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Garbled screen on LG Rumor

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For anyone considering a LG Rumor phone...stay away. My daughter got a Rumor last April (less than 1 year ago) and has had nothing but trouble. We have the $7 monthly insurance and equipment repair on it. It has been serviced 5 times for a garbled and unreadable screen. Each time, the employees would acknowledge that it's a "common" problem with the Rumors, fix it and send us on our way. Yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back. We are tired of taking it in,waiting over a half hour, knowing we will have to go back...again! They didn't have the "fix" yesterday that they needed so they put a blue slider in her green phone and said they could "order a different one if we wanted". You don't see many green Rumors with a blue slider around, I bet. They're going to order one for us but we may keep the blue one. That way, when someone asks what happened to her phone, we can tell them it was the lousy Sprint customer service. I think after a phone has to be repaired that many times within a year, there should be some concessions made.


I am a longtime Sprint subscriber and former employee. I am devastated how we were treated yesterday and left the store saying in a fairly loud voice, "Now we know why they're losing customers by the millions." My husband and daughter are on my account and have a year left of their contract. My contract is expired. Once theirs is expired, you can count me in the "lost customer" column.

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    when my motorazrv9 broke and they didnt have any in stock they offered to replace it with the new version of the razr(the silver looking one) but i didnt like how it looked so they called the next nearest sprint repair shop to see if they had my razr in stock and they did. to be quite honest i havent had a problem with any of sprints customer service (even though the sprint store i go to i have to wait like an hour to buy a new phone/change my plan and 2+ to fix my phone if i dont get there when it OPENS!!!) also my boyfriend decided to cancel his internet and the next day download a SONG (dont ask me why) and it came out to 75 buck and they offered to take off the change if i put back on the internet which i thought was nice cuz i didnt want to pay 75 bucks for a song lol the only thing i dont like is that their family plans have too many minutes. i wanted to get the everything data but 1500 is way to much (129.99 compaired to 69.99) and it basically comes out to the same if i add the internet to both of the phones :/ i dont want to feel like i'm paying for minutes that i'm not using (i know it sounds kinda weird) but now i'm just rambling lol

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    Two questions....


    One, did you ask the folks at the Sprint Store if it were possible to just get your daughter a different phone at a reasonable price? I only ask because it seems like the store may be just as tired of fixing those LG rumors as you are of bringing them in.


    Two, Was it really "lousy" customer service? While it may seem that a having a blue slider on a green phone is poor custormer service, at least they did something to give your daughter a working phone. Poor customer service would have been doing nothing and fixing it when the right part comes in. I could be wrong, but I believe your daughter would rather have a two toned cell phone that works than not having one at all for a week or two.


    I may be in the minority on this one, but I don't consider a repair center not having the right part on hand "poor customer service" I consider it bad timing. I also don't blame the Service Provider, in this case Sprint, when a certain phone model turns out to be junk. LG seems to be at fault on this one and I am quite sure Sprint has let them know about it.


    Just my two cents



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    I agree, stay away from the LG Rumor. We don't carry insurance as that's a steep price-- phones usually last at least two years. Anyhow, my Rumor was less than a year old and I babied that phone, never dropped it etc. One day it decides to go to the Rumor menu as it was just sitting there, it wouldn't leave that menu or do a thing else. Took it to Sprint, they said " Yeah, it's a common problem with Rumor"...then we had to purchase a new one! Common problem?! and we have to pay for it?! less than a year old and babied?! The phone is junk! Poor quality!!!

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