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This LG Optimus phone sucks

Canwilliams Newbie
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I've had it since April 2011, and I've had problems with it ever since. I called customer service when I first had problems, which was within the 30 days of purchase. The lady told me I'd have to pay a restocking fee if I returned the defective phone for the Kyocera phone that just came out. Now the touch sensitizer doesn't work properly and the charger doesn't work. When I went to the Sprint store, they told me to contact the manufacturer to replace the charger and that they updated my phone. This is absurb, I was a T-mobile customer for 5 years and had 3 different phones with them. One of the phones was defective and they swapped it out for me. I didn't have to call the manufacturer. Eventually, I called the manufacturer after getting over being ****** about having to do all this extra work for a horrible cell phone. The manufacturer told me that I'd have to ship the charger in at my own expense so that they can determine if it's defective. Now, my cell phone is dead all the time and when it's not dead, the touch function on my phone doesn't work properly.It took me 3 hours to unlock the password on my cell phone. This is a horrible cell phone. Sprint was my first ever cell phone carrier back in 1999/2000 and I left in 2004 due to poor customer service and refusing to upgrade my cellphone two months earlier because the phone fell apart. This is the second cell phone that I've received from sprint that is horrible and frustrating to use. Is any one else having issues with this phone? I think they need to recall this cell phone. As you can see, I'm not about to pay any extra money for this phone. If I pay any extra money, it will be for a whole new phone with a whole new provider.

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    I see that your question is, "Is any one else having issues with this phone?"  In response to your question, my answer would be "no."  I understand that is probably not the answer you are looking for.  I currently have three Optimus phones, and none of them have experienced any of the issues you mention.  One was purchased in November last year, one in December, and one in January this year (just before they added the smartphone fee).  I have not yet had to take any of them to the Sprint store or have them replaced.


    In my opinion, the Optimus is the best Android phone I have ever had on my account.  However, I only have experience with the Samsumg Moment, Intercept, and Transform.  The Kyocera that was out at the time had such poor ratings that I did not give it a chance.  I played with it at the store, but it was unimpressive.  I went with the Optimus, and have been pleased with my decision ever since.  It runs very smoothly, and has great battery life (probably due to the 600mhz processor).  The 512MB RAM memory makes it very responsive, even when several applications are running.  Apps2sd makes it capable of handing a number of applications, but I think I would have preferred more than 512MB of ROM for app storage.  On the other hand, perhaps that's saving my budget a little. :-)


    It's really too bad that you have had such a poor history with phones.  Once you find a phone that works for you, it can be quite a relief, I know from experience!  I've heard that the iPhone's and the Blackberry's reliability is greater than an Android phone, I just don't have any experience with those.

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    Canwilliams Newbie
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    You haven't had problems but I just read another post of someone who is having similar issues. Oh and I forgot to mention that when I went to the sprint store, another lady had the same exact phone with other issues. Clearly the phone sucks, maybe you got a good batch. On the other hand, I've had a G1 with T-mobile. Never had a problem and still thinks it's one of the best not alone the first android phone out there. I also have a Evo 4g for a year now and it is great. Third android phone and it sucks anus, plus it's a newer version than yours. Maybe they forgot to add quality in the newer batches of phones.

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    rachelsanche Newbie
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    I'm with can this phone sucks I've had it also since april having problems constantly including the charger. If i didn't need it so bad i would run over it.

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    tiffum123 Newbie
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    I am having problems with it too. I have had the phone for 7 months and I am already in the process of replacing it for the 6th time. It freezes, power cycles, will not charge or turns off and then refuses to turn back on.

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    beliving Bronze Expert
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    I think there are two batches, and I have the older model.  The newer model was supposed to have some update to the screen, but I don't know exactly what that means.  I know the update made the screen unusable during the rooting process, so it was probably intended to prevent rooting.  Perhaps it's also having unintended side affects that you are mentioning.


    My personal opinion is that the phone still has an SD card issue that makes it act funny with a class 2 SD card.  Would anyone be willing to upgrade their SD card to a class 6 sd card that's 4GB or more?  Then we can see if that makes a difference in the phone.  I have a class 6 card of 8GB.

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    FIREDREAMER08 Newbie
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    i had to replace my 3 times and it still not working right now they want me to get down grade to fix it

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    portrait821 Newbie
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    Mine only chargges to 15% and turns off every time i go to do something and it is rarely not frozen.

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    I'd like to add this comments here : My LG Optimus S (1st Android o/s toy) has been passable for the last 2 months regarding power consumption and it would run out of juice after 15 hrs. on a average on standby. I could buy an upgraded battery if there is a guarantee for longlasting power as described in product literature. But I doubt LG could guarantee anything becasue the original battery does not hold what is supposed to have. So, simply have my toy plug it in to charge up everynite is my way to deal with this issue.

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    HollyJoP Newbie
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    I'm in the same boat with you Fire!  I'm currently on my thrid Optimus S since December 1st, with #4 to arrive today or tomorrow!  They'll gladly let me change phones, to ones that are downgrades.  SERIOUSLY!?!?!  This is their last chance to keep me as a customer.  If I have one single problem, even a hiccup, with this phone, I'm pulling my account with three lines, and my husband is pulling his with three lines as well!  I'm so done with this company and their inept ability to provide acceptable customer service!  And don't even get me started on the abusive employees at one of my local Sprint stores!  Why should I pay to continue to go through this?  Why would anyone?  But Sprint doesn't care!  I offered to pay to get a different, but better phone.  They said that is not an option.  So we'll see what happens with this replacement arrives as to how much longer I am a Sprint customer!

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    jaylynnsmom520 Newbie
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    I am having a lot of problems with my LG Optimus. I have had the phone exchanged out, i have been to the local Sprint store at least 4 times to report my phone not working ! They have taken my phone and rest it more than twice. I can not even get a full charge on my phone. I have to update the phone 3 or 4 times a day. I have droped calls all day long. I also have Wi-Fi Hotspot but it always turns on and kicks me off after maybe 20 mins. my screen freezes and it also powers down for no reason. I hate this phone. Of course my local Sprint Store satys my phone is fine. What a joke!!!! My signal strength is always low and reading numbers like -98... I live about 8 mins away from my local Sprint Store. In there store I have cell bars but as soon as I leave there goes my signal! I am going to check out T-moble  !!

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    SandiMiller2 Newbie
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    I am having alot of problems with my Optimus too.  It does not hold a charge very long, you would think with all the things you are supposed to be able to do with these new 3G & 4g phones they would provide a better stronger battery.

    Also the other problem is I keep getting 2 errors:

      1. low on space

      2. text message memory full ( so I cant receive texts, I can send though)??????

    has anyone else had these problems?

    I went to the Sprint store & they told me I have to go to a repair store to have it checked out.  I got the phone in May 2011, I had an Instinct before & only had 1 problem & they replaced the phone for me & did not have any other problems.

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    MISSANN302 Newbie
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    I've never had any major plms with mine...jus that it texts characters sometimes on its own.

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    sfc712 Newbie
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    I agree with you!  This phone is absolutely horrible.  I get repeated messages that the phone storgage space is running low, text messages are rejected because it says the text message limit is full.  Even after deleting all but a few messages it continues to reject incoming text messages.  Now I understand why this phone was free!

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    Spazarro Regular Visitor
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    i had same issues also low storage txt memory full notifications. I did surf the web alot and txted abt 300 a day then i learned to go into settings.Then i went to applications.then went thru all the apps that had large amounts of data like maps and browser and etc.I cleared the cache and i did d/l a app killer and i havent had any issues since with my optimus.I had it since june 2011.

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