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Phone for Free and Clear plan

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I would like to know if someone here can find me the list of the phone for the peopl on Free and Clear Plan.

I'm trying to use the online website to upgrade but it didn't help me much with the option to pick one.



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    raylitherland67 Gold Expert
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    As long as the phone you choose is a feature phone and not a Smart phone should work on a Free and Clear plan.

    The list of feature phone that are available are:

    Samsung Trender, LG Rumor Touch, Kyocera Brio, Sanyo Vero, LG Remarq, Samsung Rant, Sanyo 3810, sanyo 2700, Samsung M360, Sanyo Innuendo, Sanyo Tahoe and the Kyocera DuraMax.


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    ryantwill Newbie
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    I have the same problem - I have a BlackBerry Tour and am told I have a free upgrade - but they are making me downgrade my phone to do so!

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    Skorpio1313 Expert
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    What do you mean they are making you downgrade? You're basically being given a series of options.... One keep your current phone and remain on your Free and Clear. Choose one of the above listed phones and remain on your Free and Clear plan. Or upgrade to smartphone and have to change plans. The options are yours.

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    any newer phone add to the list ?

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    I drive a Point A to Point B car, thats all I need and it fits my need. I got into a car wreck, and my car is totaled. I called insurance company, and the way it works is that they dont cut me a check for the total loss, they actually get me a comparable replacement car. So far soo good....  Here is the twist, for my beater Chevy Impala, they are offering me a Corvette Z06 - But now they are demanding the price difference as well !

    Incase if the reader of this post has not figured out the hypothetical nature of above scenario, let me try to revisit it from Sprint's perspective. If I want a new phone, and I, being consumer buy a new phone, then by policy I can see (not comfortable) the plan change requirement. However, when I have asurion Insurance and my old phone gets replaced with a comparable NEW phone which now requires the new plan setup.

    I have this situation by having a backup phone of the phone that I currently use. For me, a phone is a phone. Sure I dont mind extra bells and whistles but a phone can never replace my need for Laptop or a TV to watch movies. That being said, I only tend to use my phone for voice, txting and maybe 300-700MB tops data. Now if Sprint changes from Now Network to "Sprint Welfare Network" where people like myself have to pay full premium for people who are streaming movies, downloading gigs of data via tethering, etc, the whole cost of running network is justified, afterall , its Welfare then, right ?


    I am a fish that is calm and going about its personal business right now. But when the time comes, I will raise as much **** as I can, if I am given hard time being on my legacy plan and ***NOT*** being able to get comparable replacement under Insurance.

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    seeblue1 Bronze Expert
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    I don't know, I consider it a nice gesture that they even allow someone to remain on a legacy plan.  Afterall, from a new customer point of view, prices are higher because they're having to support those like you who ARE the ones on a so-called welfare plan, right? Your analysis looks different from the average customer's angle .

    Sprint's just a corporation. Don't fall in love with them or expect gifts and favors, and conversely don't get mad.  Use your feet.

    When the time comes, find a carrier and contract that makes you happy.  The wireless space is very competitive on the low end and basic features class.  $20 to $30/mo.

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    Clearly my post went way beyond your comprehension capabilities. You seemed to miss the point that Sprint is a business and it needs to act like a business, not as an organization begging for charity under hte disguise of bogus fees.

    They cant even make up their mind about calling something 4G fee, data fee, iconic phone or until finally Premium Data Fee ! 

    Welfare Plans are on Lifeline type networks. The sarcasm of Sprint's Welfare Network was geared towards their so-called Unlimited advertisement. As for love/hate relationship, I "DEMAND" a profit posted by this **** company on the stock that I have own as a shareholder. For that, I dont care they raise your prices by double, boot off people from old plans, etc. At least it would show the company is heading North and not South like they have for the past half a decade !

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    New phone added for legacy plan - LG rumor Reflex.

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