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Update on Photon Silent Calls and Lockup Issues

jf1957 Valued Member
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My first Photon had a couple of issues...

-Inability to answer calls as the phone would lock up

-Phone seemingly shutting off

-15-20 second delays at times when making a call for the dialer to actually dial, no matter how strong the signal

-"Silent calls" where I couldn't hear the person I was speaking to although at times they could hear me.


Replaced the phone yesterday and so far none of tha bove but rather a new issue. As I sit here where my past phones have had full signal, this one goes from full to none and just sits there bouncing back and forth. Additionally, the WIFI, even sitting right next to my router shows at most low level signal whereas every android phone I've owned, including the last Photon had great WIFI reception.

Why, why, why, can't companies really check these darned things out rather than having us spend our time and frustration beta testing them for free???

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