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  • 30. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    I did have the issue with my phone randomly shutting off, mainly at night and the only way to turn it back on was to take out the battery. I took it to the Sprint repair and they put it back to older operating system and it stopped doing that. It still had some other glitches and I ended up having them replace my phone with a new one. Now it is working great. I just can't assign ring tones after signing in to my gmail account. I have contacted LG and they are supposed to get back to me. I was told not to leave my phone plugged in over night as it causes the battery to swell and will cause problems with the phones software. I don't know how true that is, but I do everything I can to avoid problems. I just charge my phone during the day:) Best of luck to you. If you can't find anyone at Sprint who can resolve your problem send an email to Dan@sprint.com

  • 31. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    I took my phone to my local Sprint store this morning because the last few days my phone wouldn't charge. It just started this a few days ago, but I've been having the other issues from the update (sd card removed, random shut off, etc) ever since I downloaded it. I saw on here that the software update was likely causing this. The technician said he reverted it back to the previous software and that the problems should be resolved now. I plugged my phone in when I got home and it seemed to be charging normally. I turned it on after charging for a few hours and it said it was at 80%. It has now been stuck at 80% since then, a few hours later. So any other ideas how this can be fixed? There's clearly still something wrong. I guess I'll be taking it back to the Sprint store again tomorrow and see what happens.

  • 32. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Somewhat similiar issue... take a look at your phone when it is charging.  Mine is sucking the charge from my phone battery instead of charging it.  It's possible yours is doing the same thing.  Just this morning I plugged it in with 25% charge and within 10 minutes of being plugged in the charge was down to 10%.  Rediculious.  I thought I was the only one experiencing these problesm so I came online to get the Sprint number to call them (since my phone is dead I couldn't call from my cell).  I'm reading through all of these posts and can't believe Sprint never sent anything out explaining that there may be a problem with the new upgrade.  I really thought my phone had been hijacked or something!  Nice to know I'm not going crazy. 

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    This worked like a charm once I figured out all the instructions.

    I had to find the drivers for my pc via google because my version didn't appear in the list but I did get the right drivers for my device.  Luckily my boyfriend has a new sprint phone and his charger worked for my phone even though my wall charger and car charger didn't work for my phone after the update.  The first time I did the reset it failed miserably.  It went to a picture of some icon which I wasn't sure if it was correct or not so I waited and thought I was letting it do its thing but it turned out to just leave my screen on all night until my battery drained.  I charged my phone and tried it again - it worked like a charm. 

    The reboot screens all made sense.  It didn't take all that long (5 minutes).  I now have my old screen and icons back to their appropriate color and size.  My charger works again and I can leave it plugged in without the battery swelling and shutting down my phone.  Which is really good since I use it for my alarm in the mornings.  I haven't seen the SD card unseat itself once yet, but I did only reset my phone yesterday.  I am much happier now with my phone back to my original no problem working self.

    Though I do find it interesting that I had serveral Sprint reps and techs tell me that there was no way to do this and *poof*, it's done.

    Sprint, if you are going to blame LG or whoever else you say that makes the kind of decisions that changes the look and feel of a purchased device then there needs to be someone in place to push back and say no, we don't allow that and to make changes only that promote new features and technology without upsetting the look and feel of the phone that customers have picked out and chosen to purchase with their hard earned cash.

    Thanks for letting me know how to reset my phone back to factory settings.  I appreciate that.

  • 34. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    i'm getting this same message, but no one else is!!!  help!!!!  i really want to revert back to froyo!!!!!

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    For non-tech-savvy folks, such as myself ... broke down & took my phone to the local repair center/store ... staff there was extremely nice ... rolled my my fubar phone to Froyo in about 30 minutes ... no charge, no hassle, no runaround ... best of all, my phone works perfectly once again as it did before the Gingerbread nightmare.

  • 36. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Well, I finally got tired of the abuse my Gingerbread-based Optimus S was giving me, so I backed up my apps, went to the LG site for the revert zip file and followed the LG instructions. A short time later my phone was running the Froyo software. It took the rest of the evening to reload my apps, add shortcuts to the appropriate page and set up all the apps to work as I wanted.

    So my original phone is mostly back, but...

    I can't get the reverted phone to pair with my car using Bluetooth as it once did. With Bluetooth on and the phone discoverable, the phone displays the car ID, but tapping on that ID results in nothing. It appears as if the car cannot see the phone. I tried changing the name of the phone (in case the car was confused by the same phone name), but that did not help.

    Has anyone on this post successfully paired their reverted phone to a Bluetooth device? Did that pairing require any special actions on your part? Any ideas about what else I can try?



  • 37. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    To FoneUzr: I did the revert with phone help from Tony at customer service; it went reasonably well, although I didn't know to back up apps...  I also lost my Bluetooth link, and had to re-link. It took two tries, but finally worked. I wish I could remember exactly what I did, I think I 'forced' the connection thru the settings on the phone. (just being discoverable didn't finish the connection) Good luck getting it paired.

    Good news; the battery life is back to normal and I can charge with a car charger, and the SD card stays mounted.

    The revert process seemed very complicated compared to how easy the Gingerbread update was inflicted on us.

  • 38. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Thanks, sandy. I too was finally able to pair my reverted phone to my car via Bluetooth. I tried several times unsuccessfully. Finally I shut the phone off and restarted it. Then when I tried to pair the phone, I used a different password (a number) than the one I had used before. That worked! Now I will still need to re-enter the voice commands in the car. But at least I can legally drive while talking.

    I too am now getting much better battery life with the reverted phone. Frankly, I don't know whether this is due to the Froyo software or whether I have been more selective in reloading apps. I did not reload many apps that I really never used. But I can now get two days out of a charge. Before I was lucky to get 12 hours.

    To others considering reverting, this process did not delete anything on my SD card. I had backed it up to my computer just in case, but the restore from the computer back to the SD card was not necessary. All the backed up apps were still on the SD card.

    When the new Gingerbread is available for the Optimus I wonder how many brave souls will upgrade.

  • 39. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    I've read your advice and the replies and will try to get a store to take me back to Froyo. I, too, have HATED my phone since this latest update. No battery life, no auto dictionary, and my hotspot now turns itself off after 5 minutes of no activity. Do you know how much time I have wasted this month turning it back on every time I want to send another email from my laptop? Thank you very much for your help here; I am crossing my fingers that it will work for me too! If so, you have brought another Sprint lover back from the edge of changing services. I hope you are giving Google a piece of your mind about spewing forth updates before the bugs are worked out! If there is a way we can contact them directly to express how much frustration this has caused users, LG and Sprint, let me know.

  • 40. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    I thought it was just me .  I'm on my third phone from sprint because it won't charge.  I don't understand all this up date and why it would cause the charger not to work.  It sure must be getting expensive to sprint.  Glad I have insurance.  Now how do it get my photos to SD card so I can put everything on  new (probably used) phone

  • 41. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Can someone please tell me where I find the update.zip file?  I can't find it anywhere!

             "Open the folder to view files on your device and place "update.zip" from your desktop onto your SD card."

  • 42. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Deannasue12:  You have to download it to your computer from Sprint's website.  Look under the download section for Optimus S phones (in support).  Then you need to connect your phone by USB cable to your computer and copy it to your SD card. 

    Of course, your phone may or may not connect by USB to your computer, because that is one of the things that Gingerbread screwed up!

    Also, your phone may or may not be charged up enough, because Gingerbread screwed that up, too!

    And many of us (including me) have found that even after the downgrade to Froyo, our phones still have problems.

    Alternatively, you can go to the Sprint store and ask them to do the downgrade, but they will probably try to soak you for $35 and tell you that you should have purchased insurance on your phone to protect it the next time Sprint breaks it for you. 

    Good luck. 



  • 43. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Thanks Ken - not to sound like an idiot but I did download the drivers and I still don't see update.zip as one of the options. Do I download the entire file from

    LGALS670.zip (13.9MB)  to my phone?

  • 44. 10/3 - LG Optimus S - revert from Gingerbread to Froyo
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    Deannasue12:  Here's the link to get the update.zip file.