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why is my touch screen not responding

HIVE311EM Newbie
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I have a LG Rumor Touch.  I've never got it wet, dropped it, misused it, or anything.  Everytime I use the touch screen for the past few days, it is not working.  I tried to calibrate the phone with settings, but it doesn't work. What do I do!!  I haven't had this phone very long!

  • 1. why is my touch screen not responding
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    Please call Sprint at 888-211-4727 and we will give you a service ticket to take to a service and repair store to have them look at it to see if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. If you do not have TEP, there will be a $35 fee if you are outside of your first 30 days.



  • 2. why is my touch screen not responding
    nashaamonae Newbie
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    mines is doing the same =(

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    MYSPRINTPCS73 Newbie
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    Mine just started this a few days ago. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Tried to recalibrate but its not working well enough to work. Updated firmware, profile, &  PRO (or whatever, PIF?). Powered down and up, several times. I can touch (i.e.) "tools" but "messaging" will be selected. Or I can touch a virtual button again and again and again, and the phone will vibrate - so it "knows" it is being touched - but it won't select any option. Sometimes the virtual button will flash - as it does when it is selected - but will not select. Occasionally there is no response to touch, but mostly it just responds incorrectly or incompletly. Basically can't count on it to answer calls, make calls, reply to texts. LG Rumor Touch. I've had it 15 months.

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    K666238 Newbie
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    Im having the same exact problems with mine too...  I have only had mine for 9mths.  I did notice if I clean the screen really good I can get it work properly for the time being.

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    -D4V1D- Silver Expert
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    Currently there are no published known issues for this issue that several of you are having. I wish there was a quick fix to this, but the best advice I can give is to have the phone looked at by a service and repair center to determine if it can be fixed in the store or replaced through our Advanced Exchange program as mentioned above. You can find your closest store through this link:



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    TRUCKER769 Newbie
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    I tried cleaning the screen, rebooting, everything and nothing works for my touch screen!

    I have only had the phone 9 months! Sprint says there is nothing they can do. I can send it to

    LG, but all my info would be lost. or, of course, buy a new phone!

  • 7. why is my touch screen not responding
    04354906SPRINT Newbie
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    Ditto here! From one moment to the next, the touch screen's horizontal position is reported incorrect.

    Defaults to leftmost pixel, even if the rightmost one is touched.

    Tried with no success:

    phone reboot with battery removal

    factory reset phone

    recalibrating only responds with "out of range". Does nothing.

    Somebody on this thread mentioned they upgraded firmware with no effect.

    Therefore, this must be a manufacturuing defect and Sprint should seriously look at the issue.

    I do not abuse my phones.

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    MYSPRINTPCS73 Newbie
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    As mentioned above, apparently there is no fix - except to replace the phone. I took mine to my local Sprint store, where it couldn't be fixed. They have seen the problem before. I had a replacement unit at my front door the next day. Took it to Sprint store and they transfered my contacts for me. Alarms, notes, etc were not transfered. Everything saved on the mem card, of course, was still on the mem card so I had that.

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    sprintusera Newbie
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    I have the same problem. Touch calibraction tells me out of range no matter where I press. It works once in a great while but only for a few minutes. The phone has to be slid open for me to press a button and it registers the wrong one. The only way for me to navagate is with the arrow buttons. To end calls I must turn the phone off. I cant send messages all because the touch screen doesn't work. I've taken the battery out, restarted, updated, restored settings, factory restored settings (losing data not on memory card). I would like to know if there is someone even working to fix this problem. If its been decided that its not cost effective to fix, then at least let people know.

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    MPIEDMONT Newbie
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    As everyone else is saying my touchscreen doesnt work at all I've only had the phone for a little over a year and one day when I picked it up suddenly the touch screen wasnt working! I definitely think this a manufacturing defect that needs to be corrected... I'm taking mine in to the sprint store but I think they are goning to charge me the $35 fee because I dont have insurance.

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    DJBOGLE Newbie
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    I too am having the touch screen problem... never dropped or damaged Phone... wth why is this not working?

    How about a little help from Sprint or LG ... step up to the plate .admit it is a problem , replace the phone or at the least give a discount on a new phone.

    I still have 7 months left on my contract. and no support for the hardware...

    does not seem fair i have to agree to pay for twoyears but  they wont guarantee the phone for two years.

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    techsavvy101 Bronze Expert
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    DJBOGLE, I would suggest taking your device into a Sprint authorized service center. The technicians in store can diagnose your phone for repair or replacement. As long as there is no physical or liquid damage, they will advise if we can replace it under warranty if it cannot be fixed. With TEP, you won't have to pay anything. If you don't have TEP on your account, you will be looking at a $35 fee if the device is still under warranty. You can locate the nearest store to you here

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    stevegravesyard Newbie
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    SAME PROBLEM - this device is quite practically useless.  It's never dropped, wet, etc.  182 days until eligible for upgrade.  It has current software version update, recent PRL update, power cycled, etc.  EVERY DAY, sometimes several times a day.  Since it's past the 1 yr warranty, no TEP, and it's virtually useless - what will they really do for me at the store???  Quite frankly, after SEVERAL YEARS WITH SPRINT, I have no intention of paying 35 bucks to be told I'm stuck with it.   With this issue being so common with these phones, I don't want another one, just a regular phone for ONLY making calls.  Now I can't even do that MOST OF THE TIME.. 


    I'm disabled, and so is one of our children, that's why I have the "thing".   When the BlackBerry (another line on my plan) was locking up over and over on a trip for our daughter's recent out of town wedding (monumentally inconvenient) mine was a brick, too.  There we were, out of town, lost of last minute stuff, and NO COMMUNICATION.  The disabled kiddo's LG OptimusS phone is also becoming randomly spotty, and was especially bad in Chicago, not good at all...we always had excellent coverage there in the past, without ever resetting or updating anything on these devices...great coverage was another reason I've been a very long term customer. Some folks complain on here about Customer Service, but our experiences have been excellent.  


    What is Advanced Exchange?  Would it apply in this "out of warranty" situation?  If so, I'll pay the $35.00 "repair" fee to get into another simpler phone.   I'm really beyond "dealing with" what has become nightmare of a device.  The devices should last the term of the contract with proper care, at least.   I appreciate your consideration of this problem in advance, and await a reply.  Thanks.

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    K5YUR Newbie
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    Add me to the list. Same exact problems as many have described in this forum. Sometimes to answer a call sliding out the keyboard will work, sometimes not. Pressing a menu item will result in no action or a completely wrong selection.

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