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Insurance with Sprint ?

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Hi before we sign up for the insurance, Sprint never mentioned about extra charge about claiming but when we have problems with the phone sprint is trying to find excuses of the problem to charge an extra ? 100 ? for replacing the smart phone ? why do we pay the insurance for then, don't you think if we pay the insurance because we are afraid of something to happen to the phone but it comes to claiming, there are always excuses ? I think sprint need to look into this matter...otherwise do not offer the insurance ..specially we have been paying for years ? anyone ?

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    Asurion is the insurance carrier and when you sign up they have a info brochure document they mail to the billing address.  All insurance plans have deductibles.  Asurion is the carrier for most wireless service providers and their deductibles and practices are standardized across all carriers.  You should have been TOLD about making a claim and I do apologize that this wasn't done.

    Asurion's website is for more information.


    Larry ~ OKIESTRO

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    My husband's HTC EVO Shift started doing weird things about 2 months ago; service couldn't do anything about it.  Now the screen does not work to unlock in normal position, internal speaker has stopped working, and the backlights are not working.  Texts send 15 times repeatedly, phone freezes, and he can't access updates - they just keep going and going; never loading.  Have had the phone less than a year and have been paying insurance on it for that entire time.  Sprint sent me through to Asurion and once she got all the information informed me that there was a $100 deductible which I was NEVER informed of...EVER...I've had insurance on two of my phones for over three years.  I am livid.  We paid over $300 for a phone and 10 months later it fails to perform with no damage and having paid for insurance and now they want another $100?  WHAT A FREAKIN' rip off.  As the phone is not even a year old - I'm hoping Sprint honors the warranty on the phone...if not?  We'll be seeking new services for our family and business...

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    correct me if im wrong which there is a strong possiblity there but arent the majority of the phones out there covered for a year. if i remember right the evo4G was covered by htc for one year..or maybe it was covered by sprint for one year. either way the phone should be covered up until then at the least not including damages  done by the owner of the phone.

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    fireguy  most phones have a 1 year manufactures warranty  if total equipment protection or extended service and repair options are accepted  then sprint would take care of covered problems   Warranty does not cover  physical damage water damage lost or stolen   Warranty on the EVO would be thru HTC.   Asurion covers thing like water damage and physical damage TEP or Equipment replacement plan is  put on the account

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    yah thats it. i know my TEP covered a touch screen issue i had a while back. fixed in the repair store.

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