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  • 15. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    naplesplus Newbie
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    Works instantly! I hooked it up to my router - just using an open port on the back of the router (rather than routing all internet through the airave) and it works perfectly, instantly.  4-5 bars inside the house, 1-3 bars outside.  It switches between networks so seamlessly that I don't even realize when its going from the airave to the regular tower. -Ken, Naples, FL Affordable Trapping

  • 17. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    jonjun Newbie
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    I just connect the Ethernet cable between WAN on Airave and one port of my wireless router.

    Initially, the mobile light still blink. Later I configured my wireless router to enable ports 53, 500, 4500 and 52428 as indicated in the article:


    It works fine now. No need to do anything described by your post.

  • 18. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    good_guy Regular Visitor
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    To get my airave to work after a router - I just assigned a static address and had the router set that address to DMZ - the airave is just fine . . . people new to the airave need to know that the airave can take 5 to 20 minutes from reset/power to being "ready"


    After reading lijunsprint's reply, I'll try turning DMZ off and enable those ports as listed for kicks :-)

  • 19. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    RC1024 Gold Expert
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    When we were trained to support the Airave unit we were told to allow 2 hours for initialization, and network provisioning depending on your Quality of service levels, and other statistics it may take longer than 20 minutes. in case anybody is interested we also have been asked to check for these ports TCP 5060 & 5061, UDP 53, 67, 68, 500, & 4500. we also look for Jitter to be less than 5ms, packet loss less than 1%, Quality of service above 80%, download over 1Mbps, Upload over 350 Kbps.  Considering all of this the simplest answer would be to connect the unit directly to your modem instead of after the router, the Airave supports change to MAC authentication, and PPPOE.

  • 20. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    jonjun Newbie
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    For the convenience of users, it should work on the current setup of their home network. That is,

    1) As long as their wireless router has a free port, Airave should work as another computer connecting to Internet through their home network.

    2) The need of opening special ports should be eliminated if possible, or at least to only one port.


    Requiring AirAve directly connecting to broadband modem causes big hassle to the consumers (reconfigure PPPoE etc.). Besides, AirAve may not be designed to be a good router anyway.


    BTW, what is this three beeps before calling? How can I disable it? It is annoying. It happens after yesterday I tried *99 on my phones. 

  • 21. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    RC1024 Gold Expert
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    I do see where it would be more convenient, however some cable and DSL service providers feel they require the additional security that is offered via PPPOE authentication, and/or MAC address verification. If you choose to connect the Airave behind a router depending on its firewall the port exceptions may be necessary. You will also find that changing PPPOE and MAC filtering settings in the airave is far easier than in most routers. the only situation I have seen where it is absolutely cannot be avoided to connect the airave after the router is for cable and DSL modems that have the router integrated into the modem. for the Beeps I have always had customer's mention these to me, and thought it was expected to hear these, if you did not hear them before you dialed *99 and you are certain that you were connected to the Airave then I may suggest resetting the Airave from the admin menu, otherwise I would expect those tones.

  • 22. Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    rlanza1054 Regular Visitor
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    Hi all,

    This is to anyone interested in answering!


    OK finally  Sprint was kind enough to supply me with an Airwave due to a bad signal  for all the years I've been with Sprint. I guess they finally felt sorry  for me (they kept promising to add a tower in my neighborhood).  So  kootos to Sprint!


    The model I received looks different from the  icon picture on Sprint's website. I have model: HubBub C1-600 RT.  I'm  not sure if this one does 'cellphone only', 'cellphone plus 3G' or  'cellphone plus 3G and 4G'.  Doesn't matter that much to me, since I  always have my cellphone (smartphone) set to 'wifi' in the house.


    My question resolves around placement of the Airware, behind the  router (wireless) (which is what I am planning as well as everyone in  this thread) or ahead of my wireless routers.


    I have a special  issue here that no one has mentioned, I own an OOma Phone system (voip)  which I recently switched to from Vonage.


    Ooma is basically a free  phone system, you only pay taxes.  I have the premium service, so for 1  line I pay $9, and my second line I pay $3, that's $13 per month which  you pay yearly.  I paid $120 and I'm done for the year, no bills.


    Vonage's system used an Linksys router (non-wireless). 


    Ooma  uses there own thing-a-ma-bob, router (non-wireless), answering system,  and Bluebooth enabled.  So that means when I get an incoming call, it  can ring my cellphone as long as I have my cellphone's bluetooth turned  and connected to the Ooma system.


    So Ooma is connected directly to my 'cable modem',


    Then  I have the rest of my house on 3 'Trendnet' wireless routers, with DHCP  turned off.  The Ooma system is doing all the routing.  It's not the  most full-featured router as far as setting 'port forwarding' but it  does have the basics.


    So I do need to be careful about QOS, with  the Ooma system, it is not as good as my Vonage system (I am having  trouble with faxing thru the Ooma system).


    Back to the original  question, should I place the Airwave behind the Ooma sytem, or put the  Ooma system behind the Airwave.  My Trendnet routers, even though they  would be a better front end router (directly attached to the cable  modem), I was an am concerned about QOS.


    Should I try using a  Trendnet as the router (connected to the cable modem) and then branch  off with 2 networks, one to the Ooma system and one to the Airwave.    That is a possibilty?


    I think for the moment, until I hear your  opinions, I will follow JUSTINRCOHEN's method, of behind the router, in  this case, behind my Ooma router.


    Thanks for any input or comments!



  • 23. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    noneyeah Regular Visitor
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    I use ooma as well. Honestly, I never really even considered placing ooma directly behind the cable modem. My setup has always been: from the cable modem to the router then from the router to ooma and airave. The router was Trendnet, but I have switched to Asus since then. No issues with ooma with either setup (other than occasional trouble while faxing - same as you).


  • 24. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    rlanza1054 Regular Visitor
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    Right now I hooked it up according to the manual.  So now the Airware is attached to the cable modem and I have the Ooma system hanging off the Airwave.

    But I have to move it.

    I got it working a bit, but I still can't get a GPS signal, I have the external antenna hooked up and the base of that antenna right on the window sill (spelling).

    So not sure why it can't pick up a GPS signal at this point.  Still green flashing.

    However, my cellphone is being recognized by the Airwave.

    I never tried to put my Trendnet's first and the Ooma system and the Airwave behind the Trendnet.

    You seemed to mention that you had trouble with the Trendnet's doing this kind of setup.  What kind of trouble did you have with the Trendnet?

    I was actually considering to put a swtich hanging off the cable modem and hooking up the Airwave, Ooma and possibly the Trendnet and testing if the cable modem will supply more than one internet address?  Has anyone ever tried that?


  • 25. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    MakeItEasier Regular Visitor
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    I just plugged my Airave in and it worked.  If you are going to all this trouble, you may have changed your router settings so it doesn't support DHCP. 99% of the routers should just work.  Be patient, it takes the Airave quite a while.  Go have a meal, then comeback. It should be working. (DHCP allows plug and play internet connections via the router).

  • 26. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    mallmanmallman Newbie
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    i cant get this to work UNLESS i run a second cable from the airave lan port to another lan port on my router.  Airave is, wireless router is, DHCP range on router is  I place the airave ip address in the DMZ (as well as not putting it there with neither working).  Ive used 2 different routers as well.  The airave shows as having a boradband connection with blinking mobile light.  I left it sitting overnight and it never worked.  Again, it only works, and do es so within seconds, if i plus in a second cable to my router from the lan port of the airave.  So, 2 cables connecting it to my router.  why???

  • 27. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    GeekOfTexas Bronze Expert
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    If you want to run your Airave after your router, you do not have to do all this. Just give the Airave a static IP lease and put it in a DMZ (or port forward UDP ports 53, 500, 4500 and 52428).


    When you access the Airave admin page, you are only adjusting the ROUTER part of the Airave.  As you are not using it for a router, your extensive changes really accomplish nothing.

  • 28. Re: Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    SteveSybesma Regular Visitor
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    Found a gem for you guys:

    Didn't see any posts about unlocking/unblocking Telnet on the Airvana but searching around the internet I found that unlock/unblock Telnet can apparently be done.

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the complete string from the browser status line because it truncates after since my IP address is different so I could access the webpage for the Airvana.


    NOTE: I was able to verify that this works by connecting with a LAN cable directly to the Airvana when it was reset to the default IP.

    Telnet is now unblocked and when I got in, it showed a Busybox prompt.

    The only useful thing so far that I did was correct the date and time from what it was showing before (Dec 1999).

  • 29. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router
    JPWhistler Regular Visitor
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    I'm going to give this a try tonight.  It contains some great info on port forwarding in the router that I haven't done before, and which I hope will fix the problem I have when placing the Airave after the router.

    Whenever I've tried the setup of: Moden --> Router |--> Airave

                                                                             |--> Network

    The Airave works, but will always drop the call after about two minutes. 

    I really dislike having the Airave sit between my Modem and my Router/Network.  This setup also kills my VNC access, which I really miss!

    Thank you for sharing your experience on this and I'll let you know how it works out!

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