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  • 45. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
    WYMERLIN Newbie
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    No, It's not every call that gets charged minutes.  I have a family plan, and phone 1 does not have GV enabled phone 2 does have GV with option 2 of showing the GV# on the caller ID for outgoing calls.  If phone 1 calls phone 2 with the old sprint# (not the GV#) neither gets charged minutes (shows up as mobile to mobile) but if phone 2 calls phone 1 it shows up as mobile to mobile on phone 2's activity, but deducts minutes on phone 1's activity.  I hope this gets worked out so that calling an integrated GV# will show up as mobile to mobile, but as it is now that is not the case.

  • 46. Re: Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
    ClaudiPo Silver Expert
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    My understanding of billing and pricing for a subscription on GV is that in- and outgoing calls will still be billed the same way (depending on your plan features) as they were before the GV integration with the exception of charges for international calls.  You should not experience any surprises or changes in what you expect to see on your bill.  I found the following in internal Customer Care documentation:


    • There is no special pricing or messaging on the bills.
    • For outgoing calls from the Sprint customer, calls are treated and billed exactly the same as they would be without Google Voice on the account.
    • If the Sprint customer is calling a landline, it’s still billed as a landline call.
    • For calls coming into the Sprint mobile number - even if customer has  set up their Sprint number to act as their Google Voice number - it is  considered a mobile call to the Sprint customer.
    • Customers will still be billed by Sprint for the airtime (minutes) they use for all domestic and international calls. This means that even though customers are making a domestic or an  international call from their phone and paying for international calls  via Google Voice calling credit, customers will still be billed for the  airtime (minutes) used during the call.
    • International pricing and billing information is available at the Google Voice support web site at http://www.google.com/support/voice.
    • 47. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      WYMERLIN Newbie
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      The problem is that the Google Voice numbers bill as if they are landline numbers, so if you have integrated with option 2 that shows your Google Voice number on your caller id it is no longer billed as a mobile to mobile call for the person you are calling.  I assume it would also be billed as a landline if you dial a person's Google Voice number instead of their Sprint number when calling them. 

      So the person integrating with Google Voice may not see changes in their billing, but the people they talk to will.  This is especially troublesome for family plans, as they can no longer talk to each other without someone being billed for it. 

      I don't think many people have had this issue because most people are using their Sprint number as their Google Voice number.  This isn't really an option for me as I have been using Google Voice for some time, and can not lose my GV number.  I like integrating with option 2 because both numbers can still receive calls

    • 48. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      phefner79 Expert
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      @ClaudiPo thanks for the info, but what about integrating with Option 2 and then calling another mobile number? Am I now being billed for that call to another mobile, instead of it utilizing my "Any Mobile, Any Time" minutes? You didn't mention that scenario.




      PS - I still can't get GV to re-integrate to my phone, via option 2. I keep getting the "there was an error with your request" message. For now, I just re-installed the GV app since my EVO is on this line.

    • 49. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      dmgrogan Regular Visitor
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      Respectfully, I think you are missing the problem with the Google Voice integration option #2.  As you know, GV integation has 2 options.  The 1st is to use your Sprint # as your GV number, replacing any exsiting GV number on your Google account (which you may have had for a long time!).  Option #2 is to use your exisitng Google Voice number as your integrated number on your Sprint phone, which is what I did.  Let me now describe the behavior I [and others like me] are seeing:

      * I purchased 2 new Google Nexus S phones with 2 brand new activations on Sprint this past weekend.  2 new Sprint numbers - no porting.  The phones are on the same family plan.  Let's call them Phone 1 and Phone 2.

      * For Phone 1, I chose the Option #2 Google Voice integration, which is to use the exisitng GV # for integration.  Phone 2 has not integrated with GV in any way.

      * Starting today (the first non-weekend day since activation), all of my calls from Phone 1 to Phone 2 are resulting in usage minutes being charged.  That's right.  I AM BEING CHARGED FOR MOBILE-TO-MOBILE CALLS EVEN ON THE SAME FAMILY PLAN!!!  I place the call from one Google branded Sprint phone to another Google branded Sprint phone ON THE SAME FAMILY PLAN and am seeing it eat away at my minutes.  The usage is being seen against Phone #2 because it is seeing Phone #1 as a Landline, not a mobile.  But it IS a mobile ... a Google branded Sprint mobile!! 

    • 50. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      ClaudiPo Silver Expert
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      I'm by no means a Google Voice expert and am learning this stuff as I go, so let me check with someone who worked on the implementation on this.

    • 51. Re: Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      phefner79 Expert
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      Thank you for looking into this for us! I'm noticing that I'm also being billed for minutes called to my wife's phone, from my GV enabled phone (we're on a family plan, she doesn't have GV, but I do). Just in case you need another case scenario.


      On a side note, I was finally able to get integration with Option 2 to re-integrate. Someone from ATS called me yesterday and worked on it last night. Thank you Sprint team!

    • 52. Re: Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      phefner79 Expert
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      Here is a thread over at the Google Voice forum, where more people are having this same issue (family plan phones are being charged minutes when receiving calls from a GV enabled Sprint phone, on the same plan).






      *edit* it looks like Engadget is following the developments of this situation. Gizmodo will probably be next.

    • 53. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      phefner79 Expert
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      Has there been any follow up on the previously mentioned billing of family plan phones when one device is GV integrated?

    • 54. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      Honda_RC51 Regular Visitor
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      I used the app on my EVO and this billing cycle was charged for overages.  I have never had this issue in the past and could not understand it.  After a day of thought I figured it out, it's Google Voice using landlines to place my call through the app.  I want the thank Sprint for taking care of the charges, but GV is gone.

    • 55. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      BigKippa11 Newbie
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      I can add 1 more reason you may not be able to integrate Sprint with Google voice...blocked PTNs.  If you have ever requested Sprint to block a number from texting you or calling you it adds a "Blocked PTNs" SOC code on your account.  If these codes exist you will not be able to complete integration of Google Voice with Sprint.  I learned this after WEEKS of trying to figure out why I kept getting this error message: "Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled." I have to add here that Google was ABSOLUTELY no help at all and all the assistance came from Sprint.  Although I had to speak to numerous people, of various levles, in Sprint customer support and tech support (all with differnet answers, reasons or excuses), I was finally able to find a few people who knew about the issue, actually cared about my problems, followed up with me regularly, and were finally able to guide me through the proper process to undo it.

      First you need to go on Sprint.com and go to the "my preferences" for your number.  Under My Preferences there is a section called "Limits and Permissions" with different links.  You only need to focus on "Block Texts" and "Block Voice", click on each of those and make sure there are no restrictions at all.  When you first click on each of those links you may see a red circle with a line through it and the word "restricted", this is your problem.  After you allow all calls and text (don't worry, once you get Google Voice integrated you can block them again through their services), the red cirlce with a line through it icon should disappear, and you should be golden!  I called into Sprint to verify that the block code had been removed from my account, and it hadn't.  Not because this process is wrong, but more because I am impatient and it takes about 15 minutes to update in the system.  But calling in was good because I had them manually do it form their end as well, and verify it.  Once it was gone from their screen I kept them onthe phone, checked eligibility fro Sprint Integration again and......WALLA, IT WORKED!!

      I really hope this helps save someone from the headaches and frustration I went through for weeks, if one person reads this and it helps them please pass this link on and let me know if this helped!

    • 56. Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      Daniel-S Regular Visitor
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      Any calls made via Google Voice if you selected option 2 when intergrating Google Voice and Sprint will be treated as a call to a landline which will use your anytime minutes. So no matter if the number you are calling is a mobile phone the call is still routed to the Google server (which is considered a landline) first and then to whoever you are trying call.

    • 57. Re: Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      nameer_2011 Newbie
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      Dear ClaudiPo,


      I have seen on the forum that you have successfuly been able to help people with the problem that I am having.


      Last year I tried to  Replace my Google Voice number with my Sprint numbeand it was successfully integrated.  Then, I disabled the integration due to delay in call quality and some missed calls where the phone started to ring for a shorter period of time.


      Since two days ago, I tried to integrate my Sprint phone with Google voice using the two options available and I keep getting the following problem.


      Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled.



      I tried to delete my Sprint phone from the Google voice settings and I still got the above message.  I called Sprint and Spoke to 7 people and spent 2 hours on the phone and they couldn't solve the problem.  The eventually decided that it was a Google voice issue and it is a 3rd party that they don't support.  I called Google voice as Sprint gave me a number to call, google representative told me that they don't have live support and I would have to look into the google voice support.  I saw a lot of people who are having the same problem that I am having with this integration and no one has the solution for it.  That is why I am posting this message....Hopping that someone with more knowledge would help me integrate my account with my Google voice number as I have reached a dead end with this issue.


      I recently went to a Sprint store and the rep over there told me that since I have switched to iPhone 4S, I am not able to do the integration due to the fact that Apple and Google are having a lawsuit.  I really think that this guy was just trying to get red of me as he reached a dead end with this issue too.


      I went to Sprint.com and went to the "my preferences" for your number.  Under My Preferences there is a section called "Limits and Permissions" with different links.  I made sure that  "Block Texts" and "Block Voice" where not blocked.


      Any help you can provide me would be appreciated

    • 58. Re: Sprint - Google Voice Integration Issue
      Mike436 Regular Visitor
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      I have a similar problem as noted by nameer_2011 except when I request the option to intergrate my phone number it says my phone number is eligible to port for $20 so it's not recongnizing it's a sprint phone number. I did check under settings to see if I could just re enable but no option anywhere. Only things that show on my google voice page is old text messages from 9 months ago when I disabled. The only reason I disabled in the first place is because something went very wrong with google voice and I was unable to make any outbound calls without getting a busy signal. As soon as I disable was able to make calls again as usual. Would really like to re enable since I've read that apparently that issue had been fixed. Thanks.

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