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Phone storage space is getting low

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I've been having an issue with my phone saying that the storage space is low. I saw posts that said to move everything to my SD card, which is what I did. The problem is in my internal memory. I have cleared out the cache for different programs, and even deleted a lot of apps, to no avail. I was able to have a lot of apps on my phone for over a year with no problems, and then all of a sudden this started. I'm not able to receive texts or my email on my phone. I'm always really good about keeping my mail updated and clearing it out on a pretty consistent basis. I could really use some assistance with this. It is getting very frustrating.

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    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    I know exactly what you are talking about.  This happens to me from time to time.  If you have cleared away as much room as you can and still it says not enough memory you may have to do a factory reset (home/menu/settings/sd&phone storage/factory data reset)  Your lack of memory may be due to a malfunction of the rom or some application.  If you decide to reset the phone, back up your contacts (people/menu/import export/export to SD card), and make sure you know your gmail address & password (so you can get back your applications) well as any email addresses set up on your phone.

    I hope this resolves your issue


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    KATRINAT10 Newbie
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    Thank you. I think I will try the factory reset. Hopefully this will help.

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    yes, this has been happening after the update to 2.3.3.  I hemorrage internal space constantly and never did before the update.  The malfunctioning ROM in question is Sprint's 2.3.3 for the Evo and they need to fix this and all the bugs.

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    robotaholic Gold Expert
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    My known issues list for the Evo 4G states that we are working on another MR that should fix a lot of issues. Hopefully it will address the memory issues that some have been having.   I don't have an ETA unfortunately. 

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    APLUSCOMPSERV Regular Visitor
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    We should all have a chance tobe able to download all aps to our External Memeory chip and install from there to the Ext memory rather than the phones memeory. I noticed that some app that are downlaoded do in fact go to the external memory  so why doesn;t all downloaded apps go to the external memory or at least give us the opportunity to go to external memory chip?


    Will the HTC update coming fix this issue?

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    cityw5 Expert
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    I am now having the same problem.  Get a low memory warning and delete an app and it disappears.  a day or two later, the warning appears again, delete another app and it disappears.  The cycle is continuing.

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    Docc Valued Member
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    What I've notice on EVO is that some apps accumlates data the more I use it, not talking about the cache... for example Pandora and Facebook app, the more I used Pandora more data gets added. I started off with 1.27mb as I kept using it I notice that the data went up to almost 8mb, so when I clear the data it goes back down to 1.27mb and the rest is added back to my memory, Facebook does the same thing,

    The downside to this is that once I clear the data I have to log back into Pandora and Facebook but I least I would get my space back even though it sucks to have to this every so often


    You might have apps that are doing the same thing,

    I would not recommend clearing data on games or notes unless you have it backup online,


    As for as the mail app, remember when you delete it's located your trash so you might have to empty the trash, also set for 7 days instead of 14 or 30 the more mail the more space used,....with gmail as I delete certain amount of emails space is added back, can not find a trash folder in gmail

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    fireguy_6364 Master
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    i did all that. it was weird. i would gain maybe a mb or 2...and then a few minutes later i would lose that. then memory started dropping like crazy. i finaly had to FR the phone which sucked. now here and there im getting the "unmounted sd card" notification. the weird part is i still had half the internal memory unused. i checked it the day before any of this happened. it just happens out of nowhere. sudden drop and the warning notifications

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