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Enter Now For The Blackberry®  PlayBook™ WiFi Trial

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OK campers, now's the time to enter your nomination for the Blackberry Playbook WiFi Trial. Remember that trick assignment in high school where you were supposed to read all the instructions before beginning? This post is kinda like that. Here are the details on how to qualify and enter:


  1. Send an email to - please note, private messages or emails sent to other email addresses will not be considered.
  2. The first five qualified responders will be chosen. How do you qualify? Glad you asked:


  1. You must be a current Sprint Premier customer in good standing.
  2. You must not have already participated in another trial this calendar year.
  3. If active on the Sprint Community, you must adhere to Sprint Community guidelines.
  4. You must agree to use the PlayBook for 30 days and post about your experiences on the Premier Community.


Here are the details on the device:

Blackberry® PlayBook™ Tablet

BlackBerry goodness, amazing web and rich multimedia fun on 7" HD touchscreen

Fire up the Wi-Fi and get ready for a totally uncompromised web experience, complete with Adobe® Flash® 10.1 and HTML5 support for those rich graphics and videos. Powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM, the PlayBook will help you multitask and manage apps like a fiend on a single screen. Plus, the 3MP HD forward-facing camera, 5MP HD rear-facing camera and 1080p HD video output are sure to take your multimedia capabilities to the next level.

Got a BlackBerry smartphone?
Bridge it to the PlayBook, via Bluetooth® and the BlackBerry Bridging™ app, for real-time access to your email, calendar, address book, files, tasks list and BlackBerry Messenger™ contacts.

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