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Kalamazoo Michigan  - Service problems

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Anyone else having service and phone problems in the Kalamazoo Michigan area ? I have been having problems since November of last year..


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    abe2020 Sprint Employee
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    We apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced and want you to know we are working to resolve this. Sprint is working diligently to add capacity to return performance to previous levels.We are implementing fixes and expect that our customers should see steady improvements between now and the end of May.

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    I'm in the Grand Rapids area and have been experiencing the same problems, as have all of my friends who are with Sprint.  Calls are being dropped excessively, text messages are not being sent or received, voice mails are not being received in a timely fashion, even my Sprint Card is very slow and drops internet connection.  And yes, it has been an issue for the past few months.  And apparently, it's going to take Sprint until May to implement fixes??

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    Kalamazoo, MI  Just wanted to weigh in on this.  My husbands bb8530 started acting up at the end of February.  emails that had historically hit his phone before they would hit the laptop, all of a sudden absolutely stopped being delivered to the phone.  Unfortunately, He is working now in san Bernardino CA, and the problems have gotten worse.  He took the phone into a service sprint store, and they basically got him a replacement phone after trying to reprogram it.  He has had the phone less than a week and now NO emails are coming in.  Also he tried to call me and a message came up on his screen that said, no radio service, restore connection?  He is blazing mad, but being here in Kalamazoo I cannot help him and he is so frustrated with the people at the store as they were no help. 


    Help!!!   I'm going to call sprint as soon as I can figure out how to describe a problem that's not in my hand at the time.



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    I live in Grand Rapids, MI and had been very happy with my Sprint Service. That was until January 2011 hit. The service is horrible and I am extremely disappointed in what I was promised when I started my contract with sprint.

    As a service provider it is UNACCEPTABLE to make a customer pay for something that they do not receive. My calls take 1-2 minutes to go through, if they go through at all. My text messages fail. I pay $10 a month per phone for 4G that I don't have access to in my area.

    I would like to stay with Sprint, all I am asking for is a credit for the services that I have not been receiving, or that are not working properly for the past 3+ months. I have made several calls to customer service, they say "they cannot give me a credit, and the service will be fixed by May". Well, I am sorry, but this is UNACCEPTABLE. What happens when there is an emergency and I need to call 911 and my call doesn't go through.


    I would also like the option to have the cancelation fee for my contract waived. There was a local news story around the Grand Rapids area that states some people have been give that option (link:

    All I am asking for is someone to help me and all the other paying customer get the service that they deserve

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    Same Issue but on the other side of the state in Clinton Township. I called sprint and they told me there is a known major issue and it could be fixed anytime from today - May 31 . According to the supervisor sprint will be doing something for the customers who called in and complained.

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    Same here in GR / West Michigan.

    Calls wont go through, including 911 one time, texts fail, network busy. It can take 5-10 minutes to make 1 call or get a text to go through otherwise I give up on the sprint line and use Google voice from my computer. With texts the reciepient may get all the failed messages at once when one finally goes through which makes me the sender look like a *******.

    Issue has been going on since late last year (Nov-Dec) and nearly ground to a halt during the snow storm week on feb 1st has been worse until the last week or so where it has been slightly better.

    I called 1 time late last year when I started to notice the disruptions and started calling 1-2x per week since the snowstorm. Sprint mysteryously cant find the early call to them in the system and only has records of me reporting the issue since Feb and therefore will only give me (Partial) credits back to then.

    I have recieved $184 in credits thus far on a 4 line family plan, 1 line let off contract a whole MONTH early, SO far. We'll see how long this goes on.

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    I can remember a few isolated issues going back to July of last year but calked them up to one time true "network busy" moments but they were the same issue. These should have been a warning sign that the network switches were near overloaded then and should have been upgraded long before now.

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    n the Lawton, MI area data is as slow as dial up. I can see the tower from my house and I can't download a song any quicker than I did with dial up. No 3g. No streaming video without hiccups.

    Put data card in laptop and drove to Kalamazoo/Portage area. The signals and data speeds were no better. I drove to the Sprint Store located on Westnedge. I was the third one standing just inside the door waiting for the greeter. I looked at the employees and it seemed to me the wait was going to be a long one. Figuring, I knew what the response was going to be, or likely to be, I left before being helped. As I reached my vehicle. I noted there were several other parking their cars and walking to the Sprint Store. No one looked happy. Most it seemed were there to complain about the lack of service, no service, towers down, etc. I continued on my quest for 3g speed with the data card. To no avail.


    If cable was available in my area, or if the landline service was better than a dial tone, I would have other options. I will have to check with AT&T or Verizon and see what their data speeds might be in Lawton. They have 3g service most of the time.


    added: 8-10kb/s is a normal day. 13 - 24kb/s is a great day.

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