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Experiencing very frequent dropped calls on iPhone 4S

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Is anyone else experiencing dropped calls lately from their iPhone or is it just me? It's usually in my home when this happens. I haven't really noticed dropped calls when im outside of my home (I don't really make calls when im out of the house)

I live in Whittier, CA (90601 area) This has been happening for weeks now. It used to happen when I had my Blackberry Curve, but didn't really pay attention to it since it wasn't frequently just once in a while.

Now that I have my iPhone 4S my calls drop in every single phone call I make or receive. It drops within 1 minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes.

I called in 4 times to Customor Service, but my calls would drop within the 5th minute or 10th minute. I'm not sure if this is an iPhone issue or not, but I had been reading on these forums about PRL 51082 (that's what I have) and I'm not sure if it has to do with that. I finally had enough time to talk to a CS representative and she ordered me a Airave to help me with the signal issue. I hope that will help. I'm just wondering is anyone else experiencing this??

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    I've also experienced dropped calls inside my home due to me living in a bad coverage area. Sprint also sent me an Airrave a week ago and WOW you will notice better reception with the Airrave...without it I always had 1 or 2 bars now I get full bars and NO dropped calls also 3G data is very fast when browsing, downloading apps etc...I'm not sure what PRL I have on my iPhone 4S don't even know where its located(Wish I Knew) I also make phone calls while working driving all over the place and never had any dropped calls only happened at home obviously without the Airrave cause of bad reception so I guess its not the iPhone that's having issues it might be your coverage area.

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    Thank You for sharing! Awesome! That's good to hear. I was getting worried that I had to get a new iPhone, but I guess it really is my area coverage, and that's great that I'll finally have good 3G data speed!. Now I can't wait to receive that Airave!  

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    I have the same problem in my apartment i get frequent dropped calls, i have to stand near a window or go out side to get a clear call. I'm in the basement level, but with windows, were not that far down because the building is on a hill. However i would like to get a air wave i called sprint and they told me i have to have more cell phones on one plan to get it for free. I cant afford to pay for one. I wish they could give me one for free since i have such awful coverage in my area. And the fact that i use my cell phone as my main phone.

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