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Do you pay the 4.99 spending limit on your account?

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I recently spoke to a customer care representative at Sprint.  I wanted to know why I had to pay an additional $4.99 spending limit fee on my phone.  The response was in a nut shell, due to credit and to eliminate payiing the  spending limit, I would have to have it automatically deducted from my banking account.  My response was that when I signed up with Sprint some 10 years ago, I was not penalized then, so why am I being penalized now.  His response was to let me talk with his management and explain to them my frustration.  I told the customer care rep. that it was not an attack against him because he just worked there, my gripe was with that big company SPRINT and that I felt it would not do any good because they will get theirs regardless no matter how it affected the middle man or the poor man,  Well I was redirected to his manager who again explained to me as the customer care rep. did further detailing the fact that it takes extra to monitor my account.  My response, when I am late they penalize me and when I have an interruption of service, I am penalized even further.  In other words, SPRINT gets theirs regardless and in addition an extra $4.99 spending limit fee.   Now even during that period of being late with my payment or an interruption of service, (which most of the time I paid within a 24 hour period) SPRINT never dropped me as a customer and I continue to maintain my phone service with them.  I recall receiving the news of a spending limit fee on last year (2010).  However,  I did not quite get what they were doing, but I get it now.  And what if I did not have a banking account, and could not do an auto deduction, again, I am penalized because I have no banking account.  And who is to say that some banks would not charge an additional fee for auto deductions.  Hey, with things the way they are now, it could occur.  As I explained to the management, I enjoy my cell phone, in some respects it is the easiest way to get to me in case of an emergency which in the past I did not have the privilege of this technology.  Well as of TODAY I do have SPRINT as my cell phone provider.  Will I continue to keep them as my cell phone provider, only the Lord knows.  Let me know if your current cell phone provider charges this fee or any other additional fee that is questionable.

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