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  • 15. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    AaronVinck Regular Visitor
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    Am am having similar smpt problems with my new Sprint Samsung Epic 4G -- cannot get the Sprint smtp server to work.  The Sprint smtp server was working on my previous phone (a Palm Treo), but not on this new phone.  I am able to get Gmail's smpt server to work, but so far, no matter what I try, I cannot get this phone to use Sprint's. 

    When I try to complete the settings entries, the phone displays: "Setup could not finish  Unable to connect to server"

    Here are my settings:

    • SMTP server: smtp.sprintpcs.com
    • Port: 25
    • Security Type: None
    • Require Sign in [checked]
    • Username [name as displayed on MySpring page, which worked on previous phone]
    • Password: [The password I reset through MySprit page]

    On the username, I have tried it both with the full "username@sprintpcs.com" as well as without the "sprintpcs.com" part.

    I have deleted the account and started from scratch several times.  I have my WiFi turned off.

    Does Sprint still offer tech support by phone?  And if so, how do I find that phone number?

  • 16. Re: outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    -D4V1D- Silver Expert
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    How to Setup Sprint's Outbound SMTP Server.
    1. log into www.sprint.com account.
    2. Once logged in select "my preferences".
    3. Under the heading "Things I can manage online" select "Change email server password".
    4. Enter in his new password and then enter the password below again to confirm it, now click save.


    Below are our email server settings.
    Username: full NAI example(customer@sprintpcs.com)
    Password: Whatever is set from the instructions above
    SMTP Server: smtp.sprintpcs.com
    Port Setting: 25
    Authentication or Login: Yes we require authentication or a login to use the server.


    Try following these steps to reset your password and attempt to setup the email again.  I'd like to verify the NAI you are using for your username, I'm going to send you a private message to look into it for you.

  • 17. Re: outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    AaronVinck Regular Visitor
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    Thank Dave for the reply.

    Yes, I have done all those things, multiple times.

  • 18. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Hello tonyp170, Since you are using another domain I'm not sure RR is the best choice. Personally, when asked I usually recommend Gmail's SMTP, It seems to work out better for most who are having trouble with their current SMTP server.

  • 19. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    tonyp170 Regular Visitor
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    AaronVinck - The phone number for tech support is (888) 211-4727. Please post back if they are able to assist. I've tried that approach numerous times, and unfortunately they do not seem to be trained with respect to the Sprint SMTP server.


    RC1024 - GMail's SMTP server works fine, but it has the undesired side effect of subsituting my GMail address for the @forwardingdomain.net address in the "From" field.

  • 20. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    I have been testing the sprint SMTP server for the past few days, and it seems to be working without exception for me. if you have reset your SMTP password, and removed/readded the account to your phone then I would next consider backup data and factory reset, I tried one account with the full NAI as the username, and one account with the half before the @ as the username. As far as Gmail is concerned you can specify a different from address in setting>accounts & import and should show both the from address and the gmail address.

  • 21. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    KHBAKER51 Newbie
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    I just hit the same problem, I cannot use Windstream to send outgoing mail from that account and want to use smtp.sprintpcs.com.  I had to replace my Evo Shift and have not been able to get the outgoing mail server to work.  I run through the playbook listed above and get the same error "cannot connect..."  So it is not just one phone/account with the problem.  Thanks for any help or suggestions other than using another smtp, I can figure that one out for myself.

  • 22. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    RC1024 Sprint Employee
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    Hello khbaker51, I have been regularly testing smtp.sprintpcs.com with variation in username. I find that It has been working well I still use smtp.sprintpcs.com, port 25, no SSL/TLS the password is set in my preferences for my sprint for smtp, and the username can be the full NAI (username@sprintpcs.com) or just the username (without @sprintpcs.com). if you have trouble I may suggest removing/readding account. if this has not helped then try using an alternate application like K-9 mail.

  • 23. outgoing mail server (smtp.sprintpcs.com)
    tonyp170 Regular Visitor
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    RC1024, the idea of a Factory Reset was explored and executed in July. It provided no resolution to this problem. I use K-9 mail and at this point have tried the default mail app as well as K-9 mail and the default mail app on my Wife's phone and receive the same error when trying to access the Sprint SMTP server. I agree with KHBAKER51 - this is a Sprint problem, and not a device issue. My Wife is actually scheduled to get a replacement device tomorrow, so I'll look forward to seeing if a third device actually makes a difference.

    I actually had a short run at successfully using the Sprint SMTP server starting on 09/18/2011. Today, it has failed again, so I wanted to return and see if there was anybody you could contact internally about the stability of allowing access to the Sprint SMTP server from within the Sprint Network on a Sprint device.



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