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MiFi 4082 randomly failing, in a few different ways

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When I first got this a week ago, I couldn't connect to it via:  It would just continually show page not displayed.  I followed instructions on "first startup" booklet, they were pretty simple actually.


I tried restarting it around 8 times.  Eventually I powered it down, took out the battery, let it sit for 5 minutes, and turned it back on.  Then, I could finally connect, and it started working as advertised.


Later in the day, I was kicked off of the wifi.  I couldn't get back on with ANY computer in my house, or ANY iphone in my house.  It just simply wouldn't connect - although the SSID was continually showing. Again, a restart didn't fix this.  I had to take out the battery completely.

This happens basically every other day, still.  It seems random - sometimes while downloading something larger (i.e. itunes album, something from my own web server, netflix or hulu) - but also sometimes when it's just sitting there.  This is already NOT ok, obviously, and I hope it's just that my unit is defective.


The latest problem now, is that when I plug the mifi USB into a computer, it USED to show the MiFi drive, with the device drivers there.  Now, when I plug it into any computer, it just shows two "removeable disk drives" that I can't oepn.  If I try to click it, it says insert media.  So now, I can't install the drivers, and they are not available online anywhere that I can find.  What's more, I think it's more proof that this unit is messed up.


Are these common to everyone else?  Is this just a horribley designed and faulty device in general, or do other people NOT have any of these problems, and I should try to RMA this to get it replaced?


Thanks all.


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