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Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch

JerDog1976 Regular Visitor
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12/7: Sprint has finally released via OTA EK02 which should hopefully fix the LOS issues. Samsung also released the kernel source today - and from the looks of it, they also fixed a bunch of other issues Sprint won't admit to (or maybe they didn't know about....).


9/29: Shane_M has responded from Sprint with this message:

"The loss of signal issue is an official known issue, Sprint and Samsung are aware of this issue and it will be addressed in a maintenence release. This information is posted on our known issues board and should be accessible by any care or technical support representative you speak with."


This is a growing problem - did a quick search and didn't find anything in here....

The issue is the phone will go into "No Signal" mode randomly and the only way to get out of it is to reboot the phone.  Happens when in sleep mode; with and without wifi on; standing on your head; kissing your wife. Here are the messages spouted in Logcat when it happens:


  • I/TelephonyRegistry( 2716): notifyServiceState: 1 home Searching for service...    Unknown CSS not supported 0 0RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
  • I/StatusBarPolicy( 2835): onServiceStateChanged-S:1 home Searching for service...    Unknown CSS not supported 0 0RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false
  • D/Mms/SmsReceiverService( 5897): [Mms/SmsReceiverService][SMS]Receiver handleMessage : Action =android.intent.action.SIM_STATE_CHANGED
  • D/PhoneApp( 2874): - state: DISCONNECTED
  • D/PhoneApp( 2874): - reason: radioTurnedOff
  • I/TelephonyRegistry( 2716): notifyServiceState: 3 home null null null  Unknown CSS not supported -1 -1RoamInd: -1DefRoamInd: -1EmergOnly: false


Anyone see a problem here?  SIM_STATE_CHANGED?  radioTurnedOff?


  • 1. Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    dionnow1 Regular Visitor
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    I can confim I've had the same issue from day one.  Unfortunetely I just wiped my phone so I dont have the logs to corroberate.

  • 2. Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    cliffy21 Newbie
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    same here.  has happened a couple times to mine and the wifes phone.  reboot brings it back.  airplane mode does nothing.

  • 3. Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    Advancedx2 Newbie
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    I can confirm I have this issue as well. Signal lost, searches signal, requires reboot to reacquire.


    Sprint... please urge Samsung to fix this problem in the next patch.

  • 4. Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    Aphex_ Newbie
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    I can confirm this also, it has happend anywhere from 1 - 4 times a day. There have also been times when the icons do not change to LOS simply data is gone but 3G and vars remain on screen. If I toggle airplane mode in that situation LOS icons appear after the toggle.

    If I toggle Airplane mode or 3G data during LOS nothing comes back, the only way to get service back is a reboot.

    I also did a logcat -b radio after the LOS happened. Here is where you can get it


    It looks to be a problem with RIL, no service makes me a sad panda



  • 5. Re: Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    JerDog1976 Regular Visitor
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    I just had this again on my device and I used DDMS to dump the device state.  Enjoy Sprint/Samsung.

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/549521/device-state.txt  (zip file included here)

    NOTE: you can't use Notepad to view, you need something like Notepad ++ due to Unix CR/LF.....

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    Shane_M Sprint Employee
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         We've got a few reports of people experiencing this and we're looking into it, further information is definitely needed, if you're willing to help run some specific logs and test for this issue please send me a private message and in the subject line put Epic Touch LoS issue and I will send you the instructions for providing additional information.

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    MarcAntonyy Newbie
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    Awesome Shane - glad to see you guys are receptive to the community and willing to work with us to resolve this.   I just came over to Sprint for the E4GT, so I'm thrilled to see it.

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    rezkhan Regular Visitor
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    Same exact problem, sometimes no data connections at all. failed text msgs and call drops. becoming very annoying as it is happening more often now. never had issue with palm pre at same exact location

  • 9. Re: Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    yveette123 Newbie
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    Same problem for me. No signal or very bad connection where it was fine with my old HTC Hero.

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    tatsmakemesmile Newbie
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    i just expierenced this issue today for the first time..phone was being quite and took it out of the case and big zero with the line threw it...wat the **** sprint ???

  • 11. Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    rypez12 Newbie
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    I have been having similar issues. Multiple times a day I am losing signal and getting roaming notifications and my data speeds when I am connected are horrible. My service in this area was ok with me evo 4g last week but since I got the SGSII it is almost unusable. I am in 32955. If you have any information that could help I would really appreciate it.

  • 12. Re: Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    BMRISKO83 Newbie
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    I am experiencing this same issue as well.  The only way I have found to re-establish signal is to re-start the phone.  My Touch Pro2 did not experience this issues in the same exact location (desk at work).  The phone is awesome, but this issue is getting extremely frustrating.

  • 13. Re: Loss of Signal on Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    graffix192 Regular Visitor
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    This is something I posted on XDA so I'm pasting it here. The first part was written this afternoon and the EDITS were done about an hour ago

    So I have had LOS a few times since I got my phone. Just a few  minutes ago I got LOS after a phone call and it remained that way.   AbsolutZeroGI on IRC wanted me to try something whlile I had LOS before I  rebooted. I went into the task manager, selected the ram tab and then  pressed the clear button. That didnt bring service back but after I did  that I did get the roaming notification(but still had LOS) so I plugged  my phone into my PC(not to try to fix it but to boot into recovery) and  then I noticed my signal came back without a reboot as soon as I plugged  in the cable. Now I'm not really sure if/why plugging in the USB would  correct this or if it was just a coincidence or if it fixed it. Although  I know the other times I had LOS it didnt come back until a reboot no  matter how long I waited.. So I would like to run a test..


    The next time you get LOS go into the taskmanager, select the ram tab and then click clear, then plug your phone into your PC(Edit: While your screen is off)

    . Did your signal come back or do you still have LOS?





    I just got home, was sending a few text messages had a signal, put my  phone down, came back and turned on the screen and I had no service. So I  came back to my PC to test this out again. When I came back to the PC I  had a PM from AbsolutZeroGI. He told me he just got the LOS and the  steps didnt work. And so far I've been the only one to get it to come  back without a reboot. So I tried again.. I plugged it in and unplugged  it multiple times... nothing.. still no service, I tried to remember the  exact steps I did the first time and I thought "when I plugged it in  and it worked was my screen on or off" So I tried one more time. I  turned the screen off, waited a few minutes, had the usb cable plugged  into the pc then plugged in the phone. I waited a few more seconds,  turned the screen on and boom, I had almost all the bars but no 3G icon  and a few seconds later the 3g icon came back on.


    So here is my theory: When the screen goes off maybe there is a bug in  the sleep process that somehow causes the LOS. When you wake it,  whatever it is that disabled it, doesnt re-enable it so it "thinks" it's  still sleeping, until it's back in sleep mode and something like  plugging in the usb wakes it for usb debugging. So I think it somehow  goes into a deep sleep and doesnt fully wake up when the screen goes on,  but something like plugging it in fires another separate process that  does fully wake it.

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    Techfunk Valued Member
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    Thanks for posting this. I thought it was just me. Same things happening to my Epic touch.

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