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Early upgrade eligibility for iPhone?

Matt1.21 Valued Member
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I believe the iPhone is definitely coming in October.  Question is, will Sprint let me upgrade my contract earlier than 2 years to get it?  I am not eligible for a 2 year upgrade until July 2012.  Will they make me pay the regular price for an October upgrade since they know everyone will want the phone?    I want to get it when it comes out in October since Apple would probably have a whole new phone by July 2012.

I just hope that Sprint will have some flexibility when it comes to upgrading phone when the iPhone comes out.

  • 1. Early upgrade eligibility for iPhone?
    RC1024 Gold Expert
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    Hello 1113Harrison, I know that Iphone is a hot subject around here as of late, as you are likely aware we cannot comment one way or another on if we are getting an Iphone. At this time I have not been told anything which would lead me to believe that you will be allowed to upgrade early. this may change in the future, but I have no way to know.

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    BucksFloBx Expert
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    Honesty the moderator and admin are not going to let us know at all. I have a close friend that use to work with sprint show me a Memo regarding about the iPhone 5 we just have to wait

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    I think it would be standard upgrades. I don't recall any other carrier allowing upgrades when they got the iphone. Now if you were upgrading your plan too, say to an everything plan, then they might be a little more flexible. That's what AT&T did. Since there were few smart phones at the time, they developed a plan for the iphone. Current customers could upgrade their plans + extend their contracts, for discounts on the iphone. The discounts weren't great - not as good as being out of contract.


    Sometimes it's not bad to wait it out on a new phone. Youre letting other people work out the bugs.

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    I can't see Sprint allowing you to upgrade10 months early. I would suggest that you get the 900 minute plan and wait three months to be a gold member. That's what I did, but remember, it's expensive. After my plan, $10.00 premium data, and insurance, plus fees my monthly bill is $116.00 and change. The iPhone is a great device, I have owned the 3Gs and the iPhone 4 and like I said, it's a great device but you can't customize anything without jail breaking it and voiding your warranty. That's why I sold my iPhone 4 a got an EVO. Couldn't be happier!

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    Upgrade early for a rumor? where is it confirmed sprint and iPhone?

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    OLORCAIN3 Valued Member
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    Wow Mr. Harrison are you somebody really important that you should get an upgrade 9 months early?  I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you lol.

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