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Purchase a Ringback Tone

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I want to know why Sprint not only charges me for the call tone but also for a subscription?  That is bull to be charged for something that I may not use on a regular basis.  It would be one thing if I had unlimited free call tones with that subscription or it was just 99 cents, but its not.  I see that Sprint is slowly but surely tacking on these extra fees for basic services.  I am not a satisfied customer... 

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    wingland Sprint Admin
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    Ringtones are the sounds you download to your phone and use (or not).  They have a onetime fee.  There is no subscription for a Ringtone.


    Ringback or Calltones are set up on our system switches, and are the sounds other people hear when they call you, instead of the usual 'ring ring'.  As I understand it there is a $0.99 charge per month to use a Ringback tone; you can then choose one or more Ringback tones to purchase at additional cost.  The $0.99 fee is to have the service of custom Ringback tones on our switches. 


    Hope that helps you to understand how it works.





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    That is a load of ****. Sprint is just adding on more fees. I would prefer to pay per ringback tone as it was before...a subscription service for a ringback tone? A service fee to have the ringback tone on your switches? That is the dumbest explanation of extracting more money from your custoimers. I quit! I've been a slave of Sprint since 2004 and everytime I hope it gets better, but it does not. It was the bigger issues at first, but now the little things that made Sprint tolerable are compromised and I am done.

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    MGBEELOW Newbie
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    This person couldnt be more right. i totally agree. A friggin subscription fee for a ringback tone. give me a break. everyone reading this swith to Verizon pronto or a company that respects there customers.

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    ALY1170 Valued Member
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    Here is what I do know:

    • Having a RBT MRC is an industry standard - the major carriers charge the same fee
    • Each RBT available through Sprint Music+ is $1.99 vs. $2.50 before and the subscription lasts twice as long (180 days vs. 90 days)
    • The MRC provides the ability to jukebox the purchased content, based on user settings
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    cm9772 Newbie
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    All i know is that Sprint can't get it together i have spent countless hours trying to get my RBT subscription on my phone.  And they seem not to be able too.  I have spoken to people from Managers, To Plan Technical support which i have gotten hung up on and have it on our ivr cisco phone system that records calls, so the proof is there, i have also spoken to tech support who tell me its a system issue.  I don't know if you all have switched from AMDOCS to another CRM software but this is crazy.  My mother who has the same exact plan and exact discounts and exact phone is getting the service with no problem.  I'm a Telecom Manager, and if i was running a company like you all i'd be fired.

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    DONALIEN Silver Expert
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    If you were told that a system outage was causing your RBT issue you may have called during a premium content maintenance window. You may want to try again as all premium content outages are now closed.

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    So you lower the cost of the ringback tone but charge a subscription fee to make up for that cost...actually making more than you would initially. Sprint is smart. But not smart enough. If ringback tones are 1.99 and it lasts for six months but the subscription fee is .99 each month, I just paid 7.93 for ONE ringback tone to play when someone calls me. This is in comparison to the 2.50 that I used to be able to pay anytime I wanted for 90 days. I would prefer the previous method because getting ripped off is not my style.


    It's ok. Cricket has a Muve Music unlimited phone and plan for 55.00 which includes free ringbacks, ringtones and music downloads...unlimited. They also use both their towers and Sprint's towers. So I'll gladly take my business where it will be apppreciated.

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