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HTC Evo Shift 4G touch screen problem..

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The touch screen on my phone just stopped working after I did the last update. It will work sometimes but now not at all. It doesn't do anything when I touch it, what do I do?! And when I make or receive calls, I can only hear them if it is on speaker phone. Is anyone else having that problem?

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    raylitherland67 Sprint Employee
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    I am sorry that you have been having problems with your evo shift since updating your device. It definitely sounds like a device issue to me. You may want to take t to the closest service and repair store, If you have TEP(Total Equipment Replacement), there will be no charge to have you phone tested and if need be repaired and or replaced. If you don't have TEP, there may be a charge of $35.00.


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    Saratheterra Regular Visitor
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    Im having both of these problems since the update and it really ****** me off. I loved this phone before the updates now i wish i never got it. With each update it breaks the phone more.

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    Jtwerning Regular Visitor
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    I have also experienced touch screen problems. Every now and again the touch screen just wont work. I press some of my apps or folders and they do nothing, I have to go into applications and force stop HTC Sense to fix the issue.


    Just another bug added to the list. This phone has become a complete waste of money. Thanks sprint/HTC

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    labbayk Newbie
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    I am having the same problem. The phones come with a one year warranty from HTC so come Monday morning I am going to make an angry phone call. Why would you market a [....] touch screen phone when you can't work out its issues when the phone is touch dependent?? I am left at the mercy of this [....] phone to make a simple phone call. This happened to my Hero and I dont know why I bought another HTC phone from Sprint. I opted for the keyboard option this time just in case this kind of [....]happens. Wow was I right. And no, I did not purchase a TEP or what ever [....]plan. I expect things I pay hundreds of dollars for to work. I have a case on the phone, no water damage, and take pain staking care to make sure this delicate [....] works and the best answer you can give someone who is having the same problem is that they might have to PAY to have it tested? Well Sprint, I see good things in your future. This is [....] and HTC is going to replace my phone. I am not buying another, nor am I renewing this contract. I'd rather lose ulimited data than put up with this [....] any longer.


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    soopahman Expert
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    I have the update now, and haven't experienced this or some of the other strange issues. The potential explanations for why this might be:


    1. You have a bad device that always had issues and the update made them noticeable. I doubt this is the case.

    2. You got a bad version of the ROM, for example by downloading it over the Sprint network which is notoriously unreliable (I downloaded mine over my wifi, which is alright). This seems likely.

    3. Sprint actually had a bad ROM up for a while, then realized when the forum was awash with issues, and quietly replaced it with a fixed one without telling anyone. I have my doubts about this, but it does seem people who updated early ran into a lot of issues, and people who waited seemed to do OK. I call this plausible but not likely.


    I suspect taking the phone to a Sprint store and having them put 2.3 on again, manually from the store, will solve this. Please let us know if it does... it would rule out #1.

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    TheEditor Newbie
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    I am having similar problems with my Evo Shift. I got it a couple of weeks ago, and it worked fine until yesterday. Now, sometime just moving my phone makes random apps open. And when I touch one app, either nothing will happen or a completely different app will open. Other times, I will touch to load an app and my address book will randomly pop open and make a call. What gives?

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    HaLo17 Regular Visitor
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    Every now and then my phones screen will not respond either. This issue has become a nuance as it is becoming more frequent. Usually all I have to do is lock then unlock the phone, but I had to shut off the phone at least once. Hopefully this issue does not get progressively worse.

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    djk2g Newbie
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    My HTC Evo is having an issue now after the update (4.53.651.1) where people can't hear me. Its the craziest thing too. I am having a good conversation and then they just start saying "hello? are you still there? HELLO?". I am in good service area, 4 bars or more and yet each call that i have tells me the same thing. It didn't do this before the update to (4.53.651.1) is this being looked into?

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    Saratheterra Regular Visitor
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    I took my phone in about a week ago and they had to just replace it. I suspect it will be the same for all of you. Hope you have insurance.

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    LORIV1969 Newbie
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    I got my HTC EVO shift in February this year and am now on my 4th refurbed one.  Have had so many issues.  The original had a damaged internal antenna.  The last 3 including my current one has acted like it was possessed.  Screens open and close on their own, part of the touch screen will not work, phone resets itself etc.  I will be getting my 5th phone tomorrow, but will be switching to the EVO instead of the EVO shift.  Was told there is a known problem with the shift but there isn't a fix for it yet.  I wish I had been told this (or read these posts) after my second phone so I maybe could have switched way back then.  It's been a pain in the backside having to reload 4 phones in 7 months (will be 5 on Wed.) but to Sprint's credit I haven't shelled out a dime for any of it and their customer service technicians are the best.  It's not their fault they are governed by the rules Sprint has for them.  For instance.....I am going to switch to the EVO but was told I only "qualify" for a white phone.  OK, I don't care what color my phone is, I really don't but it seems kind of ridiculous that you can only qualify for a certain color, which by the way was on backorder?  And one other thing that irritates me you pay a lot of money for a phone that only works 3 months and instead of being given a new one you get refurbs that more than likely have the same issue as the previous owner had considering its a phone defect....and after 4 phones you have had to take back you would think at some point they would give up giving you a refurb!  Again, the technicians and customer service are excellent with what they have to work with, I just think Sprint needs to take a look at some of their policies and see if they can't fix a lot of this redundancy and customer frustration element on the refurb policies.  And if HTC and/or Sprint has a KNOWN issue with the phone....instead of waiting for a fix to come through which is doubtful will happen considering how long this has gone on...why not give your customers the option right off the bat to switch to another phone and pull the EVO Shift from your shelves???

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