge to you"

    INCORRECT Claudi, I am 1 year into my 2 year contract, with my 1 year old Intrepid Smart Phone and unlimited data plan.

    I simply wanted to change out the Interpid Smart Phone with a Palm Pre (that I bought on my own)

    So, in the middle of my contract, with unlimited data plan, Sprint will charge me $10 more a month to do so.

    Switch my current SMART PHONE with a NEW Smart Phone I bought on my own. If you change your home phone with a new phone does teh phone company charge you for it, even though its the same service?

    Do you really think that is right?

  • 8. Learn about the $10/mo. Premium Data add-on charge
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    I totally agree with BLOCK, what Sprint is doing is totally wrong if not illegal, I do expect law suits about this against Sprint sooner or later, Sprint please remove this unfair fee, we have an everything unlimited plan with 4 lines, we have blackberry Curves, I do not even use the internet much, I only use the Sprint navigation 3 or 4 times a month, only the kid uses the internet on the phone really, my mom never uses any data, she does not even understand how to send a text, we would like to upgrade our phones to new phones because the curves are getting pretty old, we are close to our contract end date in 2 months, I find it totally unacceptable that Sprint wants us to pay an extra $40 a month for switching phones, they want us to keep the BB Curves for ever? No way we can do that, one of the phones dies and I bought a new phones last month, only then did I find out about this new $10 fee, they said even if it is a BB Curve we will get hit with the $10 fee (and we are still in our 2 year contract), unless we have the dead one repaired at the Sprint store, which is what we did, so hopefully the guy at the store did everything correctly so they wont charge us the $10 a month fee, we just paid for the repair fee, seriously thinking about leaving Sprint when our contract is up, I was fine and very satisfied with our everything family plan, but I will not pay the extra $40 per month just to have new smartphones, we are not heavy users and we have EVRYTHING DATA FAMILY plan….

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